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A mermaid party!

June 21, 2010

There are so many wonderful and creative ideas for this party. A bubble machine is great to set the mood.

You can choose to have a more formal setting like the one above, with organza table cloths with silver sparkles or go with a more traditional fabric or even blue plastic table cloths with a fish net on top like the one shown on the picture below…

These colorful fish centerpieces (shown below), are only $10 each and would be ideal for a mermaid party…

Above, another version $7.50 each.

Little girls love dress up. And for this party, a wide assortment of costumes and accessories is a must!

Girls will all be treated to mermaid makeovers (fish tails, pearls, wig for the birthday girl and flowers or crowns for her guests), mini manicures with colorful and glittery nail polish, and shimmer body sprays!

For activities you can choose from  making your own pearl necklace, picture frame or marine bracelet.

For an outdoor or pool party, treasure hunt and lots of swimming and games, in this setting our mermaids and mermans took a swimming at a lake… If your choice is for an outdoor pool party, make sure you hire a life guard, certified character host or mermaid!

Ask about our new scene recreation and theater parties. Girls get the opportunity to reenact a scene from their favorite movie, we tape all the action and at the end they enjoy scenes from the movie and from their very own performance. This is fun to watch for both children and parents!

Actresses must be relaxed and enjoying every step of their performance…. Check out this beautiful setting to make-believe theatre for our mermaids and mermans….

This is for sure an under the sea scene…..

You can choose a mermaid cake or nice personalized birthday cupcakes!

For more mermaid fun….

Toy Story 3 Party Idea

June 20, 2010

I went to see the premier for this movie and could hear moms in tears and sobbing, including myself.  I strongly recommend it, beautiful movie.

Anyways, I now find myself preparing our sketch for this party and thought I would share with you some fun ideas ….

We are designing our very own Toy Story 3 props for a day care, these will be oversized, simulating the height and feel the toys had at such a gigantic place. My idea is to recreate some of the scenes and have the children experience how the toys felt, we will definetely need props for this and of course our easy zipline for them to go over obstacles…

Like in the trailer, our other game would be to fix Mr and Mrs Potato’s Heads. We will hide the parts, ears, nose, eyes, hat, etc., and divide the kids in teams to find all the missing pieces, the team who fixes one complete Mr. or Mrs. potato wins. We can make up to five teams.

In the movie, I just love the way the toys freeze when humans come along so I will make a fun dance and freeze game with a little twist…

We must not forget Buzz’s new spanish style,  Arza españolete, clap, clap…. Our character hosts, need to get busy learning steps and accent…How much fun! Well, got to get to work….

For more ideas and to book a hippojoy party…

Tropical Luau Graduation Party

June 18, 2010

Nothing is better than a Luau Party for these Summery Hot Evenings!

I am posting some pictures for this kindergarten graduation. The incoming first graders, played and had fun at this beautiful Private Country Club.

I am sorry to say I can not post pictures of our new host yet, Lei,  but I can tell you a little bit about her:

Lei is friends with a girl called Lilo from Hawaii. I’m sure that name is familiar…. She says Lilo is fun to play with but she has some weird friends and pets. “And by weird, I mean really out of this world friends”, I guess she means they are funny or something…. Anyway, Lei will teach you many fun games and culture from her exotic Hawaii.

This is the place where Lei hangs out with her friends!

Some fun games are: Limbo dance. The limbo pole will be lowering down each time, the one who touches the limbo must go to the back of the line.

Ring toss with the dolphin. Lei’s dolphin is back home in Hawaii, but she brings an inflatable friend that reminds her of him!

Other fun activities Lei can play with children involve giant beach balls, sling shots, tiki masks and water balloons!

Our pineapple and apple centerpiece for the buffet table. Remember the mini-umbrellas and a small slice of lime or pineapple on the side of the glasses for drinks.

For this kind of party, finger food is a great choice, and remember to have plenty of drinks to avoid dehydration!

We had enough drink stations like this (picture above), lemonade, fruit punch, iced teas, and slushies are excellent choices.

Tiki masks centerpieces with flowers, tiki torches, and hula skirts as table skirts will create a tropical getaway feel.

For more tropical luau fun….

Pirate Party

June 17, 2010

Ahooy MAteeys!

A few tips for your next Pirate Party that will blow you and your ship of little ones into undiscovered treasures and untraveled oceans of fun!!

First things first, ask your child if there is a pirate of his preference and remember to celebrate age appropriate. We have done 1 year old and twelve year old birthday parties, back yardigan pirates, captain feather sword, hook and Jack Sparrow. Each style is different so decoration and character host must vary accordingly to theme and age.

