A dream comes alive: I see fairies!!


I want to share the beautiful decoration for our fairy-garden Tea  party.

Anything to sparkle children’s imagination…. It does not take much, the recipe is always the same, a lot of patience love, creativity, sparkles here and there, and voilá….

In fairy land garden, birdies lie peacefully outside birdie cages, we bring in lots of flowers and fabric, you will see your garden come alive with butterflies, fairies, sparkles and in some cases… girl’s assure us they have seen a fairy themselves, with their very own eyes!

Place settings for each girl can be personalized, as well as water bottles and cupcake holders.

Of course you can bring one of our happy fairies to play with the girls at the party and do some games and activities…

For more fairy party ideas or to book a Fairy-garden Tea Party, call us now at 407-5367520 or visit www.hippojoy.com

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