Mommy I love you so much!   I bet mom feels extra rewarded every time she hears you say this and I know any gift you make with your own hands will feel extra special for her, I still have some macaroni bracelets and  both my children’s hand prints, poems and cards.

Mother nurtures us with her unconditional love and warmth. She deserves something memorable on Mother’s Day. Make your mom smile and fall in the happy moments of the day by throwing a special Mothers Day Party for her. It does not have to be something big , just make your mom the ‘Queen of the Day’, she will totally love these top five ideas.

1. Surprise Serenade and Breakfast

Moms love surprises. I actually did this for my mom and I still get teary eyes when I remember the huge smile on her face. We are three siblings, so together we decided we would celebrate our mom with a serenade and breakfast. We did not tell dad about it because we knew he would not be able to keep the secret so it was a surprise for him too! We sent an invitation to 10 of mom’s best friends. The invitation was a picture of the three of us signaling to keep it low. The invitation read: come celebrate mother’s day with a very special mom. Sshhhhh let’s keep it a secret!  We hired a local Mariachi and came very early in the morning. Each of her grandsons were carrying a flower for each guest and for grandma. Grandma’s turned into a beautiful vase. All her friends arrived early and they were all giggling with excitement.  My brother keeps a key of their home in case of emergencies but we rang the doorbell so dad wouldn’t be too surprised. Mariachi’s came in singing a beautiful mother song. While the guests were listening to the music and laughing at my mom’s reaction, we set up a beautiful table with pre-made centerpieces and bows for each chair.

Mom clapped at the Mariachis, we all had a wonderful time.

2. Mother’s Day Theme Party

A theme party always add fun and excitement to any party. Plan for a theme party on Mothers Day. The theme should be suitable to all age groups. The inspiration must come from her…What is her favorite color?

What period would she like to relieve again? Is she a fan of the 20’s, 60’s or would she have loved to stay in the 80’s forever?

Party music is very important, find music that is appropriate with the theme.  Music is an energy booster of any party. There can be songs in praise of mothers. There should be a good light music played all time when the party is going on and a little loud music should be played when everybody is in a mood to dance.

3. Mother’s Day Movie night/ Party Video

If mom is a movie fan. Make her the star of the show. Decorate the room Hollywood style and have a theatre night. We re-created some of moms favorite movie posters and made her the actress by overlapping a picture of her face into some. This is best if done by a professional artist.  Have lots of  pop-corn and a soda machine and re-create a theatre environment.   Another very attractive part of this day  will be to show a picture of all the events of past year you shared with your mum. It can be a small presentation of your photographs with your mom or a complete video. This will surely make her feel extremely happy.  This can be done before or after the movie presentation.

4. Mother’s Day Party & Food

Another way to celebrate is with yummy  food!!   Food is always the most important part of the party. Menu should be of your mom’s and other relatives choice, but this time we are suggesting it will be the “theme” of the party. What are your mom’s favorite foods or food style? You can have mouth size bites of all her favorites or have her favorite style be the theme of the party. For example:  Mexican, Italian, Greek, Spanish, German.

Mother’s Day Party is complete only when there are some funny games to add  zing to the day.  All the guests will enjoy a special entertainer who can direct the games to play. Games should be age appropriate and do not leave out the little ones attending. They can actually be a huge part of this celebration. We did a theatre party were children were taken away by the theatre director characters from hippo joy while adults danced and partied and at the end they had put up a show which we then all enjoyed.

5 Intimate dinner and memory Scrapbooking

Plan a nice dinner for mom, send her an invitation to make it extra special.  Print out memory pictures of those unique and  moments you and your mom have had and create an album together. You can hire a local Scrapbooking teacher  to direct  a class and anyone can get involved. If she is also a good entertainer, she will be able to ask fun questions about your mother, for example: When was this picture taken? This looks like a funny moment…It is always fun to remember those Kodak moments. Children throwing a party must leave a heart-touching message for their mom. The ‘Guest of Honor’ will overwhelm with joy if her kids plan and do something special like this.


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