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Cupcake and Pirate Charm

December 19, 2010

We are so happy to introduce to you our new team character hosts: Princess Cupcake and Pirate Charm.

Princess Cupcake is a beautiful princess from a far, far, far away land. She was about to get married to a horrible, terrible, despicable man, when she falls madly in love with a peasent. She did not know the peasant was in reality a pirate who helped the people from the village that where held prisoners by the evil future king….

Our characters were inspired by Robin Hood, Zorro and the Princess Bride.  The film, the Princess Bride,  is an enactment of the following story read by a sick boy’s grandfather (Falk) as the boy (Savage) sits in bed listening, framed and occasionally interrupted by scenes of the reading.
A beautiful young woman named Buttercup (Wright) lives on a farm in the fictional country of Florin.
Whenever she orders the farmhand Westley (Elwes) to do chores for her, he complies and answers “As you wish.”
Eventually she realizes he loves her and admits her love for him.  Watch a trailer of the movie from the 80’s:

Handsome Pirate Charm plays games with the kids. We can even recreate a fun jail where they are brought in. To get out, they have to either be rescued by friends, comply to a princess wish or perform a task for Pirate Charm.

Children will love to perform and play a variety of games at your next party.

To have a Princess visit, please contact us at: 407-5367520 and view our website at:

Sweet Princesses and Valiant Knights

November 3, 2010

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

All Princesses and Knights from across the land,

you are invited to a Royal event that is truly grand!


There will be costumes galore, red carpets and more

So reserve your place today for



This is sweet Princess Azia. She is curious and vibrant. A charming and vivacious hostess. In this picture, she is  proudly wearing the gift that Princess Valentine brought for her all the way from Venice. Jewelery of course. She brought it wrapped up on a heart shaped tin box.  A Special gift for a very special princess.

The princesses and knights were all having dinner at their beautifully decorated table….

Individual place cards greeted princess Azia’s guests..

Perfect sized tables, chairs, plates, tea cups, and glassware. The perfect meal, the perfect ball when they were suddenly interrupted…

In comes a doncella with a valiant musketeer. “I must speak with princess Azia at once!” he demanded while she inspected the place to make sure it was appropriate for Princess Valentine.

Something was missing, a golden magic mirror with pigeons on top for the princesses to sing while they watched their Royal transformation.

Music, Fanfare Please, our Royal Princess is arriving…

A royal Backdrop suit for a Wonderful Princess!

Throwing kisses at the magical Fountain:

Paying attention to Princess Valentine’s story. We all  learned it is OK to make mistakes once in a while, everybody makes them. But when you do, lessons can be learned and new and wonderful opportunities may arise.

Our Valiant knights, also learned about the value and responsibility of becoming a Knight on a training for a day!

More pictures:

Our princess was delighted with her party. Princess Valentine, Sir Edward and myself were very happy to join her at this wonderful Royal Ball.

Thank you so much Princess Azia for giving us so many special moments with you and your guests  in the auspicious occasion of your 4th Birthday. We also want to thank Queen Krissy for allowing us share this pictures with all of you.

To have a Princess, Knight, Musketeer or character visit at your birthday…

Fab-Diva Party!

August 31, 2010

“Last Friday we had a wonderful time at a Divalicious Fab Party at Isabella’s house!”

Isn’t she Gorgeous?

She is beautiful and with such a vivacious personality and so were her adorable friends.  All her BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) were at her party.

Roxanne, our Casting Director from France and Anna Marie an Italian/french model who had just got off the plane from an extravagant Fashion Runway in Paris, arrived at her house because they were told that they could find new and fresh talent at Isabella’s private Diva Gathering. Boy they were right!  That place happened to have the most talented models ever!

Today I will post some beautiful pictures sent by Isabella’s mom. Thank you for letting us share them.  Be patient, I hope I will have more time this week to post more pics of the party itself.

No Diva table would be complete without a gorgeous candelabra!

View of the Buffet table.  Our Divas were very much into fashion, glamour and decor!  They noticed every single detail and some of them even inspected the tiny crystal ware (all is matched to their exact size).  Everything was impecable, we can not risk our reputation with these glamorous divas! Everyone, looked for their name in their own place cards and drank from her tiny cups and made a toast in honor of Isabella and for such a wonderful evening.

Both chairs and tables are fit to their size for their comfort.

And what divalicious party would be complete without a Diva Cake? Check out this beautiful cake with mini diva purse. Thank you Lineth again for such a wonderful and yummy creation.

Before playing dress up and the Runway, the girls got to do some picture frames to take home.

For us to come decorate your party…

Mad Scientist Party

June 24, 2010

We are working hard on developing our Mad Scientinst Birthday Party

Science projects are always fun. On the video, my children learning about eruptions and volcano’s and the oldest is assisting to a Science Camp which has been tons of fun so I thought to myself… What if we have a nice Dr. / teacher help us at our parties, a funny assistant can join us too! And so Dr. Funzo was created.

Super cute cupcakes. This creative mom shares some ideas on how to create these cupcakes which can substitute cake. You can check more pictures at

Another option is an erupting volcano cake. Check this one out:

Here is a preview of the Fun Activities we can do at this party:

All your comments are highly appreciated!

Dr. funzo sure knows how to make science fun.

Have her at your next party or event. These are some of the activities you can choose from:

1.  Volcano explosion. Kids will watch at awe while Dr. Funzo explains how eruptions occur and then watch one really explosive one right there before their own eyes.

2.  Color changing energy Beads. The kids will each create a bracelet using color changing beads. The experiment teaches kids about ultraviolet radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. Ultraviolet (UV) light is the invisible radiation that will give you a sunburn and injure your eyes if you’re not careful. It really convinces them that sunglasses and sunscreens are a must!

3.  ALIEN WORMS. Let them explore the science of building polymers by cross-linking long chains of molecules. The process of making Instant Worms is faster and easier than the classic Slime recipe and it happens the very second the two liquids mix. Truly amazing!

4.  SUPER GEYSER CABIN.  We have a specially designed cabin which can fit up to six kids inside who will experience a super geyser explosion. Using the same volcano principle, kids go inside this gigantic cabin, wear safety goggles and a cape. This is tons of fun!!

5.   OOOBLECK. Who is Dr. Seuss? Could he have been ahead of his time when he spoke about Oobleck? You will make your own oobleck today.

6.  LAVA LAMP. How do they work. Make your own with Dr. Funzo.

To book a mad science parties and more fun…

Como Hacer Invitaciones Atractivas para Fiestas Temáticas

June 17, 2010

Las tarjetas de invitación para una fiesta temática pueden ser la clave del éxito en la concurrencia a la misma. El secreto es despertar el interés de los posibles asistentes y atraparlos con un mensaje atractivo, tanto desde la propuesta como desde la presentación. Estas ideas para hacer tarjetas de invitación para tu fiesta, le ayudarán a crear mensajes originales, a los que nadie podrá dejar de responder.

Las tarjetas de invitación son la primera noticia que tendrán los posibles asistentes a la fiesta que planea, por lo que pueden ser clave para lograr una gran concurrencia, ya sean para fiestas infantiles u ocasiones especiales.

Si la idea para su fiesta temática es super original, sus tarjetas de invitación deben reflejarlo. Si no es así, entonces destaque algún un toque personal o un atractivo adicional. Cuando una tarjeta de invitación crea el impacto deseado, ya sea por la habilidad de su elaboración, por la originalidad de su propuesta o por el ingenio de su presentación, es difícil que el invitado deje de asistir. Si quiere saber como se desarrolla el resto, empieze de la siguiente manera.

La creación de figuras en papel relacionadas con la temática de tu fiesta, para emplearlas como tarjetas, no es complicado. Además, ahorrará mucho en gastos de imprenta y tendrá tarjetas mucho más originales, que las que podrías encontrar en el mercado. Las tarjetas de origami desplegables con la técnica de kirigami son una opción, pero no es la única alternativa, que sólo requiere un poco de papel y trabajo para su realización.

En el video arriba podrá ver varios diseños, de los cuales podrás crear otros, apropiados para su fiesta.

El toque artesanal de sus tarjetas de invitación, siempre le dan un toque extra a la propuesta y nada mejor para dar cuenta del mismo, que crear sus propios papeles reciclados. En cuanto a la transcipción del mensaje, las técnicas de impresión le ofrecen muchas alternativas interesantes para que aplique la que mejor se adapte a su proyecto.

Si desea más ideas creativas para su fiesta temática visite

American girl doll party

June 17, 2010

For an american girl doll party, the invitation has to be really special. We can create for you an animated invite to send via e-mail and custom made paper invitations also. Remember to ask your friends to bring their favorite American girl to the party.

This is an excellent party to invite Miss Rose, our cute etiquette teacher, check her out at

Miss Rose will host the perfect English Tea Party, She is delicate, sweet and will teach basic table manners to your guests. Miss rose will serve tea and will show kids how to decorate beautiful cookies for them to eat. We also have a ceramic tea cup painting activity available.

