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Thanksgiving, a time to learn and share….

November 23, 2010

Wikipedia  states that:

Thanksgiving Day, known informally as “Turkey Day,” is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving was a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and  relationships.  Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Kids are always willing to learn more about the festivities…What happened during the first thanksgiving? Who were the Pilgrims? When and how did they arrive?

Hippojoy considers this is a wonderful time to learn and embrace the blessings all families have. We created a play to answer some of the children’s questions and put it on with our own children. It was a hit with both adults and children. I have been receiving phone calls from the kids requesting to play a different part this year.

I am thinking of preparing a kit that includes props, play and cute accessories for your family to enjoy next year. I will post the pictures of what we do this year, after the holidays, but here are some of what happened last year…

“They would call themselves Pilgrims because they would travel from place to place searching for a place they would call “Home””…

The play is really easy to do. An adult reads the story while the kids act their parts as they hear them.

As for crafts or activities go, why not ask the kids to help with dessert or fixing lunch or a salad.

Here is a cute craft idea: a turkey cupcake; you should make the eyes and beak on the cookie, they can fix the candy corn tail and put it together. Cute, isn’t it?

Look at this salad, you can find the recipe on how to make it on ziggity zoom parents.

Try to make the table setting and decoration, child friendly…

Look at this idea, table place sets personalized with each child’s name:

During their travel, the Pilgrims suffered from hunger and thirst and by the end of the Winter, half of the tripulation had died…

Meanwhile, the Indians were chanting and dancing happily, mother nature had been good to them…

We have a version in English, Spanish and French.

If you would like a copy of the Thanksgiving Play for $5.99 send us an e-mail or contact us at:

In the Jungle….

November 15, 2010

Who says little ones don’t know what they want?

When we asked a little girl about her party she answered: “I’m a party animal”, what she really meant is that she wanted a Party with animals! She loves animals so much that we decided to go all the way.

The same goes to you. We adapt the party to your budget and your desires. We can provide pony rides or a Pet farm that include animals like goats, duckies and a variety of chickens and fuzzy rabbits. Or, if the child wants to go really wild, critters like snakes, rats and lizards.

For this party, the kids became animals themselves! The result?

Beautiful butterflies, monkeys, giraffes, porcupines, even a shark! You name it, we had fun with critters everywhere!

A Character host can visit your party too. Dressed in a Safari outfit, of course. all the games are animal/fun oriented. The Pet farm is the icing on the cake, but it would still be so much fun if we play themed games. We can create a backstage like this one,  with zebra and tiger print fabric. You can almost see it on this next picture:

A monkey with a tie, a funky butterfly and a Lion who just took his hair off for the picture.

Songs and moves all coordinated and kids entered two by two into Noah’s Ark were they would see for themselves and pet real animals.

Check some more really cute and awesome animal face painting!

What a cute tiger, don’t you think?

Parties for children are too much fun.  It is all about leaving smiles on the children that will last a lifetime!

If you want a super fun themed party, call us 407-5367520

or book a party at

Mario Bros party!

November 7, 2010

When Jesus decided he wanted a Mario Bros theme, her mom Magda,  went hands on and created for his son a memorable experience.

Check out this beautiful lollipop holders:

Mario’s cake:

Thankyou Magda for letting us share your pictures in this blog.

Dora the explorer

November 7, 2010

This is what I love about Dora: she is bilingual, she knows how to party and unlike me, she always finds the way without using a  GPS.

Dora the explorer is always fun so here we go…Vamonos!

Dora is so colorful and fun so there is lots of games you can play at the party, make sure you include riddles and scavenger hunts.

Check out this awesome cake by JC Cake:

For more ideas on how to celebrate your child’s next Bday, contact us:

Sweet Princesses and Valiant Knights

November 3, 2010

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

All Princesses and Knights from across the land,

you are invited to a Royal event that is truly grand!


There will be costumes galore, red carpets and more

So reserve your place today for



This is sweet Princess Azia. She is curious and vibrant. A charming and vivacious hostess. In this picture, she is  proudly wearing the gift that Princess Valentine brought for her all the way from Venice. Jewelery of course. She brought it wrapped up on a heart shaped tin box.  A Special gift for a very special princess.

The princesses and knights were all having dinner at their beautifully decorated table….

Individual place cards greeted princess Azia’s guests..

Perfect sized tables, chairs, plates, tea cups, and glassware. The perfect meal, the perfect ball when they were suddenly interrupted…

In comes a doncella with a valiant musketeer. “I must speak with princess Azia at once!” he demanded while she inspected the place to make sure it was appropriate for Princess Valentine.

Something was missing, a golden magic mirror with pigeons on top for the princesses to sing while they watched their Royal transformation.

