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Super Hero Party

December 16, 2011

“Aziz is turning 5”, his mom told me. “He is into Super heroes”.

So, at his Birthday party arrives Mrs. Galindo, a new face that is running for mayor for the city of Orlando. But, the future mayor has a MAJOR problem: a new villain has emerged and she needs the help of some brave super heroes that can help Lava Girl destroy his evil powers.

Will they be able to help her? Will they succeed combating crime and the toxic gases that could eliminate planet earth forever?

Lava Girl suggests a super hero training camp to prepare them for the ultra super hero battle, and thus the party begins….

The decoration was all using super hero colors, bright red, blue yellow and black. We created a backdrop for pictures that set the mood for the party. The children had a blast taking pictures and playing with the center pieces that turned into photo props. Amazing what a child’s imagination will do!

They all started designing their very own super hero T-shirt. The children where very creative in decorating them.

Their super heroe T-shirt had to have the letter of their first name, thus super “A” Aziz and his super hero friends where getting warmed up for the training camp.

Lava girly helped and inspired some designs…

The girls posed with Lava Girl, wearing their newly designed, super hero Ts.

Next, we covered their identity, we face painted a mask.  Aziz is posing with his spider super hero mask.

Then, during the training, they each began their grand entrance to the academy, starting with  an obstacle course so the “trainees” could prove their speed,agility, and endurance.

Aftter the training camp, they were awarded their very own super hero cape. But they had to try the speed on their super hero cars. When we brought out the racing track and the remote control super hero cars, the children went crazy. Everyone had a turn. Even some moms competed. The racing cars are always a big hit!

If you look carefully, you can see the black race car running at maximum speed, or like one of the children commented: ” This car almost flies!”

Being tested in endurance, super magnetic powers, creating an invisible force to block the villain, we are ready to protect the city of Orlando. But, Oh noooo!, Lava Girl is sensing something…. Ohhh no…some of the parents started sensing something too…What can it be?

In comes the villain in a black cape, threatening to destroy everything and eat all of the cake! Will our new super heros be able to stop him from eating the cake and more importantly… will the city of Orlando be saved?…. and even more importantly… will Mrs. Galindo win the election?

They were ready! Using a very special weapon, Aziz scared the villain away helping Lava Girl trap him forever in jail and making it easier for Mrs. Galindo to win the election. Most importantly the city of Orlando can rest assured that new heroes have emerged at Aziz’s Birthday/Super Hero party!


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