Preschool and kindergarten themed graduation ideas


Are you looking for an adorable graduation theme?

There are several school-related themes, such as Schoolhouse, In the Classroom, School Bus, Circus, Jungle or School Supplies. Each theme comes with supplies and accessories that you set up to turn any location into an exciting graduation setting. We can prepare for you the whole kit or come and do it for you. The whole kit comes ready with backdrops, centerpieces and guideline of activities to do at the party!

After kindergarten, kids have learned many special things. A kindergarten graduation is special because you can share special moments with teachers, parents and celebrate education and show the little grads how special they are.

For rising first graders, kindergarten graduation themes will make leaving kindergarten fun and memorable, for them as well as for their teachers and loved ones.

Check out this new kindergarten graduation idea: A coronation! Soooo cute!!! Kids come dressed up as princesses and boys as knights, we can also rent for a small price the teacher’s costume. With a whole decoration kit you can also have a magical princess do the presentations or handle their diplomas!

Check out the beautiful dragon cake at this celebration!

I have the pleasure to know this wonderful and talented teacher who also baked this cake. She serves the Tampa Area. For more information you can order it at Cel phone: 813-9002362

For more info and to book a party, check

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