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Can you make Rain?

July 31, 2010

Talk about requests!

What to do when a sixteen year old kid asks you to create rain at his party. Right in the moment when he and his buddies will have his dance….

You ask…”Why?” ,  right?

Well, that is exactly what we did… and his answer, created the whole theme and decor idea for his party…

To be honest, I instantly thought in my mind, another twilight party…(check this blog for twilight party). I have learned not to jump to conclusions, specially with teenagers. So, the mom rolls her eyes and the kid tells us:  “Wait,  I’ll show you” and grabbed my laptop to search for a video.  This is what he shows me….

Can you believe I had not seen this movie? .  How cool is that?,  I thought!

So there was only one place that kept coming to my mind… Heaven Event Center.

This venue is located between the Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center. It is a beautiful setting for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceañeras…

The place glows at night and guests can not miss it from the distance, it even has a terrace where if it rains, I am sure they can recreate a live performance from the scene on Step Up as shown in the video.

But if mom does not want wet kids, (which seems to be the case)… This is the right choice…

Lighting striking effects as shown in this pictures of past events in Heaven Event Center.

Heaven Event Center has a Staircase with a gorgeous cascade/water effect  that looks like rain… Great for pictures!

Now, for the  interior, Blue lights will recreate the effect as seen in the movie

This is what it looks like before the lilghts go off!  The white curtains turn blue with the use of LED lights.

I certainly look forward to this event at Heaven Event Center.

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Twilight Saga Parties

July 21, 2010

Ahhhhh! The Twilight Saga….

Once you see the movie or read the first book, you are hooked!That is why to plan a Twilight Saga Party, I have digged, looked, read and tried  to find for you ideas from every single Twilight book. I will not list ideas in order so you can mix and match as you wish. The books by Stephanie Meyer are:  New Moon,  Eclipse,  Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is written in Edwards point of view but Stephanie Meyer is not finishing it after someone leaked it all over the internet.

Ok, so in Twilight, the setting is in that tiny town called “Forks”, to re-create that rainy ambiance, I have found these black and white posters which I will hang  from the ceiling with black umbrellas and use red airtube to simulate that red silk ribbon that we like so much.

There is something about the mood of a party that gives the guest that wow effect and makes it different, this will be our WOW factor! Can you imagine the repetition of this heart shaped black umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and then the red tube weaving it’s way through them. We will also have cold ice machines to create some fog…

This huge poster will be hanging from a backwall near the entrance and bellow an oval shaped table with an antique style book for guests to sign in.

This is one of our choices for a Twilight Sweet Sixteen. For this party, red, black and black and white pictures is the way to go!

Here is our other choice for a more intimate Twilight gathering for up to 50 guests…

Here, red is an accent color, you can also put red apple candles for a romantic feel or red apple place settings with the name of each guest.

Giant chess pieces was our first choice to hang from the ceiling, but when we saw the movie, we went for the heart umbrellas in black instead, but I wanted to share the pic because they would look cute, don’t you think. We will use the checkerboard on the dance floor and I am pushing one of this giant pieces on to one side of the dance floor…

We will have a whimsical black and white cake for this sweet sixteen but I found this cute idea using plastic forks over cupcakes and red sprinkles that image blood spatter and messages from the book. Very creative, they are from Maggies Dinner Dates.

This cake version is by Sweet Austin. I absolutely love how they have incorporated every detail on the cover of the  book “Twilight New Moon Eclipse”.

For beverages, blood of course! each bottle has a type A or type B, Type O. Any red beverage will do.  On the bar station you can also name drinks like Cold Edward, New Moons, bloody Mary’s can still preserve their name, or why not include True Bloods?

Guests can sink their fangs into a bottle of Tru Blood, a delicious blood orange carbonated drink featured on the HBO show and inspired by Bill’s favorite synthetic blood nourishment beverage. Tart and slightly sweet, Tru Blood pours like a regular soda but appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass. Bottoms up – and vampires, remember to drink responsibly!

We will also have a picture opportunity for guests. This time one of the dangerous but charming vampire so all the Bellas at the party can take a souvenir picture. Cut outs are available also for Jacob or Bella.

