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A mermaid party!

June 21, 2010

There are so many wonderful and creative ideas for this party. A bubble machine is great to set the mood.

You can choose to have a more formal setting like the one above, with organza table cloths with silver sparkles or go with a more traditional fabric or even blue plastic table cloths with a fish net on top like the one shown on the picture below…

These colorful fish centerpieces (shown below), are only $10 each and would be ideal for a mermaid party…

Above, another version $7.50 each.

Little girls love dress up. And for this party, a wide assortment of costumes and accessories is a must!

Girls will all be treated to mermaid makeovers (fish tails, pearls, wig for the birthday girl and flowers or crowns for her guests), mini manicures with colorful and glittery nail polish, and shimmer body sprays!

For activities you can choose from  making your own pearl necklace, picture frame or marine bracelet.

For an outdoor or pool party, treasure hunt and lots of swimming and games, in this setting our mermaids and mermans took a swimming at a lake… If your choice is for an outdoor pool party, make sure you hire a life guard, certified character host or mermaid!

Ask about our new scene recreation and theater parties. Girls get the opportunity to reenact a scene from their favorite movie, we tape all the action and at the end they enjoy scenes from the movie and from their very own performance. This is fun to watch for both children and parents!

Actresses must be relaxed and enjoying every step of their performance…. Check out this beautiful setting to make-believe theatre for our mermaids and mermans….

This is for sure an under the sea scene…..

You can choose a mermaid cake or nice personalized birthday cupcakes!

For more mermaid fun….