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Decorating with paper lanterns

January 30, 2011

We love decorating with paper lanterns! There is such variety and it’s repetition always creates impact.

Here, I post some wonderful ideas for your next event:

The butterflies create such a beautiful effect. Picture courtesy of Martha

This purple decorating images are from from Luna Bazaar. Great Setting for a Wedding reception.

Martha Stewart’s Seaside Paper lanterns.

Another nice alternative to paper lanterns are poms poms, these are by Etsy.

A variety of paper lanterns at Worden Wedding

These beautiful paper lanterns decorated with wite pom pom ribbon and flowers are from Crafty Nest

From Zappobz, image also courtesy of Crafty Nest.

A variety of paper lanterns and parasole decoration. They make a beautiful effect don’t you think?


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Cinderella’s Carriage, Best Cakes

January 29, 2011

I was preparing for a Cinderella Themed Party where our Princess Valentine will have a special appearance.

Decoration is looking beautiful but I was researching the Web for some Cinderella Cake carriage ideas. There are so many creative bakers out there, that my daughter and I started to rate them. This is the result for ” The Best Cinderella Carriage Cakes”  They are not in any specific order

I found it at Jane Asher. It serves 40-45 small portions, and comes with the cutest fondant mouse on one side.

Here’s another wonderful Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake.  This was made by Tracy’s Best Cakes


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Feather Centerpieces

January 29, 2011

If you want to celebrate your event with style and glam. Feather Centerpieces might be the way to go. If budget is a concern, you might want to think twice though because they can be costly. They come in different sizes, colors and most important: quality.

We have chosen to have one quality: the best. This is because the texture and size of the feathers, if using female ostrich feathers (drabs) is different.

Elegant centerpieces made of beautiful ostrich feathers will create a gorgeous table display for any event.  WOW your guests with a beautiful display of ostrich plumes. Ostrich plumes are very exquisite and come from the wing of the male bird. They span from 18-22” and are fuller than the drabs.

When combined with led lights, the result is simply stunning!


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Sunny Garden Celebration!

January 27, 2011

The weather has not been nice lately in Florida.  It is February. Time for Tornado warnings and rain, rain, rain…. Some people like rainy days, but would rather stay home and maybe watch a movie and zip a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, instead of going out and celebrating with friends. (Not me, I always like a fun celebration!)

When Gaby called us to help her plan her “Girl only” Bday Celebration, the weather issue was brought up several times….

“Should we do it outside, on the terrace, by the pool?” She asked…

“We must have a plan B Gaby, the weather is unpredictable” we answered. We saw her disappointment on her face.

Gabby has such a vibrant personality, plus her celebration was a breakfast,  that we thought our Garden theme would bring a little sunshine to her celebration, even if it was raining and we had to do it indoors.

The invitation: Let the sunshine in and join me at my Sunny Garden celebration…

Every chair had a satin bow, every satin bow had a flower!

Bringing the outdoors inside…

Birds and butterflies…

You can either choose from a branch or a fresh flower bouquet for our water can centerpieces.

Our screen is always helpful, when it comes to give an accent for the theme and for picture opportunity spot.

Gaby and friends at her Sunny Garden Celebration!

Thankyou again to Gabriela Fernandez for sharing her pictures. She is a professional photographer and can come to your event and capture your joyful celebration. From children portraits to weddings.

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A nice review

January 27, 2011
I got this e-mail today and had to share it with you:

“God bless Roxana. Thankyou for using your gifted talent in my celebration! The page you wrote on your blog about my activity is really nice.

I think all the details were perfect. I wish you a year full of prosperity and blessings where you and Nancy have God’s blessing in everything you do”.   Sonia

Original text in Spanish:

Dios te bendice Roxana.

Gracias por permitirme usar tus dones y talentos en tan hermosa celebracion! La pagina que pusistes en tu blog sobre mi actividad esta lindisima. Me parece perfecto los detalles que pusiste en ella.

Les deseo un ano de provision, prosperidad y bendiciones donde se realce la magnificencia del Senor depositada sobre la vida tuya y de Nancy en todo lo que hagan. Siempre a tus ordenes en lo que te pueda servir.

Dios las guarde. Sonia

To view Sonia’s Birthday Bash go to “50th Birthday in gold” on this same blog or click:

Garden Watering cans centerpieces

January 26, 2011

Our flower garden themed decor includes, overlays, watering can centerpieces,  organza sashes and flower bows, screen, decorating flowers, butterflies…

It is all very detailed and sunny. Ideal for our fairy parties, sunny breakfasts, bridal showers and garden weddings.

I will be posting tomorrow, a nice garden breakfast, but for now, time to rest!


