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Ideas to have an awesome “Super Hero Party”

May 27, 2010


Sometimes kids know what they want since very early childhood. Do not worry if your 2 year old says “baman” when you keep pushing a Cho-cho train party. Batman will be more than awesome, you just have to keep the games and play age appropiate.


You can ask guests to come dressed up as their favorite super hero and create for them a Super Hero Training Camp.  If you do not want to impose or make your guests spend on costumes, make super hero capes out of  satin polyester and put their first initial on them.

Have them play games to train their different super powers. Obstacle course to train speed, fake weight lift to test their strength you can manufacture one by using black balloons at each end of a pole.


Can you imagine your kids face if a real super hero arrives at his party?  If your party host is experienced and is able to remain in character, the kids will love it.  Check out the planetarians, they are the new super hero characters created by hippojoy. They are friends to many super heros, and have amazing super powers!  For a twist, why not inviting a nemesis! Be cautious, the nemesis must be for a specific group and be more funny than scary!


Airtubes are great for this party! We use them to simulate a super hero world. Use giant signs like in the comics and hang them. Words like Pam! WOW, POW!! , SSHWEEESHHH!


We can play so many fun games for this party that I will only mention a few. Pass the chryptonite if it is a Superman party, a version of hot potato with a twist. Obstacle courses, super hero tests, investigation hero league where all kids are directed but the host into a scavenger hunt full of riddles and fun!

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Tips for an outdoor wedding in summer!

May 26, 2010

Yes, Summer is a nice time of the year to get married. Take full advantage of the season, the sun will be shining so you can look for a beautiful location like a beach, garden or yard. Remember you can highlight the glorious sunsets, you might as well say “I do” while the sun goes down behind you.

Here are some valuable tips that will make your day unforgettable!


Your dress choice has to consider both style and climate. Choose light fabrics and if you want to, you can go wild with cleavage. Check out this beautiful choices I found online.

For fabrics, choose linen, chiffon, organdy, crepe, georgette and other light wait silk.


On this time of year there is a natural explosion of color everywhere!  Cristina and Rodolfo chose a winning pallet for their wedding. White, yellow and light blue. Flower arrangements where done by filling large vases with yellow lemons and white daisies and baby’s breath, simple but elegant. One of the bonuses of having your wedding outdoors during summer is the natural surrounding beauty.  Even so, you need to work on some things too: Provide your guests with some sort of shade like giant umbrellas, tents or a combination of both, include a trellis or flower arch to focus the ceremony and consider strings of lights or lanterns on the trees, ground. You may also use torches or some sort of luminarias. These white parasoles where a hit, not only where they a decoration item but they provide shade for guests! Check out the beautiful centerpieces with lemon filled bases in the back.


Make sure your planner and your caterer have experience on outdoor weddings.  All dishes, salsas and dressings served must be heat-proof. Also, you need to remember that alcohol is dehydrating so have an assortment of lemonades, teas, cocktails and lots of ice!


If you decide you want to have your wedding at a local city park, make sure you have all the permits. Consult about their do’s and dont’s. Ask about trash removal, pre-wedding photography and lighting.


If you are having kids at the party, bring some child care provider or a character host for entertainment. This way adults can totally enjoy the party, while their loved ones are having fun also.


You want to hear your vows at your own wedding so ask your DJ to provide you with a sound system and to include clip mikes for the bride and groom.


In case of rain, extreme winds, plan a worst case scenario to be able to move to plan B in case of mishaps. Check weather conditions and bring in citronella candles to avoid guests clapping for bugs. You do want them to clap, but at appropriate moments during the ceremony.

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Tips for a Western Style Party

May 24, 2010


For decoration, choose to have a picture opportunity spot with lots of props like cactus, hay bales, wanted poster signs were your guests can pop their head, or try even a setting were your guests can take home a picture posing at an old western bar with western outfits and hair pieces!

Check out this nice table decoration done with straw skirts and bandanas. On each chair, cowboy hats that guests take home and use during the party; some will probably bring their own but you should always have additional ones.

The bar  sure will be a focal point. Have the bar tender dressed as a cowboy or sheriff from the old west. A cool idea is to put saddles on the stools at the bar or we can custom create cow stools for your party!


