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The Planetarians

December 15, 2010

Peep and Tweet come from Planet Eris. This is a Planet from another Galaxy. You can not see it with the naked eye, not even with binoculars because it is so far away. They come in peace though; they are very aware of Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants, they have been studying them for years. They have special powers, they get drawn to metals easily, so they demagnetize themselves before going to any party. You see, things are quite different in Eris. For example, in Eris, they eat diamonds in sandwiches, here, on Earth, they use them in diamond rings, go figure!

Peep and Tweet are here on a mission. Their principal objective is  to enable children and youth from the whole world to take on global commitments locally, assuming responsibilities for the construction of sustainable societies and promoting a network of planetary protection. Our environment is so important to all living creatures, we must learn how to protect it.

Peep and Tweet will create wonderful new things using recycled materials, and teach you how you can hold bubbles on your hands.

In Eris, they have bubblerain instead of common rain, so you can imagine all the fun stuff the can do with them.

A Tron Party is a theme that has become increasingly popular among young children. Peep and Tweet will divide the kids in teams and play some out of this world games and competitions. Beware, kids may get smoked!

Peep and Tweet are ideal for outer space, intergalactic, Tron, alien parties but also to have Fund Raiser projects related to the environment.

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