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Dinosaur party!

May 5, 2012

Introducing Young Indi, he is the character for a special excavation party. The children pretend they are paleontologists and apply a few techniques to excavate bones from chalk, watch the eruption of a volcano and learn the different names for dinosaurs.

If you follow the foot prints and uncover some of the clues in the will learn as you win prizes!

I love how the children imagination can create any paper-made cave into a wow experience. When they discover a new fossil…

I love the colorful dinosaurs on the cup cakes.

If the weather is good enough then a dino dig outdoors in the sandbox is a great idea. Depending on the number and age of the party guests and the size of your sandbox you may want to stage this activity so a few children at a time get to dig.

If the weather isn’t good enough to be outside we can  stage an indoor dino dig. If you’ve got the space and are happy to clear up then you could risk in indoor dino dig with sand or a chalk cast.

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Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

March 3, 2011

March 2,  marks the birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss.Dr. Seuss would have turned 105 if he were still alive today.

Dr. Seuss was actually born Theodor Seuss Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904. Seuss grew up in the New England area and went to Dartmouth College. That’s where both his writing career began and his “Doctor” moniker was formed.

Seuss, as the story goes, was caught partying during Prohibition. As a punishment, the school told him to step down from his extracurricular activities, which included writing for a school publication called the Jack-o-Lantern. Seuss, however, wanted to keep writing, so he started working under the name “Dr. Seuss” to keep administrators from realizing it was him.

Dr. Seuss eventually became famous for his rhyming, brightly illustrated books such as The Cat in the Hatand Green Eggs and Ham. He died in 1991, at the age of 87.

Is your Son’s name Sam? Like in Sam I am? or does he like green eggs and ham?

Well a Dr. Seuss Bday Party can always be fun.

Remember in your decor that Dr. Seuss never drew straight lines in his illustrations. Everything was curved, slanted or “wonky.” Thus, there are no straight lines in Seuss Land so this cake tilted a little bit to one side is perfect for the ocassion.

Created by Annie from Annie’s Eats for her son’s second birthday, this Dr. Seuss inspired party is ideal  for anyone who loves these classic books.

No Dr Seuss Party would be complete without the green eggs and ham.

No doubt, love is in the details!

And if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate what would have been Dr Seuss’ 105th Bday  last week? There’s still a way to pay tribute to your favorite children’s book author at the Loews Portofino Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The hotel unveiled its Dr Seuss suites over the summer which come with a king bedroom for Mom and Pop and a kids’ room with two twin beds and plenty of Dr. Seuss decor. And recently, the hotel used the suites to host a Read Across America event with children from a local elementary school with wonderful characters.

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