Dynomite decoration


Dominic was turning five. He is  a huge fan of dinosaurs, so his mom Tracey thought of giving us a call and see how we could help.

We decided on a Dynomite party for him. I don’t have all the pictures of the party yet, so I will only show you what we did for decorations first.

We decided to recreate the Triassic Period with a huge cave, our  manzanita tree centerpieces now had dyno fossils hanging from them.

And watching over our Birthday boy, our inflatable T-Rex with buddy on top. Pyth helmets on each chair would be used for excavation purposes afterwards.

Moth and vines. This triceratop seems to be protecting dyno eggs.

The volcano eruption was the highlight of the evening.  Dominic pulled  the trigger, while his party guests counted in reverse for the WOW eruption.

View of the cave setting with vines hanging on the wall.

No worries, we put it all, we take it all, after your party is over.

To book a Dynomite Excavation Party, call






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