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Twilight Saga Parties

July 21, 2010

Ahhhhh! The Twilight Saga….

Once you see the movie or read the first book, you are hooked!That is why to plan a Twilight Saga Party, I have digged, looked, read and tried  to find for you ideas from every single Twilight book. I will not list ideas in order so you can mix and match as you wish. The books by Stephanie Meyer are:  New Moon,  Eclipse,  Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is written in Edwards point of view but Stephanie Meyer is not finishing it after someone leaked it all over the internet.

Ok, so in Twilight, the setting is in that tiny town called “Forks”, to re-create that rainy ambiance, I have found these black and white posters which I will hang  from the ceiling with black umbrellas and use red airtube to simulate that red silk ribbon that we like so much.

There is something about the mood of a party that gives the guest that wow effect and makes it different, this will be our WOW factor! Can you imagine the repetition of this heart shaped black umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and then the red tube weaving it’s way through them. We will also have cold ice machines to create some fog…

This huge poster will be hanging from a backwall near the entrance and bellow an oval shaped table with an antique style book for guests to sign in.

This is one of our choices for a Twilight Sweet Sixteen. For this party, red, black and black and white pictures is the way to go!

Here is our other choice for a more intimate Twilight gathering for up to 50 guests…

Here, red is an accent color, you can also put red apple candles for a romantic feel or red apple place settings with the name of each guest.

Giant chess pieces was our first choice to hang from the ceiling, but when we saw the movie, we went for the heart umbrellas in black instead, but I wanted to share the pic because they would look cute, don’t you think. We will use the checkerboard on the dance floor and I am pushing one of this giant pieces on to one side of the dance floor…

We will have a whimsical black and white cake for this sweet sixteen but I found this cute idea using plastic forks over cupcakes and red sprinkles that image blood spatter and messages from the book. Very creative, they are from Maggies Dinner Dates.

This cake version is by Sweet Austin. I absolutely love how they have incorporated every detail on the cover of the  book “Twilight New Moon Eclipse”.

For beverages, blood of course! each bottle has a type A or type B, Type O. Any red beverage will do.  On the bar station you can also name drinks like Cold Edward, New Moons, bloody Mary’s can still preserve their name, or why not include True Bloods?

Guests can sink their fangs into a bottle of Tru Blood, a delicious blood orange carbonated drink featured on the HBO show and inspired by Bill’s favorite synthetic blood nourishment beverage. Tart and slightly sweet, Tru Blood pours like a regular soda but appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass. Bottoms up – and vampires, remember to drink responsibly!

We will also have a picture opportunity for guests. This time one of the dangerous but charming vampire so all the Bellas at the party can take a souvenir picture. Cut outs are available also for Jacob or Bella.

Now you can also be prepared for an amazing Sweet Sixteen Dance idea: Birthday girl will be wearing a Red Velvet dress with an amazingly long chiffon Red Tail and of course vampire teeth. The other girls will be using Black outfits like this picture that was our inspiration. The choreography is being prepared by a professional and it will blow the guests away.

The Song? Get outta your mind by Lil John. Now the song will have a slight Twilight theme introduction. Sweet!

Check out these cool moves and Choreography by Sir Charles and performed by BeastMode.