Asian Inspiration Parties


We absolutely love what we do!

One of our most exciting moments is when we meet with our clients and share their vision.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Watch the following video which was the inspiration for a “Ladies Only” party reunion for a group of lovely ladies that will celebrate their 25 years of unconditional friendship.

The video is for the top 20 single by New Zealand supergroup When The Cat’s Away. Released in 2001 to promote their reunion tour.

The color scheme for their decoration is red, black and white.

It will be a surprise for most of the ladies, so the invitation just suggests to come on their very own, signature black dress!

At the entrance they will be greeted at a lounge  where the video will be playing  and each one will be given a red rose barrette to wear on their hair.

Decoration Pallette/Inspiration

Oriental food will be served of course.  On top of giant towers we will re-create giant trees of life and fortune cookies will hang from the branches wrapped on red tissue paper.

On another corner we are re-creating a picture memory section with dragons like the colorful one you see in the picture and black shadows overlapped on gold and red fabric.

There will also be a sweet station with treats to take home.

Hope to share with you the pictures soon!

For more fun ideas for themed parties visit

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