Tips for a 15th, 16th or 18th Dance



It doesn’t matter if it is a waltz,  hip-hop or rumba. The song of your choice will reflect who you are. One memorable 18 year old said she liked everything so they started out with a waltz and gradually moved to a variety of dances from different eras, on both of the screens, pictures that represented those eras featured her and her family on those eras. When music of the 70’s, her mom and dad with unbelievable hair styles,  a picture when she was born, etc. Her dress and friends was done in a way that by adding small props or taking away parts, they all transformed to the era. It was very entertaining. A tip if you go on this direction is to choose carefully fragments of the song, you do not want to do this in a never ending fashion.

If a traditional dance isn’t what you envision, you can create something else memorable and fun.

In the show:  “Rock the Reception” on TLC. The bride and groom do a first dance — to the tunes of “Thriller” and “Baby Got Back,” for example — and shock their guests!

You should do whatever makes you happy. You are, after all, the birthday girl or boy.

Check out this video where they chose to do fragments of songs with a latin flavor.


Take the time to plan this dance carefully. It has to be memorable in a nice way so rehearsals are a must. We recommend between 4 to 8 hours at least. The more rehearsed will avoid stress.


Your entrance has to create impact.  Incorporate nice twirls, cuddles and send outs. Remember all eyes are on you so make it fun to watch! Make sure you use all the floor space you have and remember the curtsey at the end, a dip twirl or some WOW move to receive your very own standup ovation.

Another video with Breakdance!

Check out this Hip-Hop Routine!

Finally, I want to share a wedding first dance video, that although it is not a sweet sixteen, 18th or quinceañera, shows a combination of songs performed in an entertaining way. Check out how much fun they are having and I also love how relaxed they look. You can tell rehearsals were fun too.

For sweet sixteen, debutants, quinceañera’s and more, contact us!

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