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Super Hero Party

December 16, 2011

“Aziz is turning 5”, his mom told me. “He is into Super heroes”.

So, at his Birthday party arrives Mrs. Galindo, a new face that is running for mayor for the city of Orlando. But, the future mayor has a MAJOR problem: a new villain has emerged and she needs the help of some brave super heroes that can help Lava Girl destroy his evil powers.

Will they be able to help her? Will they succeed combating crime and the toxic gases that could eliminate planet earth forever?

Lava Girl suggests a super hero training camp to prepare them for the ultra super hero battle, and thus the party begins….

The decoration was all using super hero colors, bright red, blue yellow and black. We created a backdrop for pictures that set the mood for the party. The children had a blast taking pictures and playing with the center pieces that turned into photo props. Amazing what a child’s imagination will do!

They all started designing their very own super hero T-shirt. The children where very creative in decorating them.

Their super heroe T-shirt had to have the letter of their first name, thus super “A” Aziz and his super hero friends where getting warmed up for the training camp.

Lava girly helped and inspired some designs…

The girls posed with Lava Girl, wearing their newly designed, super hero Ts.

Next, we covered their identity, we face painted a mask.  Aziz is posing with his spider super hero mask.

Then, during the training, they each began their grand entrance to the academy, starting with  an obstacle course so the “trainees” could prove their speed,agility, and endurance.

Aftter the training camp, they were awarded their very own super hero cape. But they had to try the speed on their super hero cars. When we brought out the racing track and the remote control super hero cars, the children went crazy. Everyone had a turn. Even some moms competed. The racing cars are always a big hit!

If you look carefully, you can see the black race car running at maximum speed, or like one of the children commented: ” This car almost flies!”

Being tested in endurance, super magnetic powers, creating an invisible force to block the villain, we are ready to protect the city of Orlando. But, Oh noooo!, Lava Girl is sensing something…. Ohhh no…some of the parents started sensing something too…What can it be?

In comes the villain in a black cape, threatening to destroy everything and eat all of the cake! Will our new super heros be able to stop him from eating the cake and more importantly… will the city of Orlando be saved?…. and even more importantly… will Mrs. Galindo win the election?

They were ready! Using a very special weapon, Aziz scared the villain away helping Lava Girl trap him forever in jail and making it easier for Mrs. Galindo to win the election. Most importantly the city of Orlando can rest assured that new heroes have emerged at Aziz’s Birthday/Super Hero party!


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Race Car Birthday Party

November 30, 2011

Casey Racer would be the right guest for your next Car or Racer Party. This is a great birthday party theme for boys or girls who are into speed and fun.

You can decorate using signs like stop Go or like this one that says caution…

Here I am prepping the stage and the set for the party. It is important to set the mood, this way children truly feel transported to the theme.

For the tables we use checker boad table cloths and a car centerpiece of course.

Time for some  fun games… Let us see if these racers are fast enough at the Pits, at changing tires, speeding their own cars and eating some delicious chocolate tires (doghnuts).

Ready for a race?  These super advanced vehicles are capable of running fast, they have their own motor inner voice, make the most fantastic turns, you name it! All through the children’s imagination!!

On your marks, get set, Gooo speed racer, Gooo!!

Now, it is time to play with our super fast remote control cars! Everyone ready?

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Rocking on to Middle School

September 4, 2011

Another fifth grade celebration…

This time, the theme was :     Rock Stars!!!

What a cool idea. With up lights, dancing lights, and the fifth graders Rocking out loud! It can not get better than this.

Even the teachers got all dressed up for the event! In the back glittered letters. There were five different stations were the kids got fun activities and memorabilia.

The kids wore speaker T-shirts with the name of their school.

We had our very own bouncers at the entrance! Nobody could get in unless they showed their VIP PASS (Invitation).

I really loved how the stage turned out. The colors created the vibe for the whole room.

View of the stage. On the screen we projected a power point Rock Star Presentation with the best memories of the year and a couple of bloopers. The kids had a blast laughing at themselves. The celebration had it’s peak moments like when that screen rolled up devealing the surprise: a super cool DJ who made them have the time of their lives.

View of the backdrop and picture opportunity booth.

Part of the picture opportunity backdrop.

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Spa party

March 20, 2011

Our color pallette for this party is lime green and pink!

String fabric banners, manzanita trees with glittery butterflies and pink boas, and, a lot of bling, of course. Everything must look perfectly neat for our little Divas!

And for the Birthday cake, we chose this beautiful one with Spa glamour girl, relaxing on her bathtub. Check out this other picture of the complete cake:

This party is full of details and individual attention for the girls. We have different stations for each girl so while some have their nails done, others are having their face masks and respiration exercises or crafts, at the end, they all get their zumba class. If you are having a sleep over with just a few girls (5-8), you can have just one character host (spa girl) but if your party is 10 or over, we strongly suggest you get the personalized attention/station version we have for this party. Ask us about the different custom variations we can have for in exercise: like yoga class, zumba dance and tips or massage therapy.

This party combines perfectly with a pool party. The girls can also perform aqua-aerobics.

At the manicure station, they get a hand massage with their choice of creamy fancy flavors like: pina colada, straberry cake, wild raspberry or fuzzy chocolate.

It is  a good idea to make it a mom and me Birthday Party and have a massage station for the moms to enjoy too.

A Spa / quality time between moms and daughters is always a good idea. On the other hand, you need to consider that we do request that an individual release-waiver is signed by each parent of the children participating on the Spa session.

We will personalize the Spa, after your girl’s name, even the water bottle’s had designed tags.

Another great cake by Lineth cakes.