Music, Fanfare Please, our Royal Princess is arriving…

A royal Backdrop suit for a Wonderful Princess!

Throwing kisses at the magical Fountain:

Paying attention to Princess Valentine’s story. We all  learned it is OK to make mistakes once in a while, everybody makes them. But when you do, lessons can be learned and new and wonderful opportunities may arise.

Our Valiant knights, also learned about the value and responsibility of becoming a Knight on a training for a day!

More pictures:

Our princess was delighted with her party. Princess Valentine, Sir Edward and myself were very happy to join her at this wonderful Royal Ball.

Thank you so much Princess Azia for giving us so many special moments with you and your guests  in the auspicious occasion of your 4th Birthday. We also want to thank Queen Krissy for allowing us share this pictures with all of you.

To have a Princess, Knight, Musketeer or character visit at your birthday…

Maligna, the not so scary witch!

November 2, 2010

For this Halloween, our character host has been busy…

Introducing Maligna, our not so scary, funky witch.

Our Host plays activities with the kids, while adults enjoy the party.  Check out some of the memorable moments at Sara’s not so scary halloween party.

A funny story about Halloween…

Who said adults couldn’t have fun too?

And in came the treats… Booo a spooky ghost cake, pumpkin cupcakes and marshmallow brains and skulls!

Honorary winners for the scariest witch laugh…

The marshmallow skull. By the way, if you have a boy and his birthday party is in November, give us a call. Take advantage of the halloween treats but give them your own special treat! For example we came up with a Space theme and will use the body parts candy and worms to make the centerpieces. They will come out wonderful! The characters? Our very own planetarians.

Who wants to trick or treat?

Time for our whimsical costume runway…

You are funny Maligna!

What a cute witch!

This little one, slowly got closer and closer…He needed to confirm, is it a witch, a real witch mom? Will she make a spell for me?

He came as an Orlando Tourist and lost the fear for Halloween!

And it is trick or treat time! Thankyou Sara’s family for having us at your party. It was great sharing with both kids and not so adult, absolute fun big kids too!

For party character hosts and entertainment fun ideas go to…

The Best Halloween ever!

November 2, 2010

Are you a Halloween fan?

Love the look but do not want to put up the decorations yourself?

Are you planning on having the Haunted House of the yard?

Nooooo Wooooorriiiies….

We are here to help and scare! Yep, you can leave the planning to us,  from the setting up of your decorations and the entertainment, we’ll take charge, you will only have to handle the food. Well, we can also recommend the best caterers in town and recommend you what to do based on your Halloween party budget…

First things first. Tell us what you have from past years… We will probably modify it and give it some use you never thought possible.

Here,  a client, taking a look at her own finds. We will shop for you and buy exactly what else you need for your house to look fabulous. Yes, clients have told us their houses look amazing and have actually spent less using our services, so don’t be afraid to step it up!

Time to get to work. Depending on the size of your home and the theme you have selected (Oh yes, you can also theme your Halloween party. Some of our most popular: Gothic style, haunted house, Chernobyl masacre, pet cemetary, vampires and werewolfs, ghost pirate ship, and of course our not so scary halloween).

Check out some of our best of the best this year:

This is a greeting witch placed at the entrance of a not so scary halloween party. She laughed and welcomed guests.

Scary chandeliers with spider webs, vampires and skeletons.

Greeting monster at a Haunted Mansion.

A Spooky character mixes in with false ghosts and scares/welcomes guests at a Haunted Mansion. Thought this was a great idea to welcome them and prepare them for what was yet to come…

This is one of my favorite decorations and themes for someone who wanted a harvest theme instead of halloween. The laughing pumpkin in the middle is so cute. We mixed original pumpkins of all sizes and colors, fall leaves and scarecrows.

This is also a very cute idea. Mom wanted the kids to create the decorations in an echo friendly way.

We can work with the little artists and then they can display their artwork for guests.

For this house, we used lots of fabric and crystal chandeliers. The effect was made by the glow in the dark lights and strobe lights and par64 light effects. Of course, we had smoke machines all over the place.

Below, a light up skeleton and skull, black lights on every single bulb of the house. (Just in case someone wanted to see the strings..)

Working on a table setting with a crystal chandelier, in the picture below, the end result:

Hope you enjoyed the decorations.  By the way, everything, decor, costumes, etc. is currently on sale, if you want us to plan your halloween party for next year, now is the time to call us, because we can purchase for you with better prices.

Don’t forget to check out our other related posts for Halloween. I will be posting pictures of our entertaining not so scary witch: Maligna!

Ohh yes…


See you next year Halloween!

For more information about who we are and what we do….