Can you make Rain?


Talk about requests!

What to do when a sixteen year old kid asks you to create rain at his party. Right in the moment when he and his buddies will have his dance….

You ask…”Why?” ,  right?

Well, that is exactly what we did… and his answer, created the whole theme and decor idea for his party…

To be honest, I instantly thought in my mind, another twilight party…(check this blog for twilight party). I have learned not to jump to conclusions, specially with teenagers. So, the mom rolls her eyes and the kid tells us:  “Wait,  I’ll show you” and grabbed my laptop to search for a video.  This is what he shows me….

Can you believe I had not seen this movie? .  How cool is that?,  I thought!

So there was only one place that kept coming to my mind… Heaven Event Center.

This venue is located between the Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center. It is a beautiful setting for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceañeras…

The place glows at night and guests can not miss it from the distance, it even has a terrace where if it rains, I am sure they can recreate a live performance from the scene on Step Up as shown in the video.

But if mom does not want wet kids, (which seems to be the case)… This is the right choice…

Lighting striking effects as shown in this pictures of past events in Heaven Event Center.

Heaven Event Center has a Staircase with a gorgeous cascade/water effect  that looks like rain… Great for pictures!

Now, for the  interior, Blue lights will recreate the effect as seen in the movie

This is what it looks like before the lilghts go off!  The white curtains turn blue with the use of LED lights.

I certainly look forward to this event at Heaven Event Center.

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