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Spa party

March 20, 2011

Our color pallette for this party is lime green and pink!

String fabric banners, manzanita trees with glittery butterflies and pink boas, and, a lot of bling, of course. Everything must look perfectly neat for our little Divas!

And for the Birthday cake, we chose this beautiful one with Spa glamour girl, relaxing on her bathtub. Check out this other picture of the complete cake:

This party is full of details and individual attention for the girls. We have different stations for each girl so while some have their nails done, others are having their face masks and respiration exercises or crafts, at the end, they all get their zumba class. If you are having a sleep over with just a few girls (5-8), you can have just one character host (spa girl) but if your party is 10 or over, we strongly suggest you get the personalized attention/station version we have for this party. Ask us about the different custom variations we can have for in exercise: like yoga class, zumba dance and tips or massage therapy.

This party combines perfectly with a pool party. The girls can also perform aqua-aerobics.

At the manicure station, they get a hand massage with their choice of creamy fancy flavors like: pina colada, straberry cake, wild raspberry or fuzzy chocolate.

It is  a good idea to make it a mom and me Birthday Party and have a massage station for the moms to enjoy too.

A Spa / quality time between moms and daughters is always a good idea. On the other hand, you need to consider that we do request that an individual release-waiver is signed by each parent of the children participating on the Spa session.

We will personalize the Spa, after your girl’s name, even the water bottle’s had designed tags.

Another great cake by Lineth cakes.

I want to specially thank Ana Gabriela O campo, professional photographer who took these beautiful pictures at the party. When you throw a nice party like this one for your daughter, it is all about creating memories of every special moment. That’s were Ana comes in. She has the ability to capture every single detail of the party. I have so many great pictures from her, it has been difficult to choose. Ana Gabriela specializes in portrait, quinceañeras, sweet sixteen and children photography in general. She took some amazing portrait pictures of each of the girls which I plan on printing and using for thankyou notes.

The good thing about hiring a professional photographer is that she will capture every special moment for you, while you take care of your guests.

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Spa Party for a Sweet Diva

March 17, 2011

Who doesn’t love a day at a Spa?

This is what Luciana wanted this year for her Birthday and that is just what she got, and more…

A welcoming sign to the party. They would have a variety of activities including a zumba class and zumba tips.

Our Spa Girl comes from Spain… She has been the Spa and skin care advisor of many famous artists, so she really knows how to help girls take good care of themselves by eating healthy, exercising and avoiding too much sun exposure. She also teaches them the importance of using sunscreen.

“Vitamins definitely help to maintain the look of your skin better, and since vitamins make your body healthy, your skin will be healthy. It is important to make sure that you are consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and that you regularly consume vitamins for a healthy skin. Who can name what vitamins we find in broccoli?”.

Every Birthday girl gets to wear a special fluffy bath robe. The rest get spa robes too and head bands with relaxing words like: breathe, relax,rest

Chocolate mask aplication! Mmmm it smells so nice… We always have to remind the  girls not to eat it!

I always love the girl’s comments: “This is sooooo relaxing!”, “We have to do this more often” and even: “Good, no more stress!”

Boy, don’t we look nice!

Time for some zumba. Mind, body and soul. All combined, to have super fun. Lynnette is a certified zumba instructor and loves working with the girls and teaching them some cool moves!

Our Spa decoration is really special and full of details. Individual sanitized wash cloths, goody bags and more. I shall make another post just with the decorations for our Spa Party, but here is a small peek of what we do!

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A Tree of dreams!

March 8, 2011

We have a new spring craft and activity available at our parties which has become a huge success!

It is the tree of dreams, the girls get to decorate their own tree to take home. While making the craft, and the kids are sticking lovely butterflies, birdies and flowers,  fairy or host explains how it is important to have goals in life. A tree can reach high in the sky, only because it is strongly rooted in the earth, but every dream we plant as a little seed will germinate into a beautiful branch or flower.

Just like a tree, our mind is a tree of growing dreams, and it produces new ones each day.

If you are planning your birthday and would like to reserve this beautiful craft for your celebration. Call us ASAP because they are going fast!

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Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

March 3, 2011

March 2,  marks the birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss.Dr. Seuss would have turned 105 if he were still alive today.

Dr. Seuss was actually born Theodor Seuss Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904. Seuss grew up in the New England area and went to Dartmouth College. That’s where both his writing career began and his “Doctor” moniker was formed.