If you want to go all Western, you can choose a local band but make sure all your guests are into this theme too. If not, a better option would probably be to have a cool DJ who can mix different music flavors, when it is the time to go Western a siren sound announces it is time for YEEEHAHHHH all the way line dances. Another good idea is to have real cowboy guests at the party, specially cowboy/cowgirl dancers-who can show your guests some cool moves.

For other entertainment, nothing better than a mechanical bull ride, this are safe to use and soooo much fun! They come fully insured! This can be ridden by adults and children too. Check out Jamie Manning, Australian Cowboy set a new World Guinness Record.

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May 23, 2010

I must admit that this sweet sixteen party idea in particular has been one of my favorites!

From the inspiration to the final result. I know your guests will be overwhelmed from the minute they come into the venue and AWE moments throughout the party.

First things first, you must see where the inspiration comes from: Coco Bongo Discotheque.  The kid had been to this disco in Cancun where the mood is set in a way that you can not miss the party!  We have been there ourselves a couple of times and we knew perfectly well what he was talking about!  Every once in a while amazing shows go on stage  and throughout the club  like confetti streamers, balloons, dancing balls, bar top conga lines, movie clips projected on high tech video screens, live bands, DJs, soap bubbles… you name it!  The high energy of this club is commonly packed with party goers.  Combine this with Coco Bongo’s extraordinary musical mix, taking sounds from the 70s & 80s, Dance, Trance, Hip Hop and Rave it’s easy to see why Coco Bongo’s dance floor is always full.

Check out this video from Coco Bongo in Cancun.  Give the video a little time, it is very dark at the beginning …

It is a constant stimulation for the senses!

What we do for this type of party:


If your venue is  a club that already has the dancing strobe lights, fine. But having that venue for a private party can be prohibitively expensive. No worries mate! (sorry, I am still in the mood of a crocodile dundee adventure party…) We can bring the lights to you! Yes, for this party, lightning lights and decoration will set the tone for this party and will turn any common venue or even your house from ordinary into extraordinary!

On the middle right hand side you can see our airtube decoration on broad daylight. For this party we use a variety of colors, they can be used outdoor, indoor. You can even transform the front of your house or the whole backyard for this night!

Now, the lighting effects. We combine and work with the DJ so that the song and lighting are totally in sync.  These with additional video and slide shows played on huge screen(s) will sure WOW your guests! If you have been to the Blueman Group Concert or to Cirque Du Soleil, you know what I’m talking about!

Check out this video, lights go with the song!

Now, for the center pieces, good news, very good actually, no expensive flowers necessary for this one, although we have worked some beautiful centerpieces for sweet sixteen using similar themes, I suggest going for battery lamps and glow in the dark centerpieces.


Now, here is where we can get really creative, inviting innovative party guests and a variety of things that will happen at different moments during the party. Living statues, stilt walkers, golden people walking around, dancers, glow in the dark necklaces and teeth,  lookalikes, balloons, bubbles, mini carnivals, line-dances, foam and bubbles, did I tell you that at this party everyone wants to be at the dance floor? Video-sound-smell-taste, WOW moments that are amazing but most of all unexpected.  One of this AWE moments will be your entrance!  It doesn’t have to be at the beginning like most common dances, it can totally have a twist to it!

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Tips for a 15th, 16th or 18th Dance

May 21, 2010


It doesn’t matter if it is a waltz,  hip-hop or rumba. The song of your choice will reflect who you are. One memorable 18 year old said she liked everything so they started out with a waltz and gradually moved to a variety of dances from different eras, on both of the screens, pictures that represented those eras featured her and her family on those eras. When music of the 70’s, her mom and dad with unbelievable hair styles,  a picture when she was born, etc. Her dress and friends was done in a way that by adding small props or taking away parts, they all transformed to the era. It was very entertaining. A tip if you go on this direction is to choose carefully fragments of the song, you do not want to do this in a never ending fashion.

If a traditional dance isn’t what you envision, you can create something else memorable and fun.

In the show:  “Rock the Reception” on TLC. The bride and groom do a first dance — to the tunes of “Thriller” and “Baby Got Back,” for example — and shock their guests!