Now, having said that, let us give you some general tips. As a matter of fact, my favorite party celebrations are when we have a pirate party theme period and then we can go all out creative with activities that blow the imagination of both kids and adults.


Set the mood from the invitation. One of my favorites is the message in a bottle. There are many twists to this but a general idea is to dye paper with tea. Print the info with great pirate wording  first and then burn the edges. Tie some twine around leaving one long end. Take empty water or small wine bottles and insert the message .  In the bottle,  put a little sand and add  few tiny sea shells ,then roll up invite with the long end of the string hanging out of the bottle so the kids can retrive the message in the bottle.

The text for the invitation could be something like this:











Here is where you can get really creative and fun. We have created ship centerpieces, island centerpieces, treasure chest center pieces,  map table cloths, a huge ship to hold in the presents, imported shark and skeleton piñatas (life size), mastils and pirate flags are awesome for a garden decoration.


The most popular of course is treasure Hunt. Hide small prices for kids in different places for them to find, print out maps and riddles for clues. Another fun game is toss the coin, the one who tosses the coin the farthest wins a price. You may bring a pirate host to your party. Our very own captain Carl is just awesome!

Captain Carl will interact with kids and play all kind of fun games with them.

He will Stop at nothing to recruit anyone to his ship “The Dark Skull”, one of the most feared ships on the open sea! This pirate leader is brave and loyal to other fellow pirates, he is an incredible rope climber and he would valiantly go down with his ship if necessary.
He is very greedy and loves treasure-seeking. He is famous for his elaborate maps and clever riddles to hide his treasures, he has a problem though, he has memory loss, so he often forgets what he wrote, where the map is and even worse, what the riddle means!
Help him find the hidden treasure and get ready to sing eerie pirate songs at your next party!

To book a pirate party…

Dog Parties

June 17, 2010

So when I get a call asking if I can do Puppy Birthdays, it brings tons of  so many happy memories. I now realize that celebrations have been a passion of mine for many, many years, and I was so fortunate to have a loving and caring mother that would go along with so many of my ideas!

When I was around ten years old, I decided I was going to make  a birthday party for my dog “Peluche”, he was a half poodle half pound, I made colorful hand written invitations and handed them out to all my friends in the classroom. Of course when I got back home, I forgot to inform my parents of the bright endeavor.

At home, with my new-born sister mom was surprised to hear the doorbell…

“Who could that be?”  she asked. Then she heard the happy barking of a German Shepperd and the proud owner, my dear friend Ileana, then all the dog and human guests started to arrive… Dalmatians, hush puppies and schnauzers…. My dear aunt who was visiting had to run for cake, one for the humans and one for the dogs. We had tons of fun!

There are some things to consider though while planning a Dog Party:

If you have enough space at home or an ample backyard fine, but if not, consider having  it at a dog park.

Remember to invite your human friends too and have enough balls, frisbees and toys for them to play around.

You can also have a themed party for your dog, like a Western or Horror party or Carnival Ball, ask dogs to come dressed with their favorite halloween outfit and have a dog parade to show off their style and or some tricks like in the Pet Star show. Even if they are not experts or show dogs, every dog has some cute habit or trick. Another Dog party game can be Obstacle course or strike a pose….

A dog party is a great way to have your dog socialize with other dogs! I hope I can do one of this amazing parties in the near future. Meanwhile here is a Happy Birthday sang by a funny canine:

To book a Party for your dog…

Como Hacer Invitaciones Atractivas para Fiestas Temáticas

June 17, 2010

Las tarjetas de invitación para una fiesta temática pueden ser la clave del éxito en la concurrencia a la misma. El secreto es despertar el interés de los posibles asistentes y atraparlos con un mensaje atractivo, tanto desde la propuesta como desde la presentación. Estas ideas para hacer tarjetas de invitación para tu fiesta, le ayudarán a crear mensajes originales, a los que nadie podrá dejar de responder.

Las tarjetas de invitación son la primera noticia que tendrán los posibles asistentes a la fiesta que planea, por lo que pueden ser clave para lograr una gran concurrencia, ya sean para fiestas infantiles u ocasiones especiales.

Si la idea para su fiesta temática es super original, sus tarjetas de invitación deben reflejarlo. Si no es así, entonces destaque algún un toque personal o un atractivo adicional. Cuando una tarjeta de invitación crea el impacto deseado, ya sea por la habilidad de su elaboración, por la originalidad de su propuesta o por el ingenio de su presentación, es difícil que el invitado deje de asistir. Si quiere saber como se desarrolla el resto, empieze de la siguiente manera.

La creación de figuras en papel relacionadas con la temática de tu fiesta, para emplearlas como tarjetas, no es complicado. Además, ahorrará mucho en gastos de imprenta y tendrá tarjetas mucho más originales, que las que podrías encontrar en el mercado. Las tarjetas de origami desplegables con la técnica de kirigami son una opción, pero no es la única alternativa, que sólo requiere un poco de papel y trabajo para su realización.

