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Rocking on to Middle School

September 4, 2011

Another fifth grade celebration…

This time, the theme was :     Rock Stars!!!

What a cool idea. With up lights, dancing lights, and the fifth graders Rocking out loud! It can not get better than this.

Even the teachers got all dressed up for the event! In the back glittered letters. There were five different stations were the kids got fun activities and memorabilia.

The kids wore speaker T-shirts with the name of their school.

We had our very own bouncers at the entrance! Nobody could get in unless they showed their VIP PASS (Invitation).

I really loved how the stage turned out. The colors created the vibe for the whole room.

View of the stage. On the screen we projected a power point Rock Star Presentation with the best memories of the year and a couple of bloopers. The kids had a blast laughing at themselves. The celebration had it’s peak moments like when that screen rolled up devealing the surprise: a super cool DJ who made them have the time of their lives.

View of the backdrop and picture opportunity booth.

Part of the picture opportunity backdrop.

If you want to have a Rock Star celebration, contact us or give us a call at:

407-536 7520