You should do whatever makes you happy. You are, after all, the birthday girl or boy.

Check out this video where they chose to do fragments of songs with a latin flavor.


Take the time to plan this dance carefully. It has to be memorable in a nice way so rehearsals are a must. We recommend between 4 to 8 hours at least. The more rehearsed will avoid stress.


Your entrance has to create impact.  Incorporate nice twirls, cuddles and send outs. Remember all eyes are on you so make it fun to watch! Make sure you use all the floor space you have and remember the curtsey at the end, a dip twirl or some WOW move to receive your very own standup ovation.

Another video with Breakdance!

Check out this Hip-Hop Routine!

Finally, I want to share a wedding first dance video, that although it is not a sweet sixteen, 18th or quinceañera, shows a combination of songs performed in an entertaining way. Check out how much fun they are having and I also love how relaxed they look. You can tell rehearsals were fun too.

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Face Painting makes us happy!

May 20, 2010

Bring a face painter to your next party. You can even have a magical fairy or princess that can create small works of art on your guest’s faces.

When picking a face painter there are certain things you need to consider:

Are they used to working with your age group?

Are the products child friendly, use only face painters who use safe and hypoallergenic face paints.

Face painting has a long and illustrious history in state fairs, theme parks, summer camps, school spring fling. You’ll  find it very hard to have a child who has not had their face painted at some point in their young lives or who would turn away the opportunity.

It still amazes me how face painting never gets old and how endless the possibilities are for face painting designs. From butterflies, rock divas, peacocks, farm friends, leopards, flags, cats and dogs,  you can paint anything that comes to mind.

Check out some happy customers showing off theirs!

Let our creative nature take over our brushes at your next happy hippo joyus event!

How to choose the Best Event Planner

May 18, 2010

hippo joy power point presentation

1. Budget. Cost -Effective. Many people think that by doing things themselves, they will save a lot of the expenses on their nest event. Truth of the matter is, hiring an event planner is better in the long run if you value your time. Event planners also have special discounts at venues, know places to go and get the best stuff and will be most cost-effective in the long run.

2. Creativity. Not all event planners are creative. And by creative I mean: budget wise but also that have ideas that will wow your guests at your next event. On the first interview, think… Are you in sync with their ideas? Do they listen to what you have to say. All this is important.

2. An Eye into Detail and organization. An event planner should see the things that you don’t or don’t have time to be watching. Their eye in to detail, organization skills and leadership are all factors that must be taken into consideration when hiring your event planner.

Give us a call and let us help you with your next event!

face painting at Belk

May 14, 2010

Belk recently had a community appreciation day event to thank all it’s customers. Check out this store, they have great savings all the time. We were at the juniors and children’s section. Kids enjoyed a complimentary face-painting while looking for their favorite  clothes, sportswear and cool stuff for this summer!

Check out their site for special coupons and discounts

Complimentary face painting, balloon twisting and Character hosts are a great way to attract kids into the store. We had a wonderful time.

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Talent Show Party

May 13, 2010

This awesome and talented kid performed “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga at Edmond’s Sixth Grade Festival.

Talent show parties are becoming very popular, not only at schools but as private birthday party celebrations. You can have an all the way type of thing where you can even hire look alike performers to hang out with your friends or have special appearances or keep it simple.

If you gave us to choose where to spend the most at this type of party, I would have to say decoration and the stage.  Also a character host/DJ who acts as a presenter like in the Oscar’s or Academy Awards!   Remember the focal point is the stage where you can set up the DJ and/or karaoke machine. We have developed a pop-up type of stage that we rent or have a more elaborate one that can light up and change colors. Our decoration also includes a mood set up high-quality banner of the Hollywood sign in California. It is an awesome setup that can include red carpet picture opportunity. Your friends will sure feel like the stars of the night.

The DJ creates fun games for the kids to follow. It is funny how kids get shy around other friends but will follow fun directions from a stranger. The truth is that a professional DJ for kids knows how to make everyone participate and get the energy going so they all  have a great time. Ours even has everyone warm up their voices, form group and have intermission games where everyone wants to jump in and participate.  Combine Karaoke with dance shows, this way you have a better opportunity for participation.  Have solos but also duets and group singing and dancing. You can even plan this ahead of time creatively so your friends form in groups for the party.

