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Turning One! most popular party themes…

June 23, 2010

Some say a first birthday party is really for parents and their guests and that your baby won’t even remember this party, and may even be overwhelmed by it. I agree with this but only partially because he/she will get to see the pictures later on in his or her life and even at one year old he and his guests can have fun. Nevertheless, there are some considerations you must have whether you’re planning an intimate gathering of friends and family or an all-out bash.

  • Your 1-year-old may be fearful of strangers, and strange or new places. Despite liking other babies, she won’t understand how to play with them yet. She will enjoy individual attention most of the time.
  • To avoid an overstimulated child, take small intimate breaks with him or her. It is definitely ok if the baby wants to be asleep for his/her party most of the time.
  • Entertain other young guests by having a set of activities age appropriate and that go with the theme of your party.  Character Hosts are wonderful for this because they make fun games for a large crowd of well-wishers who can overstimulate your child and you need your hands and time free for your 1-year-old.
  • Set a time, preferably when your child feels fresh to take pictures with the cake and guests. Do not push picture opportunity or singing happy birthday on a schedule, You can definitely alter the order at a 1-year-old party.

  • Let the character/host entertain the guests so you can give your child plently of time. Remember he/she is used to your undiluted attention and he might never have seen sooooo many people together at once.
  • Time the event around the baby’s naptime or when he or she is more alert.
  • If your baby is a social butterfly, then a big bash could be a great way to celebrate. For baby’s who cling to mom, dad, and caregivers, limit the guest list to the baby’s favorites or those with whom he or she is most familiar.

  • Consider where your baby typically has the best time. Most parents opt for a home party if space allows for it.
  • Take lots of pictures! Practice with the camera, if necessary, to make sure that you are comfortable with exposures, lighting for the time of your party, technical details, or fun angles that will take your video and photographs to a pro level.

Here are some of our most popular First Year Party Themes:




















Winnie Pooh

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse



Little Einsteins


Sesame Street Friends

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Curious George

Disney Princesses

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Fancy Nancy Best Party Ideas

June 23, 2010

If your little one loves to dress up, wear your heals and walks the walk, a Fancy Nancy Party is the right choice for her.

Written by Jane O’Connor, the Fancy Nancy book is a classic.

I have posted some of the best ideas I have found on the web hoping to receive a call soon for this party. We  have an array of boas, ornated hats, pearls, earrings, glasses and a super fancy diva waiting to come and join you at  this amazing and fun party. Little girls will laugh their hearts out, striking poses and trying on dresses….More pictures in

This beautiful setting created by CHS in California includes Eiffel tower and of course, lots of bling, bling! The pallette colors purple, pink and white following the book colors.

Nevertheless, be creative in the use of colors, it depends on where you will host the party and your own preference. I just fell in love with these loving mother choices, check them out:

I just loved this beautiful candy bar created by Shawna, a caring mom who decided for a Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree. The color pallette is a soft pink and lime green, a beautiful play tent in pink and white stripes set the mood in the garden, check it our:

For this Soiree, manner lessons would be a great activity together with make-up sessions, walk with a book on top of your head (they are specially designed so that they will not fall)  and a Runway show at the end, red carpet and all!

Another fun craft is “create your own hat”  that girls could wear during tea time. We are also planning on having beautiful picture opportunities with the party girl and friends, they could even be in sepia like the one shown bellow, true pieces of art that could be favors with the picture frame craft the girls had done at the party or thank you notes/keepers to be sent after the party.

Check this beautiful lFAncy Nancy Cake done by Cake Central, the colors and the attention to detail is fantastic:

Other options for cake could be one in a form of a purse or sunglasses, Eiffel tower, or even zebra style black and white stripes. Decorate the table with pink boas and string of pearls.

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Balloon decorations

June 22, 2010

I wanted to share with you these videos I found on the web with balloon decorations…

The above shown video has no sound and is not so well taken but I liked the color pallette and the welcoming rabbits.

Balloon twisting is fun to do!

