Creative Ideas for a Western Party


Yeeehah!!!! We have just worked on a children’s western party but thought to myself …. How cool! How about an adult version for this party?


For this party you could hire a couple of Cowboy/cowgirls who would mingle with the crowd and show them a couple of cool line dances. The DJ will also be very important for this party because he will know how to mix and match western style songs and smoothly move into other type of music. Remember, unless your friends are totally into these theme, it is a good idea to mix with other music too, have a siren or a sound that announces a Western segment!


Check out this beautiful table setting, everyone at the party gets a hat and a colorful bandana that can be placed at their chair or given at the entrance by a welcoming host . Hay bales give a nice touch as well as a section for a picture opportunity. You can be very creative and put a couple o wanted signs or even have fake horses or carriages. Do not forget the buffet table and the bar area. Fun props for this theme are cactus, lanterns, zarapes, horse saddles, horse shoes, old western boots. The peanuts on the pail  idea is for adults only, I would rather keep them at the bar and not as center pieces on the tables, people might have allergies, have special caution if children will be attending , you might want to make it a peanut free party altogether and avoid mishaps!


Now if you really want to surprise your guests and have loads of fun, rent a mechanical bull. The idea is to have fun and not to throw everyone away. The last time we had a Western children party with one of this guys, the line was endless, surpassed the pony rides!  Both children and adults love the mechanical Bull! Quick note – Remember Mechanical Bulls and other extreme rides need to be totally insured.

Check this expert, Jamie Manning,  Australian Cowboy go at it while breaking  the Guinness World Record.

Other entertainment can be available for this party, if you want to rent a mechanical bull,  go with this direction, give us a call and get ready for some YEEEEHAHHHHH fun!


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