Now you can also be prepared for an amazing Sweet Sixteen Dance idea: Birthday girl will be wearing a Red Velvet dress with an amazingly long chiffon Red Tail and of course vampire teeth. The other girls will be using Black outfits like this picture that was our inspiration. The choreography is being prepared by a professional and it will blow the guests away.

The Song? Get outta your mind by Lil John. Now the song will have a slight Twilight theme introduction. Sweet!

Check out these cool moves and Choreography by Sir Charles and performed by BeastMode.

HELLO KITTY Mom and Me, Birthday party

July 13, 2010

I remember the time when my mom finally understood my school’s Hello Kitty fever! I got a pencil case with of course, Hello Kitty eraser, Hello Kitty sharpener and Hello Kitty pencils, I was so excited!

The Hello Kitty fever can remain in our hearts forever. That is why, a Hello Kitty Bday for your little one can be a great time/excuse to invite other moms over and have some Kitty moments themselves.  The color we have chosen, for this Mom and daughter Kitty celebration is red and white for the adult setting table, and for the girls, red, white, fucsia and pink.

Our inspiration piece! A cute hanbag by Sanrio.

I just loved this table setting for the moms who will be having some wonderful moments drinking a glass of wine and eating sushi. The moms only table will be set at the terrace.

Now, lets talk about the kids table setting under a huge oak tree!

The plates will be in solid green. We have chosen this bold color because we want to feature, the girls very own Hello Kitty Sandwich that I found on jam’n’jilly blog, check it out….it is just adorable and nutritious. We will be using the Hello Kitty table place mats and red and white polkadot glasses.

The table mats will also be hanged under the huge tree in the middle of the garden with yellow airtube and more of the red-ball lanterns. The girls will enjoy a served plate consisting of: watermelon slice, followed by the Hello Kitty sandwich and pink lemonade.

Under the tree, a buffet table with more finger food that the girls can pick themselves, more watermelon, celery, carrots and other veggies with a fresh-made dip but also adorable Hello Kitty chocolate lollypops.

Now for entertainment, Miss Rose  (check her out at ) will share with the children some High Couture tips because they will be decorating the cute little  dresses of Hello Kitty dolls that they can take home afterwards. A fun craft session will keep them entertained.

I found this great site of a wonderful mom that made the Hello Kitty doll and little dresses and bows herself,  for a Hello Kitty party for her daughter. She is a wonderful sewer/designer, she sells patterns and very cool stuff . A must see blog, Thankyou Li Er for sharing this wonderful idea with us.

The girls have a choice between bow barrrettes or flowers.

To avoid glue and stickiness on paper table cloths, Li Er created some

hangers out of cardboard with a back that helps to avoid the mess.

Girls can add beads and glitter glue to create their own Hello Kitty      fashion dress.

Li Er’s Hello Kittys posing with their cute dresses on before the girls embelish them.

For this party we will not have cake, mom has chosen for the whole bunch cupcakes with a variety of kitty characters. I guess that is the fever of a collector… “Let’s see how many they want/must have, they are just too cute!” she commented when given the choice between cake or cupcakes.

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Unforgettable Snow White!

July 13, 2010

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a 1937 american animated film based on Snow White, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It was also the first full-length cel-animated feature in motion picture history, as well as the first animated feature film produced in America, the first produced in full color, the first to be produced by Walt Disney and the first in the Walt Disney Animated Classics canon”. (Information from Wikipedia)

I remember when I first saw Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the big screen, I think I was six or  seven years old, but I couldn’t get over the fact that even though it was an animated movie, the  water teardrops falling in the well and making  small circular effects looked so real!  “How can they do that?”  I asked my mom.

There is something else that never seizes to amaze me though, in fact, it inspires me: children’s imagination and their ability to transform the simple into extraordinary!  They are so curious and so creative…

All children are special and have their very own talents.  Ariel,(in the picture posing at her Snow White Party) stole my heart from the minute I met her at ballet lessons back in my country of origin, El Salvador.

