A not so scary Halloween!


A not so scary Halloween party can also be fun!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to have a fair mix of adult and children party. Yes, we are happy to take care of the children entertainment while adults party on at another room! But sometimes, parents want to children and adults in the same party. The solution: A not so scary Halloween!

When you create the invitation, make sure you explain that yours will be a not so scary Halloween Party and that there will be activities for both parents and kids alike in a mixed environment.

For decoration, try hanaging pumpkins and avoid massacre and blood scenes!

If you choose children to carve their pumpkins ahead of time and for the little ones, go with stickers and adhesive funny faces.

Decorate your garden with Tombs, skeletons and bones to set the mood.

Invite a Party Host to take care of the children with fun games and activities. Here I list some of the ones we do for you:

– Go trick or treating with the young party friends. It can be around the neighborhood or at the party. We have a scavenger hunt game where adults are interrupted for 20 mins. while the kids go hunting for candy and prizes. Guess where? at a cementary with statues and monsters played by their scary dressed parents. The game is directed in a way, children of all ages understand.

– Best costume Runway. Kids model their costume and act their parts

– Witch crafts and funky experiments

– Read a story. Our witch reads a story in a funny version. Suppose it is Snow White, poor evil queen wants the children to understand her point of view about the story and keeps asking… So you really thing I was wrong? Why?

Have a potion beverage that is yummy and fun. Check out this recipe:

Serves/Makes: 12    Cook Time: > 5 hrs   Difficulty: 2/5
Ingredients: boiling water, lime-flavored gelatin, cold water, lemon-lime soda — chilled, superfine sugar.

To add a touch of mystery to your drinks and buffet table, buy dry ice for the effect.

Place cards with the name of the food and beverages. Names like: Bug juice Potion, Bewitched smoothie, Boo beverage!

And if you are looking for ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Halloween season?  Kiwi Magazine has a great article showcasing easy Halloween crafts that make festive decorations out of toilet paper rolls, milk jugs, and egg cartons.  What a perfect way to not only share quality time with your kids, but also help the environment!  REad the rest of this entry at: http://www.pepperspollywogs.com/blog/index.php/category/party-supplies/page/2/

Currently I am working on a script for a Halloween Party with one of our surprise visitors.

The pics. shown are mix and match, here and there from the website, because you have been asking for my Halloween article. Unfortunatelly, we will show you our centerpieces, decor and work after Halloween.


3 Responses to “A not so scary Halloween!”

  1. Joe Smelby Says:

    I LOVE Halloween! If we all keep blogging about it like this for our friends and community, maybe we can bring that childhood joy to the next generation.

  2. bet365 italia Says:

    hi!This was a really impressive topic!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to discover your theme in google
    Also I obtain a lot in your Topics really thanks very much i will come every day

  3. Aaron Keener Says:

    Fantastic. You have to give me the base reciepie . Mine never work like that. Thankyou

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