Tips for an outdoor wedding in summer!


Yes, Summer is a nice time of the year to get married. Take full advantage of the season, the sun will be shining so you can look for a beautiful location like a beach, garden or yard. Remember you can highlight the glorious sunsets, you might as well say “I do” while the sun goes down behind you.

Here are some valuable tips that will make your day unforgettable!


Your dress choice has to consider both style and climate. Choose light fabrics and if you want to, you can go wild with cleavage. Check out this beautiful choices I found online.

For fabrics, choose linen, chiffon, organdy, crepe, georgette and other light wait silk.


On this time of year there is a natural explosion of color everywhere!  Cristina and Rodolfo chose a winning pallet for their wedding. White, yellow and light blue. Flower arrangements where done by filling large vases with yellow lemons and white daisies and baby’s breath, simple but elegant. One of the bonuses of having your wedding outdoors during summer is the natural surrounding beauty.  Even so, you need to work on some things too: Provide your guests with some sort of shade like giant umbrellas, tents or a combination of both, include a trellis or flower arch to focus the ceremony and consider strings of lights or lanterns on the trees, ground. You may also use torches or some sort of luminarias. These white parasoles where a hit, not only where they a decoration item but they provide shade for guests! Check out the beautiful centerpieces with lemon filled bases in the back.


Make sure your planner and your caterer have experience on outdoor weddings.  All dishes, salsas and dressings served must be heat-proof. Also, you need to remember that alcohol is dehydrating so have an assortment of lemonades, teas, cocktails and lots of ice!


If you decide you want to have your wedding at a local city park, make sure you have all the permits. Consult about their do’s and dont’s. Ask about trash removal, pre-wedding photography and lighting.


If you are having kids at the party, bring some child care provider or a character host for entertainment. This way adults can totally enjoy the party, while their loved ones are having fun also.


You want to hear your vows at your own wedding so ask your DJ to provide you with a sound system and to include clip mikes for the bride and groom.


In case of rain, extreme winds, plan a worst case scenario to be able to move to plan B in case of mishaps. Check weather conditions and bring in citronella candles to avoid guests clapping for bugs. You do want them to clap, but at appropriate moments during the ceremony.

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