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A long chat with a Princess….

December 18, 2010

Very few times does a girl have the opportunity to have a one to one chat with a Real Princess…..

So if you are in town visiting and want to avoid the huge lines at Disney, but still want your son or daughter to have a one to one chat with a Real Princess, just let us  know and our Sweet Princess Valentine will go to a Restaurant, Park or Hotel Lobby and meet with the family to have breakfast and chat. Our Prince Charming, musketeers, fairies or pirates are also interested in meeting with the family.

If you are having a Party for your child, let us know if you would like the Birthday girl to  spend a little more time talking to Princess Valentine, we will gladly incorporate it to the party script.

We have found girls have the most interesting questions they want to ask princesses. And our Sweet Princess Valentine is all ears.

For example, kids are surprised to know that a Princess Job is not always easy, that they too can be uncomfortable around friends at times, how you can get the positive out of every situation…. etiquette, fashion, hair styling……well, so much to talk about, so little time.

To contact Princess Valentine or any Character Host, give us a call at 407-536 7520

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