Maligna, the not so scary witch!


For this Halloween, our character host has been busy…

Introducing Maligna, our not so scary, funky witch.

Our Host plays activities with the kids, while adults enjoy the party.  Check out some of the memorable moments at Sara’s not so scary halloween party.

A funny story about Halloween…

Who said adults couldn’t have fun too?

And in came the treats… Booo a spooky ghost cake, pumpkin cupcakes and marshmallow brains and skulls!

Honorary winners for the scariest witch laugh…

The marshmallow skull. By the way, if you have a boy and his birthday party is in November, give us a call. Take advantage of the halloween treats but give them your own special treat! For example we came up with a Space theme and will use the body parts candy and worms to make the centerpieces. They will come out wonderful! The characters? Our very own planetarians.

Who wants to trick or treat?

Time for our whimsical costume runway…

You are funny Maligna!

What a cute witch!

This little one, slowly got closer and closer…He needed to confirm, is it a witch, a real witch mom? Will she make a spell for me?

He came as an Orlando Tourist and lost the fear for Halloween!

And it is trick or treat time! Thankyou Sara’s family for having us at your party. It was great sharing with both kids and not so adult, absolute fun big kids too!

For party character hosts and entertainment fun ideas go to…

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2 Responses to “Maligna, the not so scary witch!”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Thank you so much for making our Halloween Party so nice and creative… Our guests enjoyed every corner of your decorations; the kids loved the dance and all the show. What you created for all of us, was spectacular and will be memorable for years to come. My husband says that he does no longer fear having children at home, as long as you are there! (lol) There is no words to describe how thankful we are . This was our first time hosting a Halloween party and we were scared of having 40 kids at home but you really made it possible and more. You know how to manage the kids so prefectly that my house was the same after they left ! thank you so much! The pinata , the story telling, the games running behind them in the garden and all of what you did for us ! Thank you so much ! We are looking forward for the Christmas Party .. Will you have a Santa or any creative alternative for a Christmas party?? We would love to have one and make a Christmas Party !!
    thank you so much!!

    Ismail Family!!

    ps.. Sara say thank you !!

  2. Roxana Galindo Says:

    Thank you. It was great to be with your lovely family and guests! We enjoyed it too!

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