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An out of this world Science Party!

January 13, 2011

This year, Sebastian decided on having an alien party. Dr. Funzo’s Space Lab show would lift off at 5:00pm.

So he arrived, whistling and riding his bike, completely forgetful of what he had to do that day, he wrote it somewhere you see. But our, fun, somewhat distracted scientist had too much in his mind.

No problem, the kids, immediately saw a paper stuck on Dr. Funzo’s back where it reminded him to go to Sebastian’s Party where he would meet a group of space scientists and he had to share his findings on his recent travel to planet Eris.

On this planet, he met with a peculiar fellow scientist from another planet, Peep.

She has special powers. For example, Peep can attract some metals.the problem though, is that she sometimes gets attracted to metals too. Here, kids are trying to pull her off Dr. Funzo’s metal space Lab table…

Dr. Funzo, demagnetizes Peep with his own special device, and leaves only her hands with magnetic power, so she can make a demonstration.

In this picture, Peep demonstrated how she attracts metal paper clips.

Little hands, very big and creative  minds at work in Dr. Funzo’s Fun Science/Space Lab

Peep brought a beverage from her planet for the kids to try.  One of the scientists thought: “Mmmmm, weird it tastes like apple juice, do you have apple trees in your planet?”  ” No, answered Peep, we have diamond trees in our planet!”

Ready to create instant snow!

Then, it was time to learn about the properties of air…

The kids learned a lot while having fun!!

So entertainment was amazing, but let’s talk decoration, in case you decide on a Space theme:

The centerpieces were Aliens made out of balloons, check them out

The table cloth was black with white stars, very galactic and the certerpieces had glow in the dark sticks.

More Aliens, these are lollipops.

And for cake, Lineth,  who is a true 3D cake Artist. Not only are they beautiful, this cake sparkled but almost everything is edible and yummy. Check her cake:

To have a character appearance at your Adult or child party, or for truly amazing decorations and party ideas, give us a call at 407-536 7520 or check out

Mad Scientist Party

June 24, 2010

We are working hard on developing our Mad Scientinst Birthday Party

Science projects are always fun. On the video, my children learning about eruptions and volcano’s and the oldest is assisting to a Science Camp which has been tons of fun so I thought to myself… What if we have a nice Dr. / teacher help us at our parties, a funny assistant can join us too! And so Dr. Funzo was created.

Super cute cupcakes. This creative mom shares some ideas on how to create these cupcakes which can substitute cake. You can check more pictures at

Another option is an erupting volcano cake. Check this one out:

Here is a preview of the Fun Activities we can do at this party:

All your comments are highly appreciated!

Dr. funzo sure knows how to make science fun.

Have her at your next party or event. These are some of the activities you can choose from:

1.  Volcano explosion. Kids will watch at awe while Dr. Funzo explains how eruptions occur and then watch one really explosive one right there before their own eyes.

2.  Color changing energy Beads. The kids will each create a bracelet using color changing beads. The experiment teaches kids about ultraviolet radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. Ultraviolet (UV) light is the invisible radiation that will give you a sunburn and injure your eyes if you’re not careful. It really convinces them that sunglasses and sunscreens are a must!

3.  ALIEN WORMS. Let them explore the science of building polymers by cross-linking long chains of molecules. The process of making Instant Worms is faster and easier than the classic Slime recipe and it happens the very second the two liquids mix. Truly amazing!

4.  SUPER GEYSER CABIN.  We have a specially designed cabin which can fit up to six kids inside who will experience a super geyser explosion. Using the same volcano principle, kids go inside this gigantic cabin, wear safety goggles and a cape. This is tons of fun!!

5.   OOOBLECK. Who is Dr. Seuss? Could he have been ahead of his time when he spoke about Oobleck? You will make your own oobleck today.

6.  LAVA LAMP. How do they work. Make your own with Dr. Funzo.

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