Who said parties can not be learning experiences? It is so nice that girls learn their table manners at an early age and in this creative way they do not feel they are at a boring class with Mrs. Rotenmeier (Remember her from Heidi??), but kids look up to Miss Rose, she is so sweet and caring!

Here, Miss Rose teaches the correct way to serve tea!

Now for decorations, go All American,  you can find a lot of cheap decorations after the fourth of July, flags, crafts, hats, etc.

If your child prefers one doll in particular, say Kit Kittredge or Samantha, Felicity or July,  the party can be around that particular era… or why not replicate the famous All American Doll store and even menu!

Decoration, crafts and goody bags may be appropriate to the chosen American Girl era. There should also be an area for our party girl and guests to have their tea time, but also a space created where their american dolls have their own setting for them to interact, play and take fun pictures….

Here we are decorating a table setting for a sweet All American Girl!

And a Kit Kittredge play area. We will bring these adorable hats to your party! We also have a hat craft available were they can create their own and then take them home as a souvenir.

For the American Girl, You can also choose to have the girls take a souvenir individual picture with their doll, studio style!

We hope you enjoy this party as much as we do!

For more ideas check….

Easy make yourself Party Ideas

June 17, 2010

You don’t have to be a party planner to create a wonderful birthday. I posted this video I found, I specially like the party favors, very creative.

For more birthday party ideas and character hosts,

Como Animar una Fiesta Con Trucos de Mágia Caseros

June 16, 2010

Un show de mágia para la animación de sus fiestas temáticas, puede ser el secreto para atrapar la atención de los asistentes a la fiesta. Con las explicaciones, paso a paso, en video, no necesita ser mago para aprender a hacer unos trucos de mágia caseros, que asombrarán a tus invitados. ¿Se anima a intentarlo?

La animación es una parte esencial de la fiesta sin importar cual sea la temática. Entre más recursos disponga para animar a sus invitados será mejor. ¿Por qué no un show de mágia?

A continuación, encontrarás una serie de videos, que le explican paso a paso, trucos caseros de mágia muy fáciles de hacer y que puede aprender para sorprender a los invitados  a su fiesta y que ésta sea todo un éxito.

En el primer video, encontrará la explicación de cómo hacer desaparecer una moneda. Si lo ensaya, seguramente podrá hacerlo, sin que se note el truco.

Si se anima con un truco un poco más complejo, puede aprender a atravesar un billete con un boligrafo o lápiz. Vea la explicación  en el video de trucos de mágia:

Además, puede aprender los trucos de mágia con cartas…vea a continuación:

Para más ideas de como animar una fiesta de cumpleaños visite

Ideas para fiestas temáticas de piratas

June 16, 2010

Las fiestas temáticas infantiles suelen ser tema completo. Pero si planea bien y no deja detalles al azar, puede crear una fiesta perfecta y sin la necesidad de tener que emplear muchos elementos costosos.

Las fiestas de piratas pueden ser unas de las más interesantes para aquellos que quieran celebrar su cumpleaños, comunión o celebración particular de una manera temática divertida y audaz. ¿Te gustaría tener una fiesta llena de barcos, palmeras, balas de cañón y sombreros como en las películas? Pues entonces lea a continuación.

Como siempre es ideal en este tipo de situaciones, sería perfecto que la fiesta fuera al aire libre. Y si es en un lugar con piscina y palmeras, pues ya sería de ensueño, porque faciltaría la decoración de gran manera. De todos modos, puedes adornar el salón con plantas artificales, poniendo centros de mesa con velas tétricas e imitaciones de joyas, por poner un ejemplo. También estaría bueno que juegue con las luces dentro del salón, que proyecte películas de piratas y que musicalice a su gusto.

Lo ideal para esta fiesta temática de piratas es que nada quede al azar. Las invitaciones pueden tener forma de sombrero de pirata (y también tienen que estar disponibles sí o sí, para los disfraces) o incluso del famoso loro que siempre acompaña a los tripulantes. La comida y la bebida quedarán a su elección, así como los bocadillos. Aunque también estaría bien que algún detalle en la vajilla o platos de cartón que lo acompañe.

Por último el pastel sería ideal con forma de barco. Para el final, puede poner una piñata (puede tener forma de cofre sorpresa, como escondiendo un tesoro), algunos souvenirs acordes a la temática de la fiesta y repartir disfraces o algunos pequeños objetos alusivos. Por ejemplo, un parche para el ojo o un pañuelo para la cabeza.

Puedes chequear también este post para más ideas de decoración para una fiesta pirata….

Para más ideas para fiestas tematicas visita