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Hollywood style Party

June 12, 2010

A Hollywood party theme is so attractive and fun. Here, we transformed a cafeteria into a Hollywood style theatre for a fifth grade celebration.

At the back, a Hollywood sign to set the whole mood. Popcorn base centerpieces…On the first pic, the lilghts went off we used our own ambiance lighting for a better effect.

At the end of each table Oscar statues…



Can’t have a Hollywood night or Academy award ceremony without pop-corn!

Of course, your food choice will depend on the kind of ceremony you are having, food preference etc.  We will help you with your food and Menu choice, and of course table and buffet decoration. Remember to work with the menu names also, you can give Hollywood  or celebrity names to different food like Chicken a la Monroe or Tequila shots a la Elvis or fun movie names… Check out these Singing in the Rain Fun Hotdogs…..

Check out our Picture Opportunity backdrop! It comes with lights and it can be easily assembled and customized with the name of your institution, here  with the name of the School, Sunset Park Elementary 5th Grade Celebration. and the year ’10.  We can ship internationally too. It comes with assembly instructions. The cost for this fun photo opportunity backdrop $250 plus shipping and handling.

For a Super Hollywood style party and decorations…

Oscar night Centerpieces

June 11, 2010

The Hollywood party theme is very popular. You can use this theme for a graduation ceremony, proms, fundraisers,  a sweet sixteen party,  a gathering with friends or even as a wedding theme. Depending on your choice, so will be the centerpieces and table decor. I am posting a variety of centerpieces and estimate prices for you to choose from. We recently did this theme for a fifth grade celebration but we will leave that for another occasion. Today, tired from another kindergarten graduation I will only post for you, our Red carpet Centerpieces.

Ideal for a Wedding party theme, this Oscar Center piece would be between $100 and $125 depending on your flower choice.

This version we have used at Sweet Sixteen parties and would cost around $40 -$60 It can be done using artificial or fresh flowers.

This Red film reel base is also a nice Center piece and it can be done for $26.99

This cute Popcorn base center pieces are$12.00 each

These were our choice for the fifth grade graduation celebration. I will post more pictures for this party soon.

For fun decoration and to book a party…