She is an incredible dancer and gets so much into character when she performs that surprises children and adults alike. So when her mom sent me this picture of her wearing her Snow White Costume,  I got so inspired that I wrote and wrote and developed our “Snow White-Theater” script party. It is awesome, and we have two versions, one for beginners and one for advanced performers like Ariel. I promise I will squeeze in a few ideas from the script in the article.

For our Theatre Party Scripts, write us a note or e-mail us. You can purchase the Script with easy to follow instructions for your party or go all the way inviting us there with a couple of character Hosts who not only direct but are part of the scenes too. We have our Snow White, Prince Charming and Magical Witches.  Theatre Parties are sooo much fun and so is a make-up session and dress up!

No Snow White Party would be complete, without two things: A Mirror, mirror on the wall, saying “Who is the Fairest   of them all! and a Wishing Well, like this one we rent made out of cardboard, but with a string and pale girls can either   pull out their part from the script and find out what character they will play. If you are not into theatre parties,        have your guests fish out of the well nice fortune wishes like the ones you can find in fortune cookies. It is also a nice item to use to pick  prizes randomly.

For this party we decorate with paper flowers and lanterns. (check out pics from Alice in Wonderland Party in this blog).  We can also make the forest animals out of foam. At theatre parties our super cute forest animal masks are made of fabric. (These roles are played by the smallest guests ).

I love the outdoors for this party but in case the Weather is not cooperative enough or you would rather have it  inside, check out this awesome magical backdrop that you can find at

This beautiful backdrop, the wishing well, fake trees and forest animals, totally set the mood at an indoor party,  don’t you agree?

Now, another fun game….Do you remember this scene from Snow White and the Seven dwarfs?

For this game, we recreate the cave. Kids get a chance to sing, dance and pick hidden treasures from the cave!

For treasures,  ring pops, chocolate coins, rings with huge precious stones. Now when our guest-dwarfs go back home…(to their sitting places..) Ohhhh no! Princess Ariel White is gone. What to do?  Where to look? Any ideas?

Now, if you have a girl that loves to perform like Ariel, (Birthday girll/star of the show) and several kids playing forest animals and

dwarfs, the best way to go is to invite the Medieval/Evil queen as a character host.

Our Host acts as the queen but also directs the kids when she grins ACTION!

You can also invite her to your party, even if it is not a theatre party, she will read the story and add funny comments from her own perspective!

Now for the cake, Check out this beautiful creation by Lineth Cakes,

we are very fortunate to work with her at our parties. She is so professional and

creative and will go along with any of your ideas and add or enhance them, all

the time. And we can get very creative at times….

To check more of her creations visit her facebook page lineth’cake’s

Another food item that you should not leave out at your little girl’s Snow White Party is apples. Make a game where girls pick apples from a small swimming pool using their mouth only or if you want to avoid the splashes … make caramel apples.

I really hope you enjoy this party as much as I have enjoyed writing this article. Thank you Ariel and Gabi for the inspiration and for sharing your picture with us. I love you and wish you the best in your ballet carreer.

As for Hosts, we have Snow White, Prince Charming  and Medieval/evil. We can also help you with decoration and planning your next Snow White Party. Check out our original version of Snow White at a party:

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Candy Bars for all happy occassions!

July 12, 2010

There is something about a Candy Bar that makes heads turn!

Candy Bars are more and more popular at Children and adult parties alike. Here I post some of the Best Ideas I have found searching the web!

This beautiful Pink candy Bar was posted by KenzieKAte on Flickr. Check the lollypop trees, they are simple yet elegant.

It is always really nice to put a backdrop to make the candy bar just pop!  This one by Sintart, with a great variety of candy…

This is another sweet buffet… An Ice Cream Bar!  This one by DIY, has all kind of toppings including merengue.

You have them at weddings, at quinceaneras and Sweet Sixteen parties and at Baby Showers, Candy Bars are in.

You can choose among a variety of candy  and contrast the color of your shceme. Following are pics for one in pink and one in yellow for your delight!

Candy and candy bars can and have been the inspiration for some parties. The famous Dylan’s Candy Store was the whole inspiration for a Sweet, sweet quinceanera who couldn’t help sighing when she talked about this famous store in New York.

