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Preparing a Dinomyte/excavation Party

February 1, 2011

I woke up this morning ready to think dinosaur! Grrrrrrrrr….

I often find myself listening to related music to get inspired to write or sometimes customize our party scripts. Just 3 days ago, I was listening to Old Mc Donald had a farm……for a farm party for Cowgirl Sue, Yeeeehahhh!!!.

This is different though. Way more serious. A dinosaur party for a young paleontologist.  His mom just sent me a picture of the space we will be decorating this Saturday and in one of the pics a close up of  him, our young paleontologist/Bday boy. “He is going to have so much fun,”  I thought.

I was all in the mood, sometimes watching and sometimes just listening to the audio of “Walking with Dinosaurs”, super cool!  I can only wish young Indi could arrive to our Dynomite party this Saturday with one of these …..

Check this out:

Never the less, we will have dinosaurs. The guests will become dinosaurs themselves at our Dynomite Excavation party. You see, Young Indi, an adventurer by nature, must send all his findings to the museum. Just to prove that dinosaurs did exist in Florida during the Triassic Period.

Ahhhhhh but  one of these creatures in a backyard….Priceless!

“Nancy… We must get one of these!”