We do it mostly for creating funky carnival hats like the ones shown at the picture above, but I have found on the web some really interesting pieces of art and creativity that I want to share with you. None of the decorations bellow were done by hippojoy, although some decorations we create ourselves, this is not our area of expertise. As party planners, we are always on the look for new and fun ways to decorate and find the best prices and alternatives for our clients.  I have posted credits when available.  Enjoy!

The video shown above is from Inflaarte. I loved their style and creativity.

Angel and balloon arch by Globarte, Saavedra, Spain

Flowers in BAsket by buena idea, El Salvador

Funky Mask by Buena idea, El Salvador

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Cowboy and Cowgirl Party for kids!

June 22, 2010

Pony rides or a Pet Farm for a Party?

OHHHH YEAH!!!  How cool is that?

Pony rides, pet farms and petting zoos have enchanted children forever. If you are planning a day at the farm at home, why not bring a petting farm and give your guests a hands on experience. Our petting zoo experience include animals geared for all ages: chickens, ducks, donkey…We can also include pony rides if requested.

If you plan to do it at a local park, remember some parks have restrictions on bringing in animals, give us a call first so we can recommend you different options.

Phone call: “Cowgirl Sue, we’ve gotta party with a pet farm and horses!”

Cowgirl Sue: “YEEEEEHAH, I’m on  my way, will catch the next flight to Orlando  and will be there in no time!”

Cowgirl Sue having fun with Cowgirls Andrea and Alexandra…..

Cowgirl Sue is from Texas, she lives in a ranch called “Double Arrow Ranch”  in West Texas. Her favorite activity is to ride horses and transport cattle from one side of the river to the ranch but she also loves square line dancing!

She loves all horses but her favorite and best friend is Dynamite, she has a mini-replica of Dynamite. A legendary Indian Chief named Sitting Bull gave her a magical potion and it is said that Dynamite’s spirit will pass on to the replica so he never leaves Cowgirl Sue’s side.

Back on Double Arrow Ranch, also lives “Diablo”,  Back in the ranch no-one will ride Diablo because he is too wild!

Some fun games with Cowgirl Sue include: Pass Diablo the Horse, Tug-o-war games, Sack Races, Round Up the Herd, Rope the Calf, and of course line dances. It is not necessary for you to have a pet farm or pony rides to have tons of fun at a Cowgirl/cowboy party. We can also work with a themed cowboy party like Woody from toy story.

Cowgirl Sue will do Face Painting at your party also!

There was really not much to decorate for this party other than our nice centerpieces, because the place had a children farm, but if you are having your party at home, do not worry, we will decorate it with hale bales, horse picture opportunity, inflatable cactus, barn doors, every detail so kids will feel in a barn house or at the wild, wild West!!

This is me striking a pose before guests arrive.  Check out this life-size picture opportunity horse!

I will post our beautiful birthday gift bag ideas for this party, sacks, and prizes… Until then, yeeehah  to all of you!

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Quinceañera photography Tips

June 21, 2010

I had to interview Pako and his wife, Janeth who have been taking beautiful wedding and quinceañera pictures and Video for many years, for this article, following are must read tips to consider for your sweet Sixteen or Quinceañera pictures.

I always tell parents, don’t cut out on the professional photographer please, and if necessary I do go “pleeeeeeeeaaaase!” It is really important to have great memories for this day.

We even had a Quinceañera party once that the theme went around the photograph session of her and her friends. We made them feel like divas with a whole Spa treatment!

Please read through our Best Tips:

  • Make sure you hire a professional photographer, and that you have empathy with him. This means you like their ideas and you get along with him or her. Your attitude toward the photographer will show up in the photos. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest photographer. Pick the photographer whose photos most impress you and who you can afford.
  • Discuss beforehand the type of pictures you want, Pako for example specializes in making a story book. From the moment you go to the salon up to the highlights of your party…

  • Before you commit to a photographer, look at his/her work. Is he creative enough? Do you like the final product?

  • Get your hair and makeup done by a professional.
  • Make a list of all the people you want photographed: family, friends, etc., and designate a family member to point these people out to the photographer.
  • Work out a timeline, from when you plan to arrive at the church to when you plan to end the reception, so that the quince runs on a schedule. If the ceremony gets off to a late start, pictures will often get skipped, and opportunities for good shots will be missed.