These talent show, karaoke or fun parties can be theme related with Western or Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, the Grammies, America’s got talent, American Idol, and so on.

Have someone impartial be the judges at your party and have the DJ make a fun introduction. At the end of the party you can award them categories and give them small Oscar statues or prizes. Everybody should be a winner. Some categories: Best acting performance, best dressed, best singer, etc.

To save on the cost of  food, keep it simple with dips,  chip, pop-corn, pizza and hot dogs like in the movies and have everyone stadium style seated surrounding the stage. If you want to go high-end on food, go with mouth bites and hors d’oeuvres, again your choice of mini-pizzas or shrimp and caviar!

This party screams fun! If you choose this party, call for a free consultation. We can work with you for your partial needs or create the whole party. This event will be something you and your friends will enjoy and talk about for years!

Tips to enjoy the Best Party Ever!!!

May 12, 2010

Every job we do, we want our clients to enjoy. I mean really enjoy! A party is a reflection of your personality and taste. Every party is a celebration and every celebration should be a party!

When we work with mothers of Quinceañeras or Sweet Sixteen we often get their kids on board from the beginning so they have a clear vision of what is going to happen at their party and to enjoy every second of it.

Here are our Tips on how to have the Best Party Ever:


Ever heard of the Positive Thoughts Theory? This is so true!  Positive thoughts attract positive things. You need to imagine yourself and your friends enjoying the party and having the time of your life; most likely, if you see it,  it will happen that way!

If you have positive and energetic vibe at the party and feel relaxed and enjoying every second you will transmit this vibrant energy. It is contagious!  Sure, you want your friends to enjoy it too, sure eyes will be on you when you perform your dance, but this is YOUR moment, so enjoy it no matter what!


If you recognize at an early stage, what your party theme is going to be, you will have a better chance of planning ahead of time. If you are not into themes, like princess or western, take into consideration that the inspiration idea for your party make come from the vibe you experienced at a favorite disco, your favorite color, your favorite food or even the dress you are planning to wear!  Not every party has a theme but it should have an inspiration.

With the theme, make a list of your likes and dislikes, what did you see at a friend’s party that you totally loved? What would you not want at your party? Answer this questions and discuss them with your mom or event planner at your first consultation.

Some key points to consider: dress/wear,  food preferences, serving style preference, color scheme preference…

3.  FOOD

Make sure your guests have a nice selection of food to choose from if you decide to go with a buffet style. One or two meats, chicken and/or fish, a vegetarian plate, two choices of salads and two sides. If you go with a sit down dinner and serving, carefully read the menu and ask the planner or venue to help you pick your choice. If dinner is at home and you are having a “friends only”  type of party you may serve a buffet style table with finger foods.


Even if you choose a particular theme like Western Style, have other type of music to please all audiences. Two-five songs from the theme style will be sufficient and then you can go ahead and play everyone’s favorites. You can choose a mood song  when people are coming in and taking their places and then a climax song for when the party is at its high!

If you are going to have a live-band, mariachis or DJ , check them out first. If a friend is going to perform this task, practice ahead of time.


The key to having a great performance is practice and again our number one choice: ENJOY!!!    If you hire a professional, make sure you have a prior consultation to explain your likes or dislikes. If your friends are going to be involved in the dance, ask them ahead of time to make sure they don’t have prior engagements and they can make it to rehearsals on time. If one of them misses a step or makes a mistake on the big day and you notice, let it go, wash it off with a big smile or even interrupt your dance to give them a big hug. You don’t want to loose a  friendship over a step, plus your reaction will last for a life time!

Check out this fun video of a bride and groom at their wedding. Her soon to be husband accidentally pronounces lawfully as “wawfully” and she cracks up so much that they have to take a break!

lol. See what I mean? Not that this will happen to you, but when accidents happen, weirdly enough it is your reaction the one that will be remembered!


To make a party real special, think about the details. Small details make moments memorable. Don’t be afraid to make something different and go for it: transform the ordinary into extraordinary! We do it all the time and love it when guests have that AWE moment when confronted with the unexpected at a party!

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