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Academy Award Style Ceremony

June 24, 2010

Another style for an Academy Award  ceremony…

This time, the color pallette is black, silver and gold…Check out this pictures taken by Pako Castillo.

Centerpieces are made of metal …

On the ceiling, gold and black fabric. Choose between organza, our gossamer.

How Bling-Bling Centerpieces Set The Mood

June 16, 2010

I want to share with you these beautiful Centerpieces I will be replicating for a sweet sixteen party.

This girl loves her bling- bling and she will be getting that at her very special celebration.

The centerpieces I am posting where done at a wedding and where photographed by my dear friend Pako Castillo. I’ve had the oportunity to see Pako’s work first hand in many occasions and he is truly a one of a kind photographer!

Francisco Castillo, an amazing photographer best known as Pako captures the best and every moment at graduations, Sweet Sixteens Quinceañeras and his specialty, weddings. He creates the most amazing pics, a true artist, he elaborates books that tell a story…. To check more about Pako’s work, go to

This is him right here! Pako Castillo, in the middle, posing with the bride and groom after a photo shoot.

For amazing decoration…