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Feather Centerpieces

January 29, 2011

If you want to celebrate your event with style and glam. Feather Centerpieces might be the way to go. If budget is a concern, you might want to think twice though because they can be costly. They come in different sizes, colors and most important: quality.

We have chosen to have one quality: the best. This is because the texture and size of the feathers, if using female ostrich feathers (drabs) is different.

Elegant centerpieces made of beautiful ostrich feathers will create a gorgeous table display for any event.  WOW your guests with a beautiful display of ostrich plumes. Ostrich plumes are very exquisite and come from the wing of the male bird. They span from 18-22” and are fuller than the drabs.

When combined with led lights, the result is simply stunning!


We recommend ostrich feather Centerpieces for elegant occasions like Weddings, anniversaries and Sweet Sixteens. Call us for your next happy occasion. We will be very happy to assist you with ideas.

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