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Fun Video Experience

June 16, 2010

Found this OK GO Video and wanted to share it with you! I personally love the 80’s beat, my era ha,ha,ha ….but further more, a super idea came to my head!  Of course I want to incorporate the idea from this type of video to our sweet sixteen or Quinceañera parties.

Imagine us editing a video of our teenager with his best friends doing some cute video, fun moves and all…  More and more we have teenagers rather not dancing or “performing” in front of the crowd but still want to create the awe and wow moment with them being portrayed on it for their guests.  I guess this would be an awesome way, we could even incorporate this to our disco/cocobongo or concert theme!

The fun we would have while making it is totally worth it. It could even be a cool Birthday Present from mom and dad!

I know for sure our Pako would be excellent doing this!

I love it! Give me your comments guys!

Anyone has done this, would like this or totally hate it? I wanna hear it!

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