En el video arriba podrá ver varios diseños, de los cuales podrás crear otros, apropiados para su fiesta.

El toque artesanal de sus tarjetas de invitación, siempre le dan un toque extra a la propuesta y nada mejor para dar cuenta del mismo, que crear sus propios papeles reciclados. En cuanto a la transcipción del mensaje, las técnicas de impresión le ofrecen muchas alternativas interesantes para que aplique la que mejor se adapte a su proyecto.

Si desea más ideas creativas para su fiesta temática visite

American girl doll party

June 17, 2010

For an american girl doll party, the invitation has to be really special. We can create for you an animated invite to send via e-mail and custom made paper invitations also. Remember to ask your friends to bring their favorite American girl to the party.

This is an excellent party to invite Miss Rose, our cute etiquette teacher, check her out at

Miss Rose will host the perfect English Tea Party, She is delicate, sweet and will teach basic table manners to your guests. Miss rose will serve tea and will show kids how to decorate beautiful cookies for them to eat. We also have a ceramic tea cup painting activity available.

Who said parties can not be learning experiences? It is so nice that girls learn their table manners at an early age and in this creative way they do not feel they are at a boring class with Mrs. Rotenmeier (Remember her from Heidi??), but kids look up to Miss Rose, she is so sweet and caring!

Here, Miss Rose teaches the correct way to serve tea!

Now for decorations, go All American,  you can find a lot of cheap decorations after the fourth of July, flags, crafts, hats, etc.

If your child prefers one doll in particular, say Kit Kittredge or Samantha, Felicity or July,  the party can be around that particular era… or why not replicate the famous All American Doll store and even menu!

Decoration, crafts and goody bags may be appropriate to the chosen American Girl era. There should also be an area for our party girl and guests to have their tea time, but also a space created where their american dolls have their own setting for them to interact, play and take fun pictures….

Here we are decorating a table setting for a sweet All American Girl!

And a Kit Kittredge play area. We will bring these adorable hats to your party! We also have a hat craft available were they can create their own and then take them home as a souvenir.

For the American Girl, You can also choose to have the girls take a souvenir individual picture with their doll, studio style!

We hope you enjoy this party as much as we do!

For more ideas check….

Easy make yourself Party Ideas

June 17, 2010

You don’t have to be a party planner to create a wonderful birthday. I posted this video I found, I specially like the party favors, very creative.

For more birthday party ideas and character hosts,

Fun Video Experience

June 16, 2010

Found this OK GO Video and wanted to share it with you! I personally love the 80’s beat, my era ha,ha,ha ….but further more, a super idea came to my head!  Of course I want to incorporate the idea from this type of video to our sweet sixteen or Quinceañera parties.

Imagine us editing a video of our teenager with his best friends doing some cute video, fun moves and all…  More and more we have teenagers rather not dancing or “performing” in front of the crowd but still want to create the awe and wow moment with them being portrayed on it for their guests.  I guess this would be an awesome way, we could even incorporate this to our disco/cocobongo or concert theme!

The fun we would have while making it is totally worth it. It could even be a cool Birthday Present from mom and dad!

I know for sure our Pako would be excellent doing this!

I love it! Give me your comments guys!

Anyone has done this, would like this or totally hate it? I wanna hear it!

For more creative ideas and fun…..

Como Animar una Fiesta Con Trucos de Mágia Caseros

June 16, 2010

Un show de mágia para la animación de sus fiestas temáticas, puede ser el secreto para atrapar la atención de los asistentes a la fiesta. Con las explicaciones, paso a paso, en video, no necesita ser mago para aprender a hacer unos trucos de mágia caseros, que asombrarán a tus invitados. ¿Se anima a intentarlo?

La animación es una parte esencial de la fiesta sin importar cual sea la temática. Entre más recursos disponga para animar a sus invitados será mejor. ¿Por qué no un show de mágia?

A continuación, encontrarás una serie de videos, que le explican paso a paso, trucos caseros de mágia muy fáciles de hacer y que puede aprender para sorprender a los invitados  a su fiesta y que ésta sea todo un éxito.

En el primer video, encontrará la explicación de cómo hacer desaparecer una moneda. Si lo ensaya, seguramente podrá hacerlo, sin que se note el truco.

Si se anima con un truco un poco más complejo, puede aprender a atravesar un billete con un boligrafo o lápiz. Vea la explicación  en el video de trucos de mágia:

Además, puede aprender los trucos de mágia con cartas…vea a continuación:

Para más ideas de como animar una fiesta de cumpleaños visite