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Dog Parties

June 17, 2010

So when I get a call asking if I can do Puppy Birthdays, it brings tons of  so many happy memories. I now realize that celebrations have been a passion of mine for many, many years, and I was so fortunate to have a loving and caring mother that would go along with so many of my ideas!

When I was around ten years old, I decided I was going to make  a birthday party for my dog “Peluche”, he was a half poodle half pound, I made colorful hand written invitations and handed them out to all my friends in the classroom. Of course when I got back home, I forgot to inform my parents of the bright endeavor.

At home, with my new-born sister mom was surprised to hear the doorbell…

“Who could that be?”  she asked. Then she heard the happy barking of a German Shepperd and the proud owner, my dear friend Ileana, then all the dog and human guests started to arrive… Dalmatians, hush puppies and schnauzers…. My dear aunt who was visiting had to run for cake, one for the humans and one for the dogs. We had tons of fun!

There are some things to consider though while planning a Dog Party:

If you have enough space at home or an ample backyard fine, but if not, consider having  it at a dog park.

Remember to invite your human friends too and have enough balls, frisbees and toys for them to play around.

You can also have a themed party for your dog, like a Western or Horror party or Carnival Ball, ask dogs to come dressed with their favorite halloween outfit and have a dog parade to show off their style and or some tricks like in the Pet Star show. Even if they are not experts or show dogs, every dog has some cute habit or trick. Another Dog party game can be Obstacle course or strike a pose….

A dog party is a great way to have your dog socialize with other dogs! I hope I can do one of this amazing parties in the near future. Meanwhile here is a Happy Birthday sang by a funny canine:

To book a Party for your dog…