  • ENJOY!  Remember these images are the ones you most want to preserve during your quinceañera and show off to friends and family. Grasp every moment, this is a time to be relaxed and not stressed, be playful, strike a posse and have lots of fun!

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A mermaid party!

June 21, 2010

There are so many wonderful and creative ideas for this party. A bubble machine is great to set the mood.

You can choose to have a more formal setting like the one above, with organza table cloths with silver sparkles or go with a more traditional fabric or even blue plastic table cloths with a fish net on top like the one shown on the picture below…

These colorful fish centerpieces (shown below), are only $10 each and would be ideal for a mermaid party…

Above, another version $7.50 each.

Little girls love dress up. And for this party, a wide assortment of costumes and accessories is a must!

Girls will all be treated to mermaid makeovers (fish tails, pearls, wig for the birthday girl and flowers or crowns for her guests), mini manicures with colorful and glittery nail polish, and shimmer body sprays!

For activities you can choose from  making your own pearl necklace, picture frame or marine bracelet.

For an outdoor or pool party, treasure hunt and lots of swimming and games, in this setting our mermaids and mermans took a swimming at a lake… If your choice is for an outdoor pool party, make sure you hire a life guard, certified character host or mermaid!

Ask about our new scene recreation and theater parties. Girls get the opportunity to reenact a scene from their favorite movie, we tape all the action and at the end they enjoy scenes from the movie and from their very own performance. This is fun to watch for both children and parents!

Actresses must be relaxed and enjoying every step of their performance…. Check out this beautiful setting to make-believe theatre for our mermaids and mermans….

This is for sure an under the sea scene…..

You can choose a mermaid cake or nice personalized birthday cupcakes!

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Toy Story 3 Party Idea

June 20, 2010

I went to see the premier for this movie and could hear moms in tears and sobbing, including myself.  I strongly recommend it, beautiful movie.

Anyways, I now find myself preparing our sketch for this party and thought I would share with you some fun ideas ….

We are designing our very own Toy Story 3 props for a day care, these will be oversized, simulating the height and feel the toys had at such a gigantic place. My idea is to recreate some of the scenes and have the children experience how the toys felt, we will definetely need props for this and of course our easy zipline for them to go over obstacles…

Like in the trailer, our other game would be to fix Mr and Mrs Potato’s Heads. We will hide the parts, ears, nose, eyes, hat, etc., and divide the kids in teams to find all the missing pieces, the team who fixes one complete Mr. or Mrs. potato wins. We can make up to five teams.

In the movie, I just love the way the toys freeze when humans come along so I will make a fun dance and freeze game with a little twist…

We must not forget Buzz’s new spanish style,  Arza españolete, clap, clap…. Our character hosts, need to get busy learning steps and accent…How much fun! Well, got to get to work….

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Tropical Luau Graduation Party

June 18, 2010

Nothing is better than a Luau Party for these Summery Hot Evenings!

I am posting some pictures for this kindergarten graduation. The incoming first graders, played and had fun at this beautiful Private Country Club.

I am sorry to say I can not post pictures of our new host yet, Lei,  but I can tell you a little bit about her:

Lei is friends with a girl called Lilo from Hawaii. I’m sure that name is familiar…. She says Lilo is fun to play with but she has some weird friends and pets. “And by weird, I mean really out of this world friends”, I guess she means they are funny or something…. Anyway, Lei will teach you many fun games and culture from her exotic Hawaii.

This is the place where Lei hangs out with her friends!

Some fun games are: Limbo dance. The limbo pole will be lowering down each time, the one who touches the limbo must go to the back of the line.

Ring toss with the dolphin. Lei’s dolphin is back home in Hawaii, but she brings an inflatable friend that reminds her of him!

Other fun activities Lei can play with children involve giant beach balls, sling shots, tiki masks and water balloons!

Our pineapple and apple centerpiece for the buffet table. Remember the mini-umbrellas and a small slice of lime or pineapple on the side of the glasses for drinks.

For this kind of party, finger food is a great choice, and remember to have plenty of drinks to avoid dehydration!

