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Celebrating Bollywood Style!!!

September 15, 2013

Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi -language film industry based in Mumbai (Bombay). Like Hollywood, it is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centers of film production in the world.

If you want your girl to have a cultural experience… celebrate with a Bollywood Style party.  We can help you out, from the custom design for the invitations, to entertainment and decoration.


Bollywood is perceived as all colorful, musical extravaganzas and melodrama. A perfect theme for girls ages 9-12!

First things first, the girls receive an intense Spa treatment. They couldn’t get enough of the pampering.


For this decoration, lots of candle lights (we use battery operated ones), cushions in every color, and incense.




Time for the girls to transform into Bollywood Divas! They all wore their glamorous sarees and tunics with style!


Mandatory pose!


Then it was time to accessorize with jewelry and the traditional mehndi.

 Mehndi is typically applied during special festivals and Hindu events like weddings.  Many women have Henna applied to their hands and feet.


Children Themed Parties (Tea, Princess and Fairy)

April 4, 2012

Make your children events and parties a fun learning celebration that matter!
Kids will go home inspired and having learned certain values related to the theme of the party which are emphasized through play, music dance and creative crafts.
Let us host your next event!

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The Racing Racers host 1st birthday party

April 4, 2012

This is the very first party that we hosted. The theme was Racing Racers….

Super Chic Spa Party

April 2, 2012

The use of the French très chic (very chic) by an english speaker would generally mean elegant, beautiful,  and it is specially associated with stylishness.

So what else could these two beautiful twins have for their birthday party? The answer:   A très chic spa party,   with Hippojoy.

Introducing Marina & Gabriella, two sparkly and adorable twins…. One is totally into pink, the other one would rather have a calm setting and loves lime-green. Perfect combination…voila!

This is a party were a photographer is a must. Marina and Gabriella were fortunate to have deLima photography at their party. Thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful and professional pics, great work.

The setting was in pink, fucsia and lime green. We had stations so the girls would be pampered every step of the way.

They were greeted with a sparkly beverage by Miss Roxanne, who flew directly from France with her associate Maggie. They own a luxurious Spa in France you see, the Spa were Monsieur Beaveerrr and his girl friend, beautiful Selena go for some beauty rest. Madamme Roxanne, has a heavy frenchy accent but is great to be around with.  She has great beauty tips for every girl…

A little toast for the Birthday girl were they shared their wishes for them and said beautiful things about the twins.  We taught the girls the importance of walking with confidence, inner beauty and how a happy smile can conquer a lot! I am not sure if it was what we have told them or the fun they were having but smiles were everywhere.

The girls had beauty masks, a relaxing massage, make up and manicures.

I will post more pictures and talk a little bit more about menu and other great ideas for the Spa theme.

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Mulan, Chinese Tea Party

March 29, 2012

When asked about decoration, I say let’s transport the children to a different era, let them submerge in new experiences. This is the best scenario for a Mulan Party. Birthday parties can also be learning experiences. In this case, about the chinese culture.

Check out this beautiful Mulan setting…Isn’t it inviting??

The Mulan images are by original artists:  play

I love how a garden setting can be transformed for this party. Specially if you are having live entertainment outdoors.

Now, you can also acquire a gorgeus look just by hanging low chinese lanterns everywhere. Like these:

Did I say the wow factor can be the entertainment? It can also be a cultural-learning and joyful experience. Children are already bored of traditional entertainment… they want more. This is definitely different. I bet your guests will talk about this party for a very long time….

The girl in the picture, teaches new Tae Kwon Do moves to the girls. She was the inspiration for the Disney character Mulan. “For real?” shouts out one of the girls, “I want to be like her”.

And the grand finale, out comes a chinese dragon doing the Lion dance, celebration of Chinese New Year.

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Joyfully yours,


Winter Wonderland party

March 29, 2012

I got a call from a mom wanting to celebrate Winter in the nice and Summery Florida….

What a better place to do it than in ….

Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf.

What a great idea! Now, it is also a good idea, to have a planner help you organize the space. In a first come, first serve situation, Hippojoy came in first. I must say that the manager and crew of this miniature golf were fabulous and were comfortable with us asking them to do new things for us. They even interacted using our children karaoke!

And we decorated the children’s table….

Everything is white and blue like in winter, the summer part was set by the bright sun and tree shade.

Icicles and snowmen and a little bling here and there…

Our craft was a yetti monster found in very cold places, using the children’s hand. I didn’t expect it to be such a hit, but even some children that came in late, would not leave with their own hand print/yetti monster!

Time for some golf!!  The Winter Summerland Miniature Golf  is located near the entrance to Blizzard Beach and is themed as Santa’s permanent off-season retreat. The elf-sized course is divided into two 18-hole experiences. One course carries the snow-clad Florida look reminiscent of Blizzard Beach, and the other has a more tropical holiday theme, with ornaments hanging from palm trees.

Picture time!!!! Everybody smile!

Time for karaoke. These 4-6 year olds sang and were very creative at telling jokes.

Then we had more games. You have to consider the age group when having your party at any mini-golf.  Some tips to consider:

* If the children are small, parents must accompany each child.

* Divide the party in groups of children and have a variety of activities while you wait for all the guests.

* Consider having a person to chaperone each group.

Happy Birthday Zak, and, thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration!

To contact us for your next event and joyful celebration…

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Super Hero Party

December 16, 2011

“Aziz is turning 5”, his mom told me. “He is into Super heroes”.

So, at his Birthday party arrives Mrs. Galindo, a new face that is running for mayor for the city of Orlando. But, the future mayor has a MAJOR problem: a new villain has emerged and she needs the help of some brave super heroes that can help Lava Girl destroy his evil powers.

Will they be able to help her? Will they succeed combating crime and the toxic gases that could eliminate planet earth forever?

Lava Girl suggests a super hero training camp to prepare them for the ultra super hero battle, and thus the party begins….

The decoration was all using super hero colors, bright red, blue yellow and black. We created a backdrop for pictures that set the mood for the party. The children had a blast taking pictures and playing with the center pieces that turned into photo props. Amazing what a child’s imagination will do!

They all started designing their very own super hero T-shirt. The children where very creative in decorating them.

Their super heroe T-shirt had to have the letter of their first name, thus super “A” Aziz and his super hero friends where getting warmed up for the training camp.

Lava girly helped and inspired some designs…

The girls posed with Lava Girl, wearing their newly designed, super hero Ts.

Next, we covered their identity, we face painted a mask.  Aziz is posing with his spider super hero mask.

Then, during the training, they each began their grand entrance to the academy, starting with  an obstacle course so the “trainees” could prove their speed,agility, and endurance.

Aftter the training camp, they were awarded their very own super hero cape. But they had to try the speed on their super hero cars. When we brought out the racing track and the remote control super hero cars, the children went crazy. Everyone had a turn. Even some moms competed. The racing cars are always a big hit!

If you look carefully, you can see the black race car running at maximum speed, or like one of the children commented: ” This car almost flies!”

Being tested in endurance, super magnetic powers, creating an invisible force to block the villain, we are ready to protect the city of Orlando. But, Oh noooo!, Lava Girl is sensing something…. Ohhh no…some of the parents started sensing something too…What can it be?

In comes the villain in a black cape, threatening to destroy everything and eat all of the cake! Will our new super heros be able to stop him from eating the cake and more importantly… will the city of Orlando be saved?…. and even more importantly… will Mrs. Galindo win the election?

They were ready! Using a very special weapon, Aziz scared the villain away helping Lava Girl trap him forever in jail and making it easier for Mrs. Galindo to win the election. Most importantly the city of Orlando can rest assured that new heroes have emerged at Aziz’s Birthday/Super Hero party!


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Race Car Birthday Party

November 30, 2011

Casey Racer would be the right guest for your next Car or Racer Party. This is a great birthday party theme for boys or girls who are into speed and fun.

You can decorate using signs like stop Go or like this one that says caution…

Here I am prepping the stage and the set for the party. It is important to set the mood, this way children truly feel transported to the theme.

For the tables we use checker boad table cloths and a car centerpiece of course.

Time for some  fun games… Let us see if these racers are fast enough at the Pits, at changing tires, speeding their own cars and eating some delicious chocolate tires (doghnuts).

Ready for a race?  These super advanced vehicles are capable of running fast, they have their own motor inner voice, make the most fantastic turns, you name it! All through the children’s imagination!!

On your marks, get set, Gooo speed racer, Gooo!!

Now, it is time to play with our super fast remote control cars! Everyone ready?

If you would like your son or daughter to celebrate Nascar style, give us a call 407-217 5440 Hippojoy.

Rocking on to Middle School

September 4, 2011

Another fifth grade celebration…

This time, the theme was :     Rock Stars!!!

What a cool idea. With up lights, dancing lights, and the fifth graders Rocking out loud! It can not get better than this.

Even the teachers got all dressed up for the event! In the back glittered letters. There were five different stations were the kids got fun activities and memorabilia.

The kids wore speaker T-shirts with the name of their school.

We had our very own bouncers at the entrance! Nobody could get in unless they showed their VIP PASS (Invitation).

I really loved how the stage turned out. The colors created the vibe for the whole room.

View of the stage. On the screen we projected a power point Rock Star Presentation with the best memories of the year and a couple of bloopers. The kids had a blast laughing at themselves. The celebration had it’s peak moments like when that screen rolled up devealing the surprise: a super cool DJ who made them have the time of their lives.

View of the backdrop and picture opportunity booth.

Part of the picture opportunity backdrop.

If you want to have a Rock Star celebration, contact us or give us a call at:

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A dream comes alive: I see fairies!!

May 8, 2011

I want to share the beautiful decoration for our fairy-garden Tea  party.

Anything to sparkle children’s imagination…. It does not take much, the recipe is always the same, a lot of patience love, creativity, sparkles here and there, and voilá….

In fairy land garden, birdies lie peacefully outside birdie cages, we bring in lots of flowers and fabric, you will see your garden come alive with butterflies, fairies, sparkles and in some cases… girl’s assure us they have seen a fairy themselves, with their very own eyes!

Place settings for each girl can be personalized, as well as water bottles and cupcake holders.

Of course you can bring one of our happy fairies to play with the girls at the party and do some games and activities…

For more fairy party ideas or to book a Fairy-garden Tea Party, call us now at 407-5367520 or visit