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Fun Science and learning

December 20, 2010

Science will always be fun if it is taught by Dr. Funzo. He fuels children’s imagination with interactive, age appropriate  and hands-on experiences.

Here, he is accompanied by a happy b’day  young scientist, his family and Peep, a Planetarian friend who has come in peace to planet earth.

Dr. Funzo and Peep make children laugh, and awe with their science show. Children can learn about the properties of air, magnetism, bubbleology, make instant snow and more…

Dr. Franklin, Ulises, Nicholas, Zachariah Oliver, or as his friends call him: Dr. FUNZO, is an experimented scientist and astrologist whose travels in time and space have taught him many science lessons, properties of matter and even made interesting, out of this world  friendships.

Dr. Funzo may come  by himself or with an assistant. We have a variety of versions and experiments to show, depending on your child’s interests and age group.

He will also be visiting a variety of science conventions in Tradeshows, middle schools and elementary schools.

Give us a call to book Dr. Funzo at your next party at:

407-536 7520

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Cupcake and Pirate Charm

December 19, 2010

We are so happy to introduce to you our new team character hosts: Princess Cupcake and Pirate Charm.

Princess Cupcake is a beautiful princess from a far, far, far away land. She was about to get married to a horrible, terrible, despicable man, when she falls madly in love with a peasent. She did not know the peasant was in reality a pirate who helped the people from the village that where held prisoners by the evil future king….

Our characters were inspired by Robin Hood, Zorro and the Princess Bride.  The film, the Princess Bride,  is an enactment of the following story read by a sick boy’s grandfather (Falk) as the boy (Savage) sits in bed listening, framed and occasionally interrupted by scenes of the reading.
A beautiful young woman named Buttercup (Wright) lives on a farm in the fictional country of Florin.
Whenever she orders the farmhand Westley (Elwes) to do chores for her, he complies and answers “As you wish.”
Eventually she realizes he loves her and admits her love for him.  Watch a trailer of the movie from the 80’s:

Handsome Pirate Charm plays games with the kids. We can even recreate a fun jail where they are brought in. To get out, they have to either be rescued by friends, comply to a princess wish or perform a task for Pirate Charm.

Children will love to perform and play a variety of games at your next party.

To have a Princess visit, please contact us at: 407-5367520 and view our website at:

A long chat with a Princess….

December 18, 2010

Very few times does a girl have the opportunity to have a one to one chat with a Real Princess…..

So if you are in town visiting and want to avoid the huge lines at Disney, but still want your son or daughter to have a one to one chat with a Real Princess, just let us  know and our Sweet Princess Valentine will go to a Restaurant, Park or Hotel Lobby and meet with the family to have breakfast and chat. Our Prince Charming, musketeers, fairies or pirates are also interested in meeting with the family.

If you are having a Party for your child, let us know if you would like the Birthday girl to  spend a little more time talking to Princess Valentine, we will gladly incorporate it to the party script.

We have found girls have the most interesting questions they want to ask princesses. And our Sweet Princess Valentine is all ears.

For example, kids are surprised to know that a Princess Job is not always easy, that they too can be uncomfortable around friends at times, how you can get the positive out of every situation…. etiquette, fashion, hair styling……well, so much to talk about, so little time.

To contact Princess Valentine or any Character Host, give us a call at 407-536 7520

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I love Paris!

December 15, 2010

When we had the consultation for Claudia’s 40th B’day gathering. She was very clear about two things:

1. “Girls Only” she specified and

2. “It has to be in the morning. Kids are at school and it will give my friends and me real girl time to relax, unwind and laugh.

Moving on to likes, travels, dreams….

“Well, I love Paris”

Ohhh la la…. Perfect. We had a theme for her 40th Bday.

Play the video and listen to this beautiful song called: “La Valse d’ Amélie” by Yann Tiersen off the Soundtrack of the 2001 French film – Amelie.

It is available in i tunes.

Caf’é Claudé was the theme of the party. The invitations read: You are invited to a BISTRO BREAKFAST

Of course, no Paris themed party would be complete without an Eiffel Tower.

The color scheme for the party was black pink and white.

A dessert table with yummy treats…

A variety of chocolates and mazapan treats.

Every dessert was in little bites. In the jar, alfajores.

For a Paris gathering menu: Quiches, croissants, a variety of hams, salamis and cheese.

If you are thinking of celebrating your birthday with a themed party, contact us at 407-5367520

Remember, Good wine, good friends, good times!

The Planetarians

December 15, 2010

Peep and Tweet come from Planet Eris. This is a Planet from another Galaxy. You can not see it with the naked eye, not even with binoculars because it is so far away. They come in peace though; they are very aware of Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants, they have been studying them for years. They have special powers, they get drawn to metals easily, so they demagnetize themselves before going to any party. You see, things are quite different in Eris. For example, in Eris, they eat diamonds in sandwiches, here, on Earth, they use them in diamond rings, go figure!

Peep and Tweet are here on a mission. Their principal objective is  to enable children and youth from the whole world to take on global commitments locally, assuming responsibilities for the construction of sustainable societies and promoting a network of planetary protection. Our environment is so important to all living creatures, we must learn how to protect it.

Peep and Tweet will create wonderful new things using recycled materials, and teach you how you can hold bubbles on your hands.

In Eris, they have bubblerain instead of common rain, so you can imagine all the fun stuff the can do with them.

A Tron Party is a theme that has become increasingly popular among young children. Peep and Tweet will divide the kids in teams and play some out of this world games and competitions. Beware, kids may get smoked!

Peep and Tweet are ideal for outer space, intergalactic, Tron, alien parties but also to have Fund Raiser projects related to the environment.

To book Peep and Tweet give us a call at 407 5367520 and check us out at

Carnival Time is here!

December 14, 2010

We have been very happy helping with the planning and organization of  Festivals and Fund Raisers in schools and churches.

One of my favorite themes is the Carnival. It is an excellent and colorful theme where both children and adults have tons of fun.


Fish toss game

Inflatables are always fun. This is the Adrenaline Maze with slides, tunnels and climbing walls.

Our custom made games include Gennie in a Bottle, where kids throw rings  to colorful and different shaped bottles.

Trying to kick a soccer gol with a giant ball can be hard, but blind folded…..

Our soccer game is an excellent choice for festivals but also for sport themed parties.

Walking the Red Carpet Game

Our Mermaid Face Painter was also there!

Of course Hippojoy can bring to you Pony Rides, farm animals and petting zoos. Totally safe and fully insured. We work with OCPS.

The Petting Farm can include: ducks, rabbits, a variety of funky chicken, goats and even a donkey. When we say we will bring the farm to you, we really mean it!

A real fun Choo Choo train is a huge hit to tour around the school. Ask us about our themed tour choo choo party.


If you are planning a Fund Raiser for Next year, now is the time to call. As event planners, our agenda fills up quickly.

Give us a call at 407-5367520 or check us out at: