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Creative Ideas for a Western Party

June 16, 2010

Yeeehah!!!! We have just worked on a children’s western party but thought to myself …. How cool! How about an adult version for this party?


For this party you could hire a couple of Cowboy/cowgirls who would mingle with the crowd and show them a couple of cool line dances. The DJ will also be very important for this party because he will know how to mix and match western style songs and smoothly move into other type of music. Remember, unless your friends are totally into these theme, it is a good idea to mix with other music too, have a siren or a sound that announces a Western segment!


Check out this beautiful table setting, everyone at the party gets a hat and a colorful bandana that can be placed at their chair or given at the entrance by a welcoming host . Hay bales give a nice touch as well as a section for a picture opportunity. You can be very creative and put a couple o wanted signs or even have fake horses or carriages. Do not forget the buffet table and the bar area. Fun props for this theme are cactus, lanterns, zarapes, horse saddles, horse shoes, old western boots. The peanuts on the pail  idea is for adults only, I would rather keep them at the bar and not as center pieces on the tables, people might have allergies, have special caution if children will be attending , you might want to make it a peanut free party altogether and avoid mishaps!


Now if you really want to surprise your guests and have loads of fun, rent a mechanical bull. The idea is to have fun and not to throw everyone away. The last time we had a Western children party with one of this guys, the line was endless, surpassed the pony rides!  Both children and adults love the mechanical Bull! Quick note – Remember Mechanical Bulls and other extreme rides need to be totally insured.

Check this expert, Jamie Manning,  Australian Cowboy go at it while breaking  the Guinness World Record.

Other entertainment can be available for this party, if you want to rent a mechanical bull,  go with this direction, give us a call and get ready for some YEEEEHAHHHHH fun!

And the Winner is……..

June 11, 2010

The challenge: To transform a dull cafeteria area into a theater were our young graduates could feel like celebrities. Budget was also a challenge. They had a huge space with no character…

The Client: Fifth graders celebrating going into middle school

The Team: Loving mothers and teachers who raised money through bake sales, hat days and the now popular duck sales. These team of ladies helped from decorations, food and celebrated with their young.

The Theme: “An award ceremony, Oscar night style, we want them to feel like Hollywood super stars….” they asked.

The Reward: These moms danced away and to hear a child scream: “awesome” was their best reward!

Check out some pictures:

Every child had a tile with their name on it like in Hollywood Blvd.

At the end, they all could take their star home.

Trophies for each category: Aspiring musician, Best acting performance, The scientist award, athlete of the year…

They were called by names, and  on a big screen featured a Power point/video presentation. We took pictures of each child and arranged categories. When they were called, their fans screamed and clapped… At the end of the award ceremony, the screen slowly went up, revealing the DJ. They danced and did not seem to get tired!

At the back, a cool backdrop with changing color led lights…

“And the winner for Aspiring Musician is  …….”   The kids wore Blu Tshirts with the Oscar style trophies in front, on the back, on a reel, the logos of some of the sponsors who made their celebration possible…. The Tshirts created a uniform look. They were awarded bags in their classrooms, hollywood style which included the T-shirt, a VIP Pass for a variety of activities we had prepared for them, a disposable camera to take memory pics, a book with inspirational farewell messages from teachers that they could use to get autographs from other friend/celebrities.

No Hollywood style party would be complete without a red carpet. Kids came in through an all black hallway, only illuminated by LED lights hanging from the ceiling…

I will be posting more pictures as they keep coming in from the proud moms…. I am wishing for one from the back wall with the Hollywood sign banner and some of the side walls covered in Red Fabric and VIP signs on the doors.

For Fun decoration ideas and themed parties…

Sweet Sixteen ceiling decor

June 5, 2010

No more balloons please!!!!

Just kidding!, well maybe not so much. Often clients accuse me of not liking balloons, I love balloons but for certain occasions and done differently! I am totally against the same old arch at sweet sixteens though…

Look at this beautiful ceiling decoration created by CHS Productions.  It is a full service Event Planning and Decor Design Company specializing in all things Creative. CHS Creative Productions has been planning events, coordinating weddings and providing decor in Southern California since 1996. More of CHS work can be found at

The client was using a large space and needed something over the dance floor to pop and to also cohesively bring the two sides of the room together, she opted for a ceiling swag with crystals.  This  matched the other decor wonderfully creating that WOW effect that I love!

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Tips for a 15th, 16th or 18th Dance

May 21, 2010


It doesn’t matter if it is a waltz,  hip-hop or rumba. The song of your choice will reflect who you are. One memorable 18 year old said she liked everything so they started out with a waltz and gradually moved to a variety of dances from different eras, on both of the screens, pictures that represented those eras featured her and her family on those eras. When music of the 70’s, her mom and dad with unbelievable hair styles,  a picture when she was born, etc. Her dress and friends was done in a way that by adding small props or taking away parts, they all transformed to the era. It was very entertaining. A tip if you go on this direction is to choose carefully fragments of the song, you do not want to do this in a never ending fashion.

If a traditional dance isn’t what you envision, you can create something else memorable and fun.

In the show:  “Rock the Reception” on TLC. The bride and groom do a first dance — to the tunes of “Thriller” and “Baby Got Back,” for example — and shock their guests!

You should do whatever makes you happy. You are, after all, the birthday girl or boy.

Check out this video where they chose to do fragments of songs with a latin flavor.


Take the time to plan this dance carefully. It has to be memorable in a nice way so rehearsals are a must. We recommend between 4 to 8 hours at least. The more rehearsed will avoid stress.


Your entrance has to create impact.  Incorporate nice twirls, cuddles and send outs. Remember all eyes are on you so make it fun to watch! Make sure you use all the floor space you have and remember the curtsey at the end, a dip twirl or some WOW move to receive your very own standup ovation.

Another video with Breakdance!

Check out this Hip-Hop Routine!

Finally, I want to share a wedding first dance video, that although it is not a sweet sixteen, 18th or quinceañera, shows a combination of songs performed in an entertaining way. Check out how much fun they are having and I also love how relaxed they look. You can tell rehearsals were fun too.

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