We had enough drink stations like this (picture above), lemonade, fruit punch, iced teas, and slushies are excellent choices.

Tiki masks centerpieces with flowers, tiki torches, and hula skirts as table skirts will create a tropical getaway feel.

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Pirate Party

June 17, 2010

Ahooy MAteeys!

A few tips for your next Pirate Party that will blow you and your ship of little ones into undiscovered treasures and untraveled oceans of fun!!

First things first, ask your child if there is a pirate of his preference and remember to celebrate age appropriate. We have done 1 year old and twelve year old birthday parties, back yardigan pirates, captain feather sword, hook and Jack Sparrow. Each style is different so decoration and character host must vary accordingly to theme and age.

Now, having said that, let us give you some general tips. As a matter of fact, my favorite party celebrations are when we have a pirate party theme period and then we can go all out creative with activities that blow the imagination of both kids and adults.


Set the mood from the invitation. One of my favorites is the message in a bottle. There are many twists to this but a general idea is to dye paper with tea. Print the info with great pirate wording  first and then burn the edges. Tie some twine around leaving one long end. Take empty water or small wine bottles and insert the message .  In the bottle,  put a little sand and add  few tiny sea shells ,then roll up invite with the long end of the string hanging out of the bottle so the kids can retrive the message in the bottle.

The text for the invitation could be something like this:











Here is where you can get really creative and fun. We have created ship centerpieces, island centerpieces, treasure chest center pieces,  map table cloths, a huge ship to hold in the presents, imported shark and skeleton piñatas (life size), mastils and pirate flags are awesome for a garden decoration.


The most popular of course is treasure Hunt. Hide small prices for kids in different places for them to find, print out maps and riddles for clues. Another fun game is toss the coin, the one who tosses the coin the farthest wins a price. You may bring a pirate host to your party. Our very own captain Carl is just awesome!

Captain Carl will interact with kids and play all kind of fun games with them.

He will Stop at nothing to recruit anyone to his ship “The Dark Skull”, one of the most feared ships on the open sea! This pirate leader is brave and loyal to other fellow pirates, he is an incredible rope climber and he would valiantly go down with his ship if necessary.
He is very greedy and loves treasure-seeking. He is famous for his elaborate maps and clever riddles to hide his treasures, he has a problem though, he has memory loss, so he often forgets what he wrote, where the map is and even worse, what the riddle means!
Help him find the hidden treasure and get ready to sing eerie pirate songs at your next party!

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Dog Parties

June 17, 2010

So when I get a call asking if I can do Puppy Birthdays, it brings tons of  so many happy memories. I now realize that celebrations have been a passion of mine for many, many years, and I was so fortunate to have a loving and caring mother that would go along with so many of my ideas!

When I was around ten years old, I decided I was going to make  a birthday party for my dog “Peluche”, he was a half poodle half pound, I made colorful hand written invitations and handed them out to all my friends in the classroom. Of course when I got back home, I forgot to inform my parents of the bright endeavor.

At home, with my new-born sister mom was surprised to hear the doorbell…

“Who could that be?”  she asked. Then she heard the happy barking of a German Shepperd and the proud owner, my dear friend Ileana, then all the dog and human guests started to arrive… Dalmatians, hush puppies and schnauzers…. My dear aunt who was visiting had to run for cake, one for the humans and one for the dogs. We had tons of fun!

There are some things to consider though while planning a Dog Party:

If you have enough space at home or an ample backyard fine, but if not, consider having  it at a dog park.

Remember to invite your human friends too and have enough balls, frisbees and toys for them to play around.

You can also have a themed party for your dog, like a Western or Horror party or Carnival Ball, ask dogs to come dressed with their favorite halloween outfit and have a dog parade to show off their style and or some tricks like in the Pet Star show. Even if they are not experts or show dogs, every dog has some cute habit or trick. Another Dog party game can be Obstacle course or strike a pose….

A dog party is a great way to have your dog socialize with other dogs! I hope I can do one of this amazing parties in the near future. Meanwhile here is a Happy Birthday sang by a funny canine:

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