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American girl doll party

June 17, 2010

For an american girl doll party, the invitation has to be really special. We can create for you an animated invite to send via e-mail and custom made paper invitations also. Remember to ask your friends to bring their favorite American girl to the party.

This is an excellent party to invite Miss Rose, our cute etiquette teacher, check her out at

Miss Rose will host the perfect English Tea Party, She is delicate, sweet and will teach basic table manners to your guests. Miss rose will serve tea and will show kids how to decorate beautiful cookies for them to eat. We also have a ceramic tea cup painting activity available.

Who said parties can not be learning experiences? It is so nice that girls learn their table manners at an early age and in this creative way they do not feel they are at a boring class with Mrs. Rotenmeier (Remember her from Heidi??), but kids look up to Miss Rose, she is so sweet and caring!

Here, Miss Rose teaches the correct way to serve tea!

Now for decorations, go All American,  you can find a lot of cheap decorations after the fourth of July, flags, crafts, hats, etc.

If your child prefers one doll in particular, say Kit Kittredge or Samantha, Felicity or July,  the party can be around that particular era… or why not replicate the famous All American Doll store and even menu!

Decoration, crafts and goody bags may be appropriate to the chosen American Girl era. There should also be an area for our party girl and guests to have their tea time, but also a space created where their american dolls have their own setting for them to interact, play and take fun pictures….

Here we are decorating a table setting for a sweet All American Girl!

And a Kit Kittredge play area. We will bring these adorable hats to your party! We also have a hat craft available were they can create their own and then take them home as a souvenir.

For the American Girl, You can also choose to have the girls take a souvenir individual picture with their doll, studio style!

We hope you enjoy this party as much as we do!

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Easy make yourself Party Ideas

June 17, 2010

You don’t have to be a party planner to create a wonderful birthday. I posted this video I found, I specially like the party favors, very creative.

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