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In the Jungle….

November 15, 2010

Who says little ones don’t know what they want?

When we asked a little girl about her party she answered: “I’m a party animal”, what she really meant is that she wanted a Party with animals! She loves animals so much that we decided to go all the way.

The same goes to you. We adapt the party to your budget and your desires. We can provide pony rides or a Pet farm that include animals like goats, duckies and a variety of chickens and fuzzy rabbits. Or, if the child wants to go really wild, critters like snakes, rats and lizards.

For this party, the kids became animals themselves! The result?

Beautiful butterflies, monkeys, giraffes, porcupines, even a shark! You name it, we had fun with critters everywhere!

A Character host can visit your party too. Dressed in a Safari outfit, of course. all the games are animal/fun oriented. The Pet farm is the icing on the cake, but it would still be so much fun if we play themed games. We can create a backstage like this one,  with zebra and tiger print fabric. You can almost see it on this next picture:

A monkey with a tie, a funky butterfly and a Lion who just took his hair off for the picture.

Songs and moves all coordinated and kids entered two by two into Noah’s Ark were they would see for themselves and pet real animals.

Check some more really cute and awesome animal face painting!

What a cute tiger, don’t you think?

Parties for children are too much fun.  It is all about leaving smiles on the children that will last a lifetime!

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A Tu,Tuuuu…Thomas The Train celebration.

October 7, 2010

Alex turned three this past Saturday.  What to do? What to do?

Her mom decided on a Tu, Tu party… This is how Alex calls his trains when playing because of the noise they make.

We showed you before some of the decorations created, but now  we will show cake, favors, pinata and party games you can have.

This party is the result of a vivacious toddler  fascinated with trains, and a super creative and loving mom!

The theme? Thomas the train, her mother decided on a variety of centerpieces. Instead of making one for all the tables, she did different Thomas scenes, some hold treats or chips. Check them out:

The party favors were mini Red bags made out of cardboard and vibrant red scrapbooking paper, (the colors are just more vibrant), featuring the same theme of the centerpieces. These favors were all in the same pattern.

I love how Alex’s mom wanted to incorporate the Number 3 in the Centerpieces. When she sees the pictures, she will have wonderful memories of that beautiful day.

Alex absolutely loved his cake, Lyneth did a wonderful job.  I prefer a combination of colors and patterns than the same old themed table cloths. Check out how the stars on the table actually enhance the cake without being absorbed among lots of color, matching the stars on top.

Mmmmm..This cake does not only look good it feels good too!

This is what Bday parties are all about: having unexpected but fun moments to treasure forever!

Games for this party where mostly pool games and water splash/fun with a tu… tuuu twist on them. Make sure you divide the kids into age groups when having a variety of ages. Specially when they play games in the pool, older kids might get rough with the small ones. Here Alex takes a look at his Tu tuuu piñata!

It is better to request a string piñata for toddlers. Each guest takes a chance to pull out a string instead of hitting it with a stick which is lots of fun, but  might be dangerous, specially for this age group.

Total Happiness!

Alex had a wonderful time with his Tu Tuuus…

We thank Alex’s mom for letting us share with you these beautiful pictures and  ideas!

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The Racy Racers and their game show

May 11, 2010

The Racy Racers are two character Hosts that Hippojoy has created to entertain at children event parties. They are also the Hosts of our Racing 4 Fun, Fundraising event for schools.

Check them out at a Birthday Party in this video

If your kid likes the movies:  Cars, Legos, Speed Racer or Herbie,  get ready to Chitty, chitty bang, bang…

These characters are the right entertainers to host your party if your group is active and enjoy challenging games. Their game show includes Lego tower building, the balloon kid giant, mummy challenge,  a combination of line dances and more fun games.

At School fundraisers they pump up the volume and energy, kid’s love their line dances and specially how they celebrate their accomplishments Nascar Style!

Call for a free consultation, let us help you at your next fun event!