50th Birthday in Gold

January 25, 2011

Sonia wanted to celebrate her 50th Birthday with her dearest family and friends. After talking with the sweetest lady you can imagine, we decided on a Golden theme. The color scheme ended being black with white accents and gold, lots of gold. We had a budget but we really appreciate Sonia’s trust from conception to execution.

Check out the beautiful cake created by

The party venue was covered in gold light…

The centerpieces were manzanita trees, with orchids, gold and white butterflies and tealights.

Other fuller centerpieces were made for the cake table, buffet area and columns…

Example of the individual place cards

Sonia, dressed in gold and black, with some friends and  welcoming other guests.

A family picture. The backdrop covered some areas we didn’t care much from the venue.

The Buffet area:

Congratulations Sonia. Hope you had as much fun as we did planning your 50th Bday celebration!!!

Special thanks to Gabriela Fernandez, professional photographer for allowing us to share these beautiful pictures with you. We have the pleasure to work together in many of our happy celebrations! Hoooray for another job well done Gaby!

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Adult Tiki Party musts!

January 25, 2011

We are so happy to have included our adult parties. This is all thanks to you, our clients, who keep challenging us with your ideas and wishes.

We love you all: The picky ones, the all involved, the ones who tell us: “I have no idea, you figure it out”, and of course those clients who never grow up!  And I mean this in the nicest way….  I think I don’t want to ever grow up myself!

I still get the butterflies in my stomach with every new idea and creation and jump around holding hands with some clients with the end results of our decorations.

Today I received a picture from Laura. A creative mother of two for now, (she is expecting a third child), who sometimes considers herself a mother of four, because she incorporates her husband in the equation. Laura, not only celebrates their children birthdays but is always thinking of doing something special for her hubby too.Laura will share the cake with you but not some of the pictures of the party itself. Too much fun? You figure it out:  it was a Tiki – Retro Luau Party!

Non the less, it has inspired me to give you some ideas in what you MUST have at an adult, Retro, Tiki Luau.

But first, I will leave you with a video I found on you tube of a Tiki party, where I think they have incorporated every aspect in the decoration to set the mood. This is Tim and Bill’s  Tiki Party from Columbus Ohio. Congratulations on a job well done!

So, inspired? ME TOOOO!!! Can’t wait to receive a call from you guys!

The musts at a TIKI, LUAU:


2. TORCHES . If at night.

3. Lots of Bamboo. Check the decor and cool glasses from Ton Tiki, in Tucson. Gotta love that rabbit!





Check out Laura’s which she created herself…

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All for one and one for all!

January 15, 2011

If you are wondering what to do for your Bday boy and are running out of themes. Let me give you an idea…

A musketeer training camp!  Oh yes, believe me, the kids will have a blast.

We have a version were the kids learn to fight dragons and a version were they must learn to protect the princess or queen.

Musketeers are a blessing in a world full with danger. They sacrifice for those who oppose these powerful forces…

So get ready for the action, our musketeer will lead the way …..

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An out of this world Science Party!

January 13, 2011

This year, Sebastian decided on having an alien party. Dr. Funzo’s Space Lab show would lift off at 5:00pm.

So he arrived, whistling and riding his bike, completely forgetful of what he had to do that day, he wrote it somewhere you see. But our, fun, somewhat distracted scientist had too much in his mind.

No problem, the kids, immediately saw a paper stuck on Dr. Funzo’s back where it reminded him to go to Sebastian’s Party where he would meet a group of space scientists and he had to share his findings on his recent travel to planet Eris.

On this planet, he met with a peculiar fellow scientist from another planet, Peep.

She has special powers. For example, Peep can attract some metals.the problem though, is that she sometimes gets attracted to metals too. Here, kids are trying to pull her off Dr. Funzo’s metal space Lab table…

Dr. Funzo, demagnetizes Peep with his own special device, and leaves only her hands with magnetic power, so she can make a demonstration.

In this picture, Peep demonstrated how she attracts metal paper clips.

Little hands, very big and creative  minds at work in Dr. Funzo’s Fun Science/Space Lab

Peep brought a beverage from her planet for the kids to try.  One of the scientists thought: “Mmmmm, weird it tastes like apple juice, do you have apple trees in your planet?”  ” No, answered Peep, we have diamond trees in our planet!”

Ready to create instant snow!

Then, it was time to learn about the properties of air…

The kids learned a lot while having fun!!

So entertainment was amazing, but let’s talk decoration, in case you decide on a Space theme:

The centerpieces were Aliens made out of balloons, check them out

The table cloth was black with white stars, very galactic and the certerpieces had glow in the dark sticks.

More Aliens, these are lollipops.

And for cake, Lineth,  who is a true 3D cake Artist. Not only are they beautiful, this cake sparkled but almost everything is edible and yummy. Check her cake:

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