Seuss, as the story goes, was caught partying during Prohibition. As a punishment, the school told him to step down from his extracurricular activities, which included writing for a school publication called the Jack-o-Lantern. Seuss, however, wanted to keep writing, so he started working under the name “Dr. Seuss” to keep administrators from realizing it was him.

Dr. Seuss eventually became famous for his rhyming, brightly illustrated books such as The Cat in the Hatand Green Eggs and Ham. He died in 1991, at the age of 87.

Is your Son’s name Sam? Like in Sam I am? or does he like green eggs and ham?

Well a Dr. Seuss Bday Party can always be fun.

Remember in your decor that Dr. Seuss never drew straight lines in his illustrations. Everything was curved, slanted or “wonky.” Thus, there are no straight lines in Seuss Land so this cake tilted a little bit to one side is perfect for the ocassion.

Created by Annie from Annie’s Eats for her son’s second birthday, this Dr. Seuss inspired party is ideal  for anyone who loves these classic books.

No Dr Seuss Party would be complete without the green eggs and ham.

No doubt, love is in the details!

And if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate what would have been Dr Seuss’ 105th Bday  last week? There’s still a way to pay tribute to your favorite children’s book author at the Loews Portofino Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The hotel unveiled its Dr Seuss suites over the summer which come with a king bedroom for Mom and Pop and a kids’ room with two twin beds and plenty of Dr. Seuss decor. And recently, the hotel used the suites to host a Read Across America event with children from a local elementary school with wonderful characters.

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I Smell Art!!!

February 22, 2011

What is your kid’s talent?

What is it that he or she really loves to do?

These are a few questions we ask during our free consultation. You can call us any time for advice or come in and talk while we zip a cup of coffee. We love questions and have creative ideas and solutions for your next celebration.

Yes, your child might be into a specific T.V. show or cartoon but what really makes them go WOW at their party is when you get into their mind and soul and bring in the unexpected.

This is what happened when we created an Art party for a sweet pre-teen.  Our character host?  A painter brought back from the Reinassance period, a little wild, a little french, a little bohemian, but he took over and the girls had a blast. Even the girls who were not much into art, or that’s what they thought, enjoyed every single activity.

But the real prize, came from the Birthday girl, herself.  When she walked in the room, she looked around…. Took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Mmmmm I smell art!”

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A Talent Show Party!

February 16, 2011

Our Talent show parties are lots of fun.

This type of party is  great for eight year olds and up, although some younger kids might also enjoy this theme.

The girls can pretend play their favorite instrument, sing karaoke or act a small part promoting a product. They get to choose!

Girls can have a glamour session of hair and make-up before going on stage.

You can choose to have a custom Hippojoy stage with red carpet and lights for the show. This one was used at a performing night at a school.

Check out this oscar night hot dogs. They fit perfectly at a Talent show party. You can give small oscar statues for prizes to all the participants.

Our character host, will sure make everyone participate.

Natalia is here displaying her musical talent. We will bring a variety of instruments that will make the kids sound like pros. Guitars, piano’s and drums!

It is a good idea to let hippojoy play and rehearse for the talent show. Did I tell you that they also get a red carpet interview?

Invite moms and dads to come at the end of the party to enjoy their children’s talents. Both parents and children love that!  Don’t forget to put this on the invitation. For example:

Parents are welcome but not required to stay, but we don’t want you to miss the grand talent show at (time).

Don’t forget your camera!

Ari Dreyer at her party.  She is a talented ballet dancer and  performer.

The shy performers can act in duos or trios, but can also act with the character guest, who will change accordingly to fit the script.

In the picture, some girls all dressed up, playing at our custom talent show backdrop. Some talented actors and actresses may take their parts very seriously!  They can get really exhausted, so we recommend snacks and beverages at the party, and lots of water.

Our parties are always learning experiences and there is nothing more wonderful that allowing your children express themselves through music, acting or dancing. You might be surprised, like I was when I saw this two kids performing for a talent show. Watch…

And check out these pair. They call themselves: Future Funk! Absolutely adorable.

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Cowgirl, cowboy goody baskets

February 13, 2011

Working on some cute goody baskets for a Cowboy/Cowgirl birthday.

The basket includes:

basket, cowboy rubber duckie, bandana, assorted candy, magnet bandana bracelet, gold nugget bubblegum bags. They will be wrapped on transparent paper and raffia bows with personalized tags for each child.

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