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Fun Science and learning

December 20, 2010

Science will always be fun if it is taught by Dr. Funzo. He fuels children’s imagination with interactive, age appropriate  and hands-on experiences.

Here, he is accompanied by a happy b’day  young scientist, his family and Peep, a Planetarian friend who has come in peace to planet earth.

Dr. Funzo and Peep make children laugh, and awe with their science show. Children can learn about the properties of air, magnetism, bubbleology, make instant snow and more…

Dr. Franklin, Ulises, Nicholas, Zachariah Oliver, or as his friends call him: Dr. FUNZO, is an experimented scientist and astrologist whose travels in time and space have taught him many science lessons, properties of matter and even made interesting, out of this world  friendships.

Dr. Funzo may come  by himself or with an assistant. We have a variety of versions and experiments to show, depending on your child’s interests and age group.

He will also be visiting a variety of science conventions in Tradeshows, middle schools and elementary schools.

Give us a call to book Dr. Funzo at your next party at:

407-536 7520

or through our website:

Candy Bars for all happy occassions!

July 12, 2010

There is something about a Candy Bar that makes heads turn!

Candy Bars are more and more popular at Children and adult parties alike. Here I post some of the Best Ideas I have found searching the web!

This beautiful Pink candy Bar was posted by KenzieKAte on Flickr. Check the lollypop trees, they are simple yet elegant.

It is always really nice to put a backdrop to make the candy bar just pop!  This one by Sintart, with a great variety of candy…

This is another sweet buffet… An Ice Cream Bar!  This one by DIY, has all kind of toppings including merengue.

You have them at weddings, at quinceaneras and Sweet Sixteen parties and at Baby Showers, Candy Bars are in.

You can choose among a variety of candy  and contrast the color of your shceme. Following are pics for one in pink and one in yellow for your delight!

Candy and candy bars can and have been the inspiration for some parties. The famous Dylan’s Candy Store was the whole inspiration for a Sweet, sweet quinceanera who couldn’t help sighing when she talked about this famous store in New York.

The daughter of the legendary designer, Ralph Lauren  turned her attention into making chocolates.

And so Dylan’s Candy Bar and Dylan Lauren found true love and created this beautiful candy bar that  has several branches spread through NYC, Florida, and Texas. Apart from stocking her own brand of candies, she has a whole lot of other brands as well, including, sour gummies, chocolate, and sugar free delicacies.

Using airtubes, light effects and huge sweet sculptures and five whimsical candy bars, a Sweet Quinceanera celebrated her Birthday!

By Beautiful Blooms and Ali

The touch and combination with the natural flowers gives it a nice whimsical effect.

Decoration at Dylan’s Candy BAr, in New York.

Enjoy a Sweet Celebration, to custom order your very own Candy Bar  contact us at…

Talent Show Party

May 13, 2010

This awesome and talented kid performed “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga at Edmond’s Sixth Grade Festival.

Talent show parties are becoming very popular, not only at schools but as private birthday party celebrations. You can have an all the way type of thing where you can even hire look alike performers to hang out with your friends or have special appearances or keep it simple.

If you gave us to choose where to spend the most at this type of party, I would have to say decoration and the stage.  Also a character host/DJ who acts as a presenter like in the Oscar’s or Academy Awards!   Remember the focal point is the stage where you can set up the DJ and/or karaoke machine. We have developed a pop-up type of stage that we rent or have a more elaborate one that can light up and change colors. Our decoration also includes a mood set up high-quality banner of the Hollywood sign in California. It is an awesome setup that can include red carpet picture opportunity. Your friends will sure feel like the stars of the night.

The DJ creates fun games for the kids to follow. It is funny how kids get shy around other friends but will follow fun directions from a stranger. The truth is that a professional DJ for kids knows how to make everyone participate and get the energy going so they all  have a great time. Ours even has everyone warm up their voices, form group and have intermission games where everyone wants to jump in and participate.  Combine Karaoke with dance shows, this way you have a better opportunity for participation.  Have solos but also duets and group singing and dancing. You can even plan this ahead of time creatively so your friends form in groups for the party.

These talent show, karaoke or fun parties can be theme related with Western or Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, the Grammies, America’s got talent, American Idol, and so on.

Have someone impartial be the judges at your party and have the DJ make a fun introduction. At the end of the party you can award them categories and give them small Oscar statues or prizes. Everybody should be a winner. Some categories: Best acting performance, best dressed, best singer, etc.

To save on the cost of  food, keep it simple with dips,  chip, pop-corn, pizza and hot dogs like in the movies and have everyone stadium style seated surrounding the stage. If you want to go high-end on food, go with mouth bites and hors d’oeuvres, again your choice of mini-pizzas or shrimp and caviar!

This party screams fun! If you choose this party, call for a free consultation. We can work with you for your partial needs or create the whole party. This event will be something you and your friends will enjoy and talk about for years!