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I Smell Art!!!

February 22, 2011

What is your kid’s talent?

What is it that he or she really loves to do?

These are a few questions we ask during our free consultation. You can call us any time for advice or come in and talk while we zip a cup of coffee. We love questions and have creative ideas and solutions for your next celebration.

Yes, your child might be into a specific T.V. show or cartoon but what really makes them go WOW at their party is when you get into their mind and soul and bring in the unexpected.

This is what happened when we created an Art party for a sweet pre-teen.  Our character host?  A painter brought back from the Reinassance period, a little wild, a little french, a little bohemian, but he took over and the girls had a blast. Even the girls who were not much into art, or that’s what they thought, enjoyed every single activity.

But the real prize, came from the Birthday girl, herself.  When she walked in the room, she looked around…. Took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Mmmmm I smell art!”

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