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Tips for a Western Style Party

May 24, 2010


For decoration, choose to have a picture opportunity spot with lots of props like cactus, hay bales, wanted poster signs were your guests can pop their head, or try even a setting were your guests can take home a picture posing at an old western bar with western outfits and hair pieces!

Check out this nice table decoration done with straw skirts and bandanas. On each chair, cowboy hats that guests take home and use during the party; some will probably bring their own but you should always have additional ones.

The bar  sure will be a focal point. Have the bar tender dressed as a cowboy or sheriff from the old west. A cool idea is to put saddles on the stools at the bar or we can custom create cow stools for your party!


If you want to go all Western, you can choose a local band but make sure all your guests are into this theme too. If not, a better option would probably be to have a cool DJ who can mix different music flavors, when it is the time to go Western a siren sound announces it is time for YEEEHAHHHH all the way line dances. Another good idea is to have real cowboy guests at the party, specially cowboy/cowgirl dancers-who can show your guests some cool moves.

For other entertainment, nothing better than a mechanical bull ride, this are safe to use and soooo much fun! They come fully insured! This can be ridden by adults and children too. Check out Jamie Manning, Australian Cowboy set a new World Guinness Record.

For more cowboy party ideas, mechanical bull rental and fun, contact us