The daughter of the legendary designer, Ralph Lauren  turned her attention into making chocolates.

And so Dylan’s Candy Bar and Dylan Lauren found true love and created this beautiful candy bar that  has several branches spread through NYC, Florida, and Texas. Apart from stocking her own brand of candies, she has a whole lot of other brands as well, including, sour gummies, chocolate, and sugar free delicacies.

Using airtubes, light effects and huge sweet sculptures and five whimsical candy bars, a Sweet Quinceanera celebrated her Birthday!

By Beautiful Blooms and Ali

The touch and combination with the natural flowers gives it a nice whimsical effect.

Decoration at Dylan’s Candy BAr, in New York.

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Pirates at Belk!

July 12, 2010

It is Summer!

Lots of sun and swimming. Belk as part of their activities had Hippojoy come over and do face-painting and fun activities for the kids to enjoy!

One of the most popular face paintings we did was the pirates on boys. We love going to this store, check it out at

They have many items and stock up for this summer with a clearance  up to 75% off!

To hire a professional facepainter…

Planning a World Cup Final Playoff Party

July 10, 2010

And its a Goooaaal!! or in Spanish, la mete y es un Goooooooooool!!!

For the past month the world has been focused on the 2010 World Cup Tournament in South Africa. It is a great opportunity for friends to gather together and watch the game. Besides the excitement of the game itself it has been fun to watch fans from all over the world supporting their favorite team and dressed up so creatively and fun!

South Africans welcomed football/soccer fans to their country to the first World Cup to be held on the continent and the sound of the vuvuzela horns has sure become a trademark of this 2010 event.  On Sunday , the final game is here and it will be played between Spain and the Netherlands.

No matter what team you will cheer for, this is a great time to have a fun with family, friends, and have a “World Cup Final Playoff Party” so here I post some ideas for you to prepare for Sunday!

Ask your friends to come dressed up ready to cheer, it is really fun to have guys from opposite teams!  Make a huge poster with rules against violence between both sides, make it funny and personalize it with the name of some of your guests.

For example,

“Ole – allowed, bull hats too,

Jose keep it up and do not boo!”

Fun Hats that cheer for Holland, for Spain you can have “torero fighter” , bull hats or fun red and yellow wigs like the ones shown above!

For decorations, print out flags of both teams and hang them around your home! Have a professional face painter  make creative and different works of art. Check out this spanish fan…

If you are planning to have this party at home, because you want it to be a family gathering, make sure you have activities for adults and children alike. It is a great opportunity to teach children  not only about the game but about where it is held also. Ask your friends to come in early and before the party starts, make some fun entertaining games for children and explain that this will be their time, and when the game begins, they can either watch or play with the games you have chosen. If the kids are aware of the rules, it is more likely  they will not interrupt.

Some activities for the children: have costumes, bandanas, whistles, vuvuzelas, hats and wigs so they can get dressed to cheer for their favorite team, (it doesn’t matter if they have already been disqualified), have different pictures of the countries participating and also explain about the traditions from South Africa, it is amazing how much they learn with play!

Lets talk Food! Finger food is perfect for this celebration. Have a variety of dips and food representing both sides. Spanish tapas and Hollandese hors d’oeuvres are a wonderful option. Hams and cheeses and mini servings of paella, chorizo (spanish sausage) and of course cold beer or wine. Put mini flags symbolizing where the food is from and do not forget to decorate the table. Take a look at this cute clog!

And for dessert, I want to share this great idea that was sent to me by my dear friend Jaime, who is already preparing for his celebration of the grand finale of the World Cup.  If you are familiarized with the soccer frenzy you have probably heard of Paul the octopus. This octopus has become a World Cup phenomenon after correctly predicting the winners of all six Germany’s matches. He predicts it by grabbing an oyster from a crystal box. He has picked an oyster from the box with the Spanish flag so he thinks they will beat the Netherlands in Sunday’s final in Johannesburg, South Africa. We shall see. But going back to the dessert… It is a ball of chocolate ice cream and the octopus is sculpted in fondant. No one will be mad at this Paul…he is toooo cute!

For more ideas to celebrate children or adults party check…