I want to specially thank Ana Gabriela O campo, professional photographer who took these beautiful pictures at the party. When you throw a nice party like this one for your daughter, it is all about creating memories of every special moment. That’s were Ana comes in. She has the ability to capture every single detail of the party. I have so many great pictures from her, it has been difficult to choose. Ana Gabriela specializes in portrait, quinceañeras, sweet sixteen and children photography in general. She took some amazing portrait pictures of each of the girls which I plan on printing and using for thankyou notes.

The good thing about hiring a professional photographer is that she will capture every special moment for you, while you take care of your guests.

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Spa Party for a Sweet Diva

March 17, 2011

Who doesn’t love a day at a Spa?

This is what Luciana wanted this year for her Birthday and that is just what she got, and more…

A welcoming sign to the party. They would have a variety of activities including a zumba class and zumba tips.

Our Spa Girl comes from Spain… She has been the Spa and skin care advisor of many famous artists, so she really knows how to help girls take good care of themselves by eating healthy, exercising and avoiding too much sun exposure. She also teaches them the importance of using sunscreen.

“Vitamins definitely help to maintain the look of your skin better, and since vitamins make your body healthy, your skin will be healthy. It is important to make sure that you are consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and that you regularly consume vitamins for a healthy skin. Who can name what vitamins we find in broccoli?”.

Every Birthday girl gets to wear a special fluffy bath robe. The rest get spa robes too and head bands with relaxing words like: breathe, relax,rest

Chocolate mask aplication! Mmmm it smells so nice… We always have to remind the  girls not to eat it!

I always love the girl’s comments: “This is sooooo relaxing!”, “We have to do this more often” and even: “Good, no more stress!”

Boy, don’t we look nice!

Time for some zumba. Mind, body and soul. All combined, to have super fun. Lynnette is a certified zumba instructor and loves working with the girls and teaching them some cool moves!

Our Spa decoration is really special and full of details. Individual sanitized wash cloths, goody bags and more. I shall make another post just with the decorations for our Spa Party, but here is a small peek of what we do!

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I Smell Art!!!

February 22, 2011

What is your kid’s talent?

What is it that he or she really loves to do?

These are a few questions we ask during our free consultation. You can call us any time for advice or come in and talk while we zip a cup of coffee. We love questions and have creative ideas and solutions for your next celebration.

Yes, your child might be into a specific T.V. show or cartoon but what really makes them go WOW at their party is when you get into their mind and soul and bring in the unexpected.

This is what happened when we created an Art party for a sweet pre-teen.  Our character host?  A painter brought back from the Reinassance period, a little wild, a little french, a little bohemian, but he took over and the girls had a blast. Even the girls who were not much into art, or that’s what they thought, enjoyed every single activity.

But the real prize, came from the Birthday girl, herself.  When she walked in the room, she looked around…. Took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Mmmmm I smell art!”

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Mermaids vrs. Pirates

February 12, 2011

A chat with Pirate Robert.

It is your daughter’s birthday, she is into mermaids but you have boys invited to the party too.       What to do?

A Pirate/Mermaid party!  We can always incorporate boys into any themed party for girls. No need for them to feel left out. We will incorporate an activity for them, so they can have their special moment in the event without loosing your main theme.

Start with the invitations. Make sure that your text includes a suggestion of what the

boys will be doing at the event. For example, if it is a princess birthday theme, make

sure the invitation has a welcoming text for both: Princesses and valiant knights or

kings and queens.

If you have a large number of guests, we suggest you have two character hosts. One will take

care of girl guests and the other of boys activities. It all depends on how personalized you want

your child’s party to be.

Check out the article: Sweet Princesses and Valiant Knights

At  a Princess party, you can have a Princess character Host and for boys, a Valiant knight, pirate or musketeer.

At a Mermaid party, you can also have a pirate character host.

Boys will be boys so activities may vary but must always be age appropiate.

Our charming pirate Robert has games for boys and girls that they will


Pirates will walk the plank, mermaids will sing their songs and

everyone gets to participate on the fun Treasure hunt!

Our other two pirates are:

Captain Carl and  Captain Casey. I will post each one of their

stories on another blog, for now, time to close my eyes and dream

fairies for tomorrow!



Dora the explorer invitations

February 6, 2011

Valentina will turn two on Valentine’s day. She is totally into Dora the Explorer. Diego and Dora parties are always fun.

For invitations, this cute maps will tell guests how to get to the party. The map opens up and voilá, a riddle to solve, follow map, and you will get to some Dora style, fun, fun fun.

Check out the cute Dora bag party favors.

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A great review for cowgirl Sue…Yeeeehahhh!!!!

February 6, 2011

I woke up this morning to take off our dinosaur decorations for a dynomite party. When I came back I checked my e-mail, just to see this nice review for cowgirl Sue:

My name is Evelyn and I am very happy with the results of my son’s 1st Barnyard Birthday party. We really appreciate Cowgirl Sue participation and entertainment, kids love it and they have fun, Thank you so much Hippo Joy for your help and ideas.


Cinderella’s Carriage, Best Cakes

January 29, 2011

I was preparing for a Cinderella Themed Party where our Princess Valentine will have a special appearance.

Decoration is looking beautiful but I was researching the Web for some Cinderella Cake carriage ideas. There are so many creative bakers out there, that my daughter and I started to rate them. This is the result for ” The Best Cinderella Carriage Cakes”  They are not in any specific order

I found it at Jane Asher. It serves 40-45 small portions, and comes with the cutest fondant mouse on one side.

Here’s another wonderful Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake.  This was made by Tracy’s Best Cakes


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