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Mad Hatter Mania

September 15, 2013


You can never get enough of the Mad Hatter Mania!

There are so many details to this party and so many twists. You can go for the whole theme in the movie or give it a twist and focus on any aspect of the movie. For example, time and the bunny or spelling and words with Humpty Dumpty.  Here are some new ideas to get your party going…


Cute smile don’t you agree?


To have a vintage carousel is always a big hit at any party. This one can be ridden by big or small.


To have a Mad Hatter party decoration and characters call us at 407-2175440.


Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

June 3, 2010

We’re late, we’re late, my little princess’s  birthday party is approaching and I do not know where to start!

What about an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party?

Sometimes it is best to have an event planner  help you with this party. It has too many details to take care of and most event planners already have the props and decorations for this party. That way you can take care of food only.

Our Alice in Wonderland magical tea party is the cutest thing ever!

From the amazing decorations, Alice’s magical visit our magical character hosts including the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and more, our funny hats crafts and makeovers, costumes and of course gorgeous table setting and tea pots. Your little Alice and her friends will sure enjoy being part of this classic favorite!

Which Alice?  You will first have to decide which of the two Alice in Wonderland she wants. Disney’s cartoon classic or Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

I love them both!

Here is a picture from the cartoon classic!

Perfect, once the decision has been made, on with the party…. Did I say details? Boy, did I say details? Jumpy, jumpy like a Rabbit, imagine your guests entering threw a small, small door or a rabbit hole…on to a Red carpet into a magical garden!

For this party we can even hand paint each chair with the name of the guest in his or her favorite color, this was their party favor, so cute!

In the garden,  a variety of paper color lanterns hung from trees, signs indicating  “This Way That Way and The Other Way”…covered in glitter and swirling lights. Lots of ribbon, jumbo sized cards strung on them, giant  mushrooms, watches…. The table setting should be colorful with whimsical teapots and centerpieces.

Lots of Big Flowers, bright colors, huge butterflies, the more whimsical, the more fun this party will be! Check out this beautiful ideas from You will lfind more pictures there. She is an amazing photographer!

The cake must have a whimsical feel to it.

For Games, there is so much you can do that we can not list all! Just take into consideration they must be age appropriate. This theme is perfect for one year olds where you get most adults involved and love this party, specially our funny Queen of Hearts, and we have worked with thirteen year olds and even as a sweet sixteen themed party.

For more themed party ideas….