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You Hoot!

May 13, 2013

A Hoot, owl birthday theme is ideal for a very first birthday or for a baby shower. Something about it makes it soooo cute. Let’s star with the invitations:


Use the Owl’s voice to annouce: “Guess whoo’s turning one?”   You may even add his/her picture. Here the birthday boy is posing with the cutest crochet hat bought at Card from mommy a-z blog and so are this really cute goody bags….



Birthday invitation from mommy a-z blog and so are this really cute goody bags….



Although this other idea is very cute too:

owl party bags



Now for decorations, think lots of wood, manzanita trees, branches, big woly eyes and “hoot, hoot, hoot……” The banner is from Baby life styles. Where this creative mom chose very neutral earthy tones and added baby blue.

owl baby styles

owl banner

When creating the party for a first year old keep in mind that you will probably have siblings coming over and to keep the gift simple and generic, like this cute pillows or cushions. As you may see, this birthday party is a little more funky and hip. Once again, color sets the tone…

owl cushions


Lets talk about food. Following are the cutest, cupcake, cheese dip, cake, cookies and guess whoooooo features them all? Yes, they are all owls!

owl cheese dip owl cookies owl cupcakes


We can also create your customized t-shirt for the baby’s first birthday:

owl birthday t-shirt


Hope you enjoy this wonderful Owl birthday and that you will be contacting us soon at: 407-2175440