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Old Mc Donald had a Farm……

February 5, 2011

Dylan was turning one. So his mom, Evelyn,  decided on a fun animal farm party.

Cow girl Sue had lots of fun at this Birthday party. She was greeted by farm animals everywhere..Cute sheep, chicks and horsies!

Time for some face painting and balloon hats…

I thought Evelyn’s idea of creating fun cut outs of farm animals was super. Cowgirl Sue, read the kids a story about life in the farm and the food they eat. But wait a minute… Something is a little odd at this farm. You see, the horse loves hay, the chickens need feed, the geese munch on corn, the hogs devour slop, the dog eats treats, but THE COW LOVES COOKIES?

A twist on the ordinary barnyard picture book, the latest read-aloud from bestselling author Karma Wilson is a clever entry into an curious incident on the farm. As the farmer makes his rounds each day, most of the animals chew on the foods a young reader would expect. But when it’s time to feed the cow, she feasts on a special treat! Wilson’s signature style and Marcellus Hall’s spirited watercolors will delight children on and off the farm–because when it comes down to it, who doesn’t love milk and cookies?

We recommend this book.

Manolito, ┬ádressed cowboy and is up on a horse for the game: “Catch that horse” Will he get caught?

The cowboy goes under the human bridge, when the music stops, we capture our cowboy friend.

Cowgirl Sue and friends posing for a picture.

A farm party can be soooooooo much fun. One of the favorite dances for this party is the chicken dance (pajaritos a volar…in spanish…), imitating animal voices and of course, Old Mc Donald had a Farm.

Check out this fun video:

Thankyou very much Evelyn for sharing the pictures for our blog.

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