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Olaf The Viking

May 7, 2010

We are very happy to introduce our Viking, Olaf.

Olaf   comes from Norway and has many stories to tell about his Voyages and his favorite thing: Training Dragons!!!

” The thing is, you have to catch them first and gain their confidence” says Olaf..

“Do you have what it takes to train a Dragon?”

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Blue Spark in Osceola County

May 7, 2010

We were invited to participate on a Partners for Education family picnic. We shared great moments with the kids and their families at beautiful Chisholm PArk Trail in Saint Cloud, FL.

We got there early to put our tent and face painting in place and Blue Spark flew there  and was a great hit with children.

A line of kids waiting for face-painting!

Blue Spark was magical she played around and did face painting on some kids.  Butterfly masks were their favorite, we had a couple of dragons, snakes and spidermans too.

Thankyou Judy for having us at the Park. We had a terrific time and the kids did too!

Asian Inspiration Parties

May 4, 2010

We absolutely love what we do!

One of our most exciting moments is when we meet with our clients and share their vision.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Watch the following video which was the inspiration for a “Ladies Only” party reunion for a group of lovely ladies that will celebrate their 25 years of unconditional friendship.

The video is for the top 20 single by New Zealand supergroup When The Cat’s Away. Released in 2001 to promote their reunion tour.

The color scheme for their decoration is red, black and white.

It will be a surprise for most of the ladies, so the invitation just suggests to come on their very own, signature black dress!

At the entrance they will be greeted at a lounge  where the video will be playing  and each one will be given a red rose barrette to wear on their hair.

Decoration Pallette/Inspiration

Oriental food will be served of course.  On top of giant towers we will re-create giant trees of life and fortune cookies will hang from the branches wrapped on red tissue paper.

On another corner we are re-creating a picture memory section with dragons like the colorful one you see in the picture and black shadows overlapped on gold and red fabric.

There will also be a sweet station with treats to take home.

Hope to share with you the pictures soon!

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Ideas for a Cool Sunny Pool Party

May 4, 2010

Summer is here it is time for Pool Parties!!!!

When Camila turned seven, her mother Jennifer thought a Pool Party would work great for her and her friends. According to the local weather channel, the day would be perfect and Sunny. Mmmmm… Sunny… Yes, Sunny!!!! Why not make this the theme of the party and so the theme for Camila’s Birthday was born: A Sunny Pool Party!

Fake Piña Coladas

Girls were greeted with fake Piña Coladas. Their glasses had the lime and the umbrella was a hit!!!

Choco Fruit

She had a table serving a delicious assortment of frozen fruit dipped in chocolate  and their choice of toppings.  Some of the girls favorites: Strawberries, bananas, watermelon and grapes.

I don’t think there was ever a time that the station was not swarming with lovely guests!

Centerpiece decorations
Centerpiece decor 2

For the tables, Jennifer chose the Sunny yellow to go with the theme.

Centerpieces were sandals which paired with the beautiful flops the

girls prepared as a craft and got to take home!

The plates and cups were solid colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.

Pool party theme

For decorations, huge beach balls, inflatable figures and

colorful garlands

Sunny piñata party theme

They had a blast ! Picking up candy!

A sandal Piñata!

In the picture, also a funny character who entertained the guests

while making sure everything was done on a safe environment.

Pool games, dancing, contests and crafts, it can’t get better than that!


The cake was so colorful and fun!

A Palm tree and a beach scene with crabs, starfish and a pool!

Close up of the cake and sign:

Feliz Cumpleaños Camila

Pool cake

Close up of the pool section.

One girl commented: That’s us having fun at Camila’s Bday!

Striking a pose

The girls striking a pose. In the back you can see the colorful decoration.

Make sure to have plenty of colorful noodles… they are fun!

and have a double safety purpose!

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April 12, 2010

Looking for a fun  birthday party theme idea for little girls?

Here is the list of our Top five:

Princess Party

On the top of our list is of course, the princess theme. Ask your little girl, who is her favorite princess, you can have the theme of the party on that one princess or combined. Invite in all princesses and princes to come. Ask the girls to come dressed up as their favorite princess or have a company bring in dresses for your guests. Girls love to dress up in costumes, have a princess make over, make-up, nails.

You can also combine this princess party with Royal Tea.

Remember to create games that are age appropriate.

Add to your Princess theme, decorations and a character princess. If you do have a character come to your girl’s party, discuss before with her what she does with the girls. Hippojoy offers the opportunity of a princess talk one on one with the girls. Some topics of interest for mom: Sleeping time on time, good manners at the table, the beauty within every princess. Girls listen to another princess’s advice.

What to do with a few princes that must attend. Prepare king crowns and a couple of all inclusive games like pass the magic slipper or royal sword. (A variation of hot potato, when the music stops, whoever has the slipper or sword has to leave the game, the last one standing is the winner.

Fairy Party

Girls jump up and down with the magic of fairies. Have one magically appear at your next fairy party. Provide each girl with tutus, wands and costume made tiaras. Or prepare children a craft where they create their own. You can combine this fairy party with a magical garden tea. Serve a couple of sweet and salad treats and tea can consist on pink lemonade served on flowery tea pots.

Dance Party

Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap or Salsa?

If your girl is into dancing, why not create a fabulous dance class with a Real ballerina or dancer?  Girls will love to follow to the music, choreography and steps. At the end you can invite the parents to watch the show.

You can choose the dance of your preference or have a little of each style.

Diva, Fashion Show

Does your girl love to play with her Barbie or Bratz dolls and dress them up? Is she into fashion? Explore her inner Diva with a Diva/fashion show party. The highlight of this event is when she and her guests walk the runway. Have a character Diva Host Announce them like in a real fashion show!

Mom Tea Party and Scrapbooking

If your child is one to even pack for her baby doll and loves to carry her around in her carriage or stroller. Invite her friends to a my doll and me Tea Party.

Make sure you put in the invitations that baby dolls are welcome too. Have extra babies in case someone forget hers.

Create a table setting where the playing moms can look after their baby dolls. You can serve tea (pink lemonade) and cookies.

Tea Parties are excellent to chit chat. Invite a Character Host like Miss Rose who can teach the kids some table manners while she creates basic crafts like Scrapbooking with the girls.

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Happy Birthday Hippojoy Blog

March 24, 2010

We are celebrating!

Today is our blogs birth day.

On this blog we want to share with you fun ideas on how to celebrate your children’s birthdays, creative decoration and cakes, theme parties, friendly reunions and fundraising events that have worked for us.

What to and what not to do for different ages.

We will keep you posted on our different jobs and children’s reactions to our character hosts.

May our blog journey begin!

Lots of love,

Nancy and Roxana