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I Smell Art!!!

February 22, 2011

What is your kid’s talent?

What is it that he or she really loves to do?

These are a few questions we ask during our free consultation. You can call us any time for advice or come in and talk while we zip a cup of coffee. We love questions and have creative ideas and solutions for your next celebration.

Yes, your child might be into a specific T.V. show or cartoon but what really makes them go WOW at their party is when you get into their mind and soul and bring in the unexpected.

This is what happened when we created an Art party for a sweet pre-teen.  Our character host?  A painter brought back from the Reinassance period, a little wild, a little french, a little bohemian, but he took over and the girls had a blast. Even the girls who were not much into art, or that’s what they thought, enjoyed every single activity.

But the real prize, came from the Birthday girl, herself.  When she walked in the room, she looked around…. Took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Mmmmm I smell art!”

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A Talent Show Party!

February 16, 2011

Our Talent show parties are lots of fun.

This type of party is  great for eight year olds and up, although some younger kids might also enjoy this theme.

The girls can pretend play their favorite instrument, sing karaoke or act a small part promoting a product. They get to choose!

Girls can have a glamour session of hair and make-up before going on stage.

You can choose to have a custom Hippojoy stage with red carpet and lights for the show. This one was used at a performing night at a school.

Check out this oscar night hot dogs. They fit perfectly at a Talent show party. You can give small oscar statues for prizes to all the participants.

Our character host, will sure make everyone participate.

Natalia is here displaying her musical talent. We will bring a variety of instruments that will make the kids sound like pros. Guitars, piano’s and drums!

It is a good idea to let hippojoy play and rehearse for the talent show. Did I tell you that they also get a red carpet interview?

Invite moms and dads to come at the end of the party to enjoy their children’s talents. Both parents and children love that!  Don’t forget to put this on the invitation. For example:

Parents are welcome but not required to stay, but we don’t want you to miss the grand talent show at (time).

Don’t forget your camera!

Ari Dreyer at her party.  She is a talented ballet dancer and  performer.

The shy performers can act in duos or trios, but can also act with the character guest, who will change accordingly to fit the script.

In the picture, some girls all dressed up, playing at our custom talent show backdrop. Some talented actors and actresses may take their parts very seriously!  They can get really exhausted, so we recommend snacks and beverages at the party, and lots of water.

Our parties are always learning experiences and there is nothing more wonderful that allowing your children express themselves through music, acting or dancing. You might be surprised, like I was when I saw this two kids performing for a talent show. Watch…

And check out these pair. They call themselves: Future Funk! Absolutely adorable.

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In the Jungle….

November 15, 2010

Who says little ones don’t know what they want?

When we asked a little girl about her party she answered: “I’m a party animal”, what she really meant is that she wanted a Party with animals! She loves animals so much that we decided to go all the way.

The same goes to you. We adapt the party to your budget and your desires. We can provide pony rides or a Pet farm that include animals like goats, duckies and a variety of chickens and fuzzy rabbits. Or, if the child wants to go really wild, critters like snakes, rats and lizards.

For this party, the kids became animals themselves! The result?

Beautiful butterflies, monkeys, giraffes, porcupines, even a shark! You name it, we had fun with critters everywhere!

A Character host can visit your party too. Dressed in a Safari outfit, of course. all the games are animal/fun oriented. The Pet farm is the icing on the cake, but it would still be so much fun if we play themed games. We can create a backstage like this one,  with zebra and tiger print fabric. You can almost see it on this next picture:

A monkey with a tie, a funky butterfly and a Lion who just took his hair off for the picture.

Songs and moves all coordinated and kids entered two by two into Noah’s Ark were they would see for themselves and pet real animals.

Check some more really cute and awesome animal face painting!

What a cute tiger, don’t you think?

Parties for children are too much fun.  It is all about leaving smiles on the children that will last a lifetime!

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Roxanne, the Casting/Producer and Anna Marie c’est Top Model

September 3, 2010

“Bonjour, mon nom est Roxanne. Et c’est mon ami, le haut modèlent Anna Marie…”

Outside the Maison,  hung a sign saying: Little girl, Big Attitude.

Are we at the right place? Might this be the right Diva party?

We rang the door-bell.

With my english/french accent:

“Hallo , we have been invited to C’est party and we were told there vas lots of talent here…Is Isabella home?”

“Yes, she is”,  answered her mom and called out:   “Isabella, you have visitors…. a Casting Director from France and she comes with a Model…”

Isabella appears at the front door with a bunch of her beautiful talented friends and a happy, wonderful and fun party begins…

The producer needs to find out if there really is talent at that Glamorous party like she was told. Anna Marie helps the girls and tells them how to walk and pose for the cameras!

Here, beautiful Sofia takes a turn practicing before dress-up session!  Some of the moms, also lined up for the make-up session!  I love interactive,  ready to play and participating moms. This is great for the kids too,  because they have a fun and quality time with their mothers. A girl never forgets that day when mom allowed herself to be a child again!

Part of our portable make-up kit/station

Isabella and her pretty and talented guests, listening to Madame Roxanne’s instructions before the Fashion Runway show!

Our models, wanted to do well with the casting/director. Some of them even went back and forth, asking their mothers how you pronounced a few words in french. One of them came up to me with a very serious tone in her voice and says:

“Madame Roxanne, at the fashion show,  I will do my best and put to practice everything I have learned today, but if you don’t like it… “C’est la vie”. That is “that is life” in french”,  she clarified.  Of course,  she, and all of Isabella’s friends did wonderful at the show, and earned their kits to prepare for Hollywood and Cannes!

Anna Marie and I had a wonderful time at this party. I want to thank Isabella’s mom for allowing us to share this beautiful pictures with you. These pictures, and the ones from the decoration, (check out the article in this blog:  Fab-Diva Party at this link:, were took by professional photographer, Gabriela OCampo, Phone 407-595-1806

A few people can honestly say they love their job! I am so fortunate to say I am one of them. I really enjoy playing. Role playing, acting and having fun with your children.  A time to play,  is always,  a time to learn!

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