Toy Story 3 Party Idea


I went to see the premier for this movie and could hear moms in tears and sobbing, including myself.  I strongly recommend it, beautiful movie.

Anyways, I now find myself preparing our sketch for this party and thought I would share with you some fun ideas ….

We are designing our very own Toy Story 3 props for a day care, these will be oversized, simulating the height and feel the toys had at such a gigantic place. My idea is to recreate some of the scenes and have the children experience how the toys felt, we will definetely need props for this and of course our easy zipline for them to go over obstacles…

Like in the trailer, our other game would be to fix Mr and Mrs Potato’s Heads. We will hide the parts, ears, nose, eyes, hat, etc., and divide the kids in teams to find all the missing pieces, the team who fixes one complete Mr. or Mrs. potato wins. We can make up to five teams.

In the movie, I just love the way the toys freeze when humans come along so I will make a fun dance and freeze game with a little twist…

We must not forget Buzz’s new spanish style,  Arza españolete, clap, clap…. Our character hosts, need to get busy learning steps and accent…How much fun! Well, got to get to work….

For more ideas and to book a hippojoy party…

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One Response to “Toy Story 3 Party Idea”

  1. tia li Says:

    Buenisimo ñiña!!! yo quisiera llevar a la VALE….

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