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Adult Tiki Party musts!

January 25, 2011

We are so happy to have included our adult parties. This is all thanks to you, our clients, who keep challenging us with your ideas and wishes.

We love you all: The picky ones, the all involved, the ones who tell us: “I have no idea, you figure it out”, and of course those clients who never grow up!  And I mean this in the nicest way….  I think I don’t want to ever grow up myself!

I still get the butterflies in my stomach with every new idea and creation and jump around holding hands with some clients with the end results of our decorations.

Today I received a picture from Laura. A creative mother of two for now, (she is expecting a third child), who sometimes considers herself a mother of four, because she incorporates her husband in the equation. Laura, not only celebrates their children birthdays but is always thinking of doing something special for her hubby too.Laura will share the cake with you but not some of the pictures of the party itself. Too much fun? You figure it out:  it was a Tiki – Retro Luau Party!

Non the less, it has inspired me to give you some ideas in what you MUST have at an adult, Retro, Tiki Luau.

But first, I will leave you with a video I found on you tube of a Tiki party, where I think they have incorporated every aspect in the decoration to set the mood. This is Tim and Bill’s  Tiki Party from Columbus Ohio. Congratulations on a job well done!

So, inspired? ME TOOOO!!! Can’t wait to receive a call from you guys!

The musts at a TIKI, LUAU:


2. TORCHES . If at night.

3. Lots of Bamboo. Check the decor and cool glasses from Ton Tiki, in Tucson. Gotta love that rabbit!





Check out Laura’s which she created herself…

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Tropical Luau Graduation Party

June 18, 2010

Nothing is better than a Luau Party for these Summery Hot Evenings!

I am posting some pictures for this kindergarten graduation. The incoming first graders, played and had fun at this beautiful Private Country Club.

I am sorry to say I can not post pictures of our new host yet, Lei,  but I can tell you a little bit about her:

Lei is friends with a girl called Lilo from Hawaii. I’m sure that name is familiar…. She says Lilo is fun to play with but she has some weird friends and pets. “And by weird, I mean really out of this world friends”, I guess she means they are funny or something…. Anyway, Lei will teach you many fun games and culture from her exotic Hawaii.

This is the place where Lei hangs out with her friends!

Some fun games are: Limbo dance. The limbo pole will be lowering down each time, the one who touches the limbo must go to the back of the line.

Ring toss with the dolphin. Lei’s dolphin is back home in Hawaii, but she brings an inflatable friend that reminds her of him!

Other fun activities Lei can play with children involve giant beach balls, sling shots, tiki masks and water balloons!

Our pineapple and apple centerpiece for the buffet table. Remember the mini-umbrellas and a small slice of lime or pineapple on the side of the glasses for drinks.

For this kind of party, finger food is a great choice, and remember to have plenty of drinks to avoid dehydration!

We had enough drink stations like this (picture above), lemonade, fruit punch, iced teas, and slushies are excellent choices.

Tiki masks centerpieces with flowers, tiki torches, and hula skirts as table skirts will create a tropical getaway feel